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MF NaruSimpson
Last Activity:
Dec 6, 2014
Oct 3, 2005
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Jan 1, 2012 (Age: 7)
Stomp St Louis

MF NaruSimpson

In memory of Trayvon, 7, from Stomp St Louis

MF NaruSimpson was last seen:
Dec 6, 2014
    1. truyenthai
      trước khi trời tối m? kh?ng thể đến đ? th? đ?m nay ch?ng ta phải d? ngoại rồi.” C?t ?n n?i lớn th?c giục đệ tử đi nhanh một ch?t.
      “ a a, bọn họ đều l? “hoa trong nh? k?nh”, v?i người trong đ? c? thể l? lần đầu ti?n đến Tr?t Cơ ?ch Tư th?nh n?y, kh? tr?ch lại t? m? như vậy, sau n?y quen rồi sẽ kh?ng ngạc nhi?n nữa.” ?nh mắt Phạm Ny nh?n qua mọi người, thấy mấy người n?y đến đ?y lần đầu, đều mang theo bộ d?ng hăng h?i bừng bừng, kh?ng khỏi cười khẻ n?i.
      học kế to?n tại thanh xu?n
      học kế to?n tại cầu giấy
      trung t?m kế to?n tại h? đ?ng
      Rattan Furniture Resort
      mu private
      nhạc s?n cực mạnh
      “ Bố Lai ?n, tr?n lưng ngươi v?t nhiều vật như vậy, c? sao kh?ng?”
    2. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana
      That argument i ended when i told him whites commit 71 percent of all crimes in the US and Blacks commit 23 roughly
    3. Mikaveli
      Dude is a got damn headcase
    4. Mikaveli
      Are you banned from the cafe? And I'll bring them up
    5. Mikaveli
      Those are effective strategies that aren't brought up or followed through enough for whatever reason.
    6. Mikaveli
      Definitely. Been taking a lot more action in the past year when it comes to things like this.
    7. Mikaveli
      Probably. I do it mostly so I have my thoughts together when some idiot in real life comes at me. What bothers me most is the reality of the situation. I expected it, but it doesn't make it any easier or better.
    8. Mikaveli
      I'm sick of all of this shit
    9. Mikaveli
      Yeah he's built like a linebacker
    10. maj1n
      Whats amazing is how narrow their vision is.
      I mean if you just step out of the gamergate circle-jerk and read stuff from other people everyone is laughing at GG and forgetting them.

      I think the most amazing thing is when that gamergater got laughed out of Pax Aus, thats some serious wake up call.

      Although i'm being generous about even admitting there being many moderates in NF in gamergate because the 2 threads here all they talk about is SJW this and SJW that.

      It was a fun insult that i used to use in the day too but now people actually believe its a legitimate scary force or something laaaawl.

      SP going crazy and being the defender of Gamergate is actually legitimately hilarious to me though, endless source of amusement and seeing him go red in the face.

      Threads dying down, looks like even the crazy's here see how they got slammed for their craziness and more people popping up telling GG to f-off.
    11. maj1n
      I'll be honest with you.

      If there is one real reason why im in there, its to give him shit cus we have history and i love giving him shit anyway.
    12. maj1n
      Yes and it's sad, one of the excuses is that gamergate is only targetting outstpoken feminists.

      As if only accepting women if their quiet and stay in the kitchen isn't some blatant sexism right there.

      In their efforts to deflect and excuse, they literally do exactly what they try to excuse.
    13. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana
      That's a secret.
    14. Mikaveli
      I probably did, because I remember posting that same thing in that thread too.

      I already know they are those in that section who are too stubborn to change their mind even with a mountain of shit telling them it stinks in their face.
    15. Mikaveli
      I knew it was bullshit lol. I was driving and I couldn't respond.
    16. Kadu
      Thanks man, I'm a giant basketball fan so I can put some good input.
    17. Kadu
      So I wanna start posting in NBA general, but from what I've heard it's not too welcome to new members. Tips on how to just get started?
    18. Kadu
      Hey man can I ask you a question?
    19. Kenneth
      It's been kinda busy nowadays, got real weird shifts right now and all of them are like 12h long, so I haven't been around a lot :(

      Gonna start tagging the images now cuz hey speaking of the devil I got work in 15 mins :lmao
    20. Kenneth
      I didn't know that

      Well shit, I can get rid of the images if you want me to
    21. SAFFF
      eh, maybe. I've had someone make a set where the girl is getting tackled by a pack of guys ready to claim her. I'm sure a OJ glove edit isn't going to turn them away. :lmao
    22. SAFFF
      maybe you can get someone in the avatar/signature request shops on here to do it for you. Its how I got a lot of my sets.
    23. SAFFF
      You should get an avatar of OJ's glove with a kunai edited into it.
    24. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana
      No he is saying white women are the majority recipient of Affirmative Action. That's true.
    25. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana
      Yet you've had the same avatar since I joined.
    26. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana
      Why do you keep changing your name?
    27. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana
      I can not overstep Mider.
    28. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana
      Been the man, but i have a reasonable fanbase.
    29. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana
    30. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana
      So how you been man? What sections do you post in?
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    Jan 1, 2012 (Age: 7)
    Stomp St Louis
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    rock lee
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