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  • Who is that in your avy?

    I want to say Sam Beam, but his beard is slightly browner iirc
    No snow here - ever.

    It doesn't even really feel Christmas-y; there's a lot less lights out and decoration but I think a lot of it is due to people being grouchy over the recession.

    Other than that, I'm doing well.
    Everything is going well - moved into a new place, well, house and it's nice to have the extra room and everything.

    How is everything on your side of the pond?
    No problem, I'm guilty of that sort of thing all the time just by way of my terrible memory.

    And indeed, there is a reason they're (by far) my number one on lastfm. I'm from the North-West by the way, near Harrow. Yourself
    Hello, I have recently become the owner of the Hitsugaya FC. I am making an updated list of club memebers, and I noticed you commented earlier. I would like to know if you still wish to be in, so if so I can include you in this updated list. (:

    Ah gawd I dunno what to do about it ><
    I don't want to live at home D:
    That's sounds like money well-spent (Y)
    Befriend me! (Y) :p
    Fair dues. As A-levels are next friday, it's end with a BALL. Lol. Piss-up with teachers, more simply put. It's gonna be hard core.
    I was gonna take a year out, that recently fell-through. Now I'm applying for clearing. D:
    I have my last a-levels next week- then it's piss-up tiiiiiime too!
    You comin to Cardifffffff?
    Haha!! It means I owe you to repair the damage :hehee

    Hmmm interesting field, which uni in London? I remember I've almost decided to study masters in London University, but flats there are so expensive :notrust
    Guys :taichou can't even do proper needle work lol :p

    I went to uni today for an hour to talk to my supervisor about my report, then to the library to work on it for a while. I would say it was a productive day in regard to studying. Otherwise I've on my couch reading :awesome
    BTW what are you studying at uni?

    *off to watch south park now!*
    Ops, I hope that your shorts haven't slipped down :hehee
    Sorry to have disappeared suddenlly last night, realised it was very late suddenly :hurr
    You have uni today?
    Same here, I had a quiet weekend apart from the night before. But finals are near so have to do some revising soon.
    The weather has been amazing for the last couple of days, it's hard to stay indoor. I suppose it's even warmer in London :nod
    I'm also a poor student living in Liverpool :hurr though I am originally from Leeds.
    Enjoying your Easter break?
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