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Feb 24, 2016
May 30, 2008
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Free Flying

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Storm Wyrm, from Free Flying

mhasemore was last seen:
Feb 24, 2016
    1. Alita54
      I added your pokemon xy friend code, could you add mine? It's 1564 3843 9409. Could you also let me know when you play your pokemon game usually? I'm looking for a panpour with it's hidden ability and you mentioned that your safari had a panpour but the pokes in the safari aparently don't have their hidden ability unless while the friend is on playing.
    2. Naruto
      I actually no longer need those and I've already traded away most of those pokemon. Sorry for wasting your time :(
    3. Onomatopoeia
      No particular reason. Just saw you in the list and thought I'd add you. I've no idea what my safari is.
    4. Onomatopoeia
      Hail, friend. I located your friend code in the pokemon 3ds Friend Codes thread and added it to my list. I would have you do the same. My code is 1478-5256-6285. :nod
    5. Bushido Brown
      Bushido Brown
      you still need that mega stone
    6. Agent of Chaos
      Agent of Chaos
      I will, thank you for holding it for me.
    7. Bushido Brown
      Bushido Brown
      im ready 1950-9625-3022
    8. Bushido Brown
      Bushido Brown
      I'm at work now but ill b able to tomorrow between 4-10 est afternoon. I have every Pokemon so just write down what u need for ur pokedex
    9. BiNexus
      I'm on now.
    10. BiNexus
      I should be available after 5pm EST tomorrow.
    11. mhasemore
      Great; tell me when you might be on, I only want their data, unless you have any spares, though that seems unlikely.
    12. BiNexus
      I have some event legends, but not all. Depending on the ones you're looking for, I may be able to oblige.
    13. mhasemore
      Well thanks for the Torchic and battle, your team's pretty good.
    14. BiNexus
      Today after 2pm EST.

      I'm free pretty much all of tomorrow.
    15. BiNexus
      I do indeed have a Torchic or two. I'm going to get on once I've finished downloading bank.
    16. BiNexus
      Going out now and not going to be playing my DS for a few hours and will be away from home for the better part of tomorrow, so finding someone else would probably be better. I just stayed online to trade you/battle saikyou.
    17. BiNexus
      I just got a Metal Coat from the Lost Hotel. You can have it.
    18. BiNexus
      Uh not really, anything I could want could be found on the GTS or on some random trading board. I'm too busy to be actively looking for things to breed/train atm. Thanks for the offer, but I just wanted to help out. :)
    19. BiNexus
      Nope, I do not unfortunately.
    20. BiNexus
      Yup, I have the TM. I'm available for the next little bit if you can get on.
    21. Star★Platinum
      Sorry, just saw your message - I may have one, Not sure if it's female, though i can likely breed one. Not played it in absolutely ages but I'll hop on there especially for you if you still need it. Let me know.
    22. BiNexus
      Those are all I've got for now. I have Female Aron with Iron Head (it learns it really early anyway), but you asked for male, and I only had female Noibat. I don't have a Metal Coat to spare, unfortunately.
    23. BiNexus
      I won't be available until ~2:00 pm EST tomorrow. Is your name Matthew in game?
    24. BiNexus
      Just got home now. I'll add you and send what I have right now; the rest will have to come at a later date (tomorrow?).
    25. BiNexus
      I'm going to be away from my DS for at least 2 more hours. If you're still on around that time, we can do it.
    26. BiNexus
      I can get you all of those, with the exception of maybe the Aron. I have some Aron, but I'm not sure if they have Iron Head.
    27. Blind Weasel
      Blind Weasel
      yeah I have those but when you say "starting" your game do you mean it literally?
    28. BiNexus
      Uh sure, I can do that. I won't be able to trade today, but will have some time tomorrow.
    29. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      where is your set from?
    30. Luna
      You're quite welcome.
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    Genocide born from misconceptions is one of the greatest tragedies... especially when humanity applies it to other species.

    Hatred and revenge are poisonous, terrible emotions. Yet they flow so freely, and seep out, ready to take over. Emotions are a curse as much as they are a gift.

    Pokemon: WATER Friend Safari, FC: 4141-3621-5535
    Panpour, Quagsire, Frogadier​

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