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Aug 11, 2013
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Mar 24, 1995 (Age: 22)
at Home

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    1. Rota
      crawling in my skin
    2. Haro
      Uncalled for :catmad
    3. Soma Cruz
      Soma Cruz
      Not sure. The Grieving Mother is kind of a glass cannon. It depends on one of two things. Whether Magnus can see through her perception filter. Otherwise, he won't be able to acknowledge her presence.

      The strongest person it worked on is Thaos ix Arkannon, and his soul like the Watcher's is resistant to Rymrgand's entropy.

      Who as I've already noted is always in the process of degrading all souls in Eora. So, that room can be made for new souls.

      The number of souls he would be doing this to would include the Kith (humans, elves, aumana, dwarves, orlans, etc), animals, sealife, bugs, trees and plant life, and some buildings and structures.

      I can imagine you would get some kind of obscene number out of that.

      Rymrgand like Berath couldn't do anything to Thaos. Due to what the Engwithan's did to his soul. Which is why he is able to reincarnate endlessly, and retains all of his memories from birth.
    4. sasuke is hot
      sasuke is hot
      i didn't expect it to close literally 10 seconds after posting it though. some of the mods here need to get laid.
    5. Jakers
      damn what's with all the negs, bro?

      why you getting hated on, man?
    6. DemongGodOfChaos
      It's was made and designs by Araki himself.

      Its semi canonical in that respect.
    7. DemongGodOfChaos
      It's from the Video Game Eyes of Heaven/
    8. Keollyn
      Unfortunately, even google cannot figure out a solution for that
    9. Keollyn
    10. Keollyn
    11. Blαck
      Nope, his name is Weiss now.
    12. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      Why don't you just ask someone in the OBD convo then?
    13. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury

      I'd also add Thanos Sammartian by Keith Giffen which is Thanos 7 to 12 or so prior to Annihilation instead of the whole Thanos series above. Your choice though. All those comics. Silver Surfer Requiem is non canon to 616 universe aka main universe however. Add Annihilation Heralds which is after Annihilation but before Conquest.

      For Beta Ray Bill one Stormbreaker series as well(pre Annihilation story). God Hunter takes place after Annihilation.
    14. hammer
      Just as planned
    15. hammer
    16. Haro
      Is it better now? :maybe
    17. Sherlōck
      Thanks, I guess.
    18. Ultimate Deathsaurer
      Ultimate Deathsaurer
      Your sig is too big bro http://www.narutoforums.com/announcement.php?f=144&a=241
    19. iwandesu
      No one will instantly kill you bro
      It happens :skully
      Just don't post in the night phase
      And pm never with the next action you want to take
    20. Totally not a cat
      Totally not a cat
      A brilliant deduction, if I may say so myself :cat
    21. AgentAAA
      it's one of the theories, but it's different from what the nids normally cause and it's considered seperate from them to at least some degree
    22. Darth Niggatron
      Darth Niggatron
      This nigga.
      While I don't post regularly anymore, I've been 'active' for months now.
    23. MusubiKazesaru
      Obviously, but with Vegeta's personality it makes sense for him to kill Tien and not give a shit. He doesn't even know him really.
    24. hammer
    25. Jakers
      You saw Commando? Awesome. John Matrix > just about any other action movie hero in pure badassery.
    26. hammer
      yea instead of using morphers they use belts to transform
    27. hammer
      well from the video you see I have flight, super speed, cloning, and the ability to control water, ice, fire, and earth. I can show you the wiki for a general idea

    28. hammer
      made by the same company, kamen rider came first there is also a wiki
    29. hammer
      yea no problem
    30. hammer
      it created with spiritual energy it's what causes me to time stop
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    Mar 24, 1995 (Age: 22)
    at Home


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