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Last Activity:
Jan 22, 2017
Jun 24, 2010
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November 13
Somewhere only we know


The ninja way is passed down, from Somewhere only we know

Midaru was last seen:
Jan 22, 2017
    1. Mahri
      Midaruu-chaaan! Happy Holidays! :mittens
    2. Diddy
      Midaruuuu, how are you doing? You still come around here? :33
    3. Mahri
      Welcome back Midaru-chan!! Don't worry about it. I've been away myself for a pretty long while too. :amuse
      Yep!. I'm fine. Thanks! Everything's good! What about you? How are things going there?
      Are you a professor in a university now? :33
    4. minniehyunnie
      Hi Midaru-chan! Sorry for not responding here. LOL I've finally got to see the movie. It was soooooooooooo worth it; Hinata is such a badass! And Naruto--gosh! He is so manly! I can't even! >_<
    5. Majin Lu
    6. Mahri
      Midaru-chan! Guess who's back? xD
      I haven't been active online in a looong time. I got busier just when I got a year older. lol
      How are you? :)

      I love Nana Mizuki too! I like how she's one of the most popular seiyu. And another favorite
      of mine is Mamoru Miyano. I love that dork so much! :lmao
      I especially love it when they work on the same show and the characters they are voicing are in love with each other. :ohyou
      The pair automatically becomes my otp. :lmao
    7. Mahri
      Midaru-chan, gomene. I haven't been feeling good lately. Last February wasn't a happy month for me. Can't really pinpoint the reason why. I guess there's just too many things stressing me out. :argh
      But I'm back to my usual self now. Well, it's my birthday so I feel happy, especially because I'm with my family. ^^

      About changing jobs, well my boss convinced me to extend my stay until April so yeah, I stayed. Guess this year's summertime will be spent for hunting teaching jobs. :lmao

      Hey, Midaru-chan, is there any seiyuu you really like or you fangirl about? Haha. Sorry for the very random question. :lmao
    8. minniehyunnie
      MIDARUUUUU-CHANNNNNNNN!?!? :uwah Can you forgive me for replying so late? :uwah
      I missed you and your cuteness. Lemme see your face? LOL
      Hugs you! :hug

      Hmm I see.. If I guessed it right, you're trying to gain a higher level of experience in teaching so that you will be suitable for higher institutions too, right? Ranking, isn't it? Sorry, I have less info about all that teacher stuff. :argh

      I've seen the beaches. They look terrific! Gave me goosebumps. So nice!
      Well, ours are almost exactly the same... except that your beaches have a different vibe to it. Or that maybe I'm just used to seeing ours? LOL
      Haha! I don't wear bikinis too... I'm not comfortable in wearing one at all lol!
      You and I somehow share the same personality... are we twins? LOL

      Oh God! That killed me! LOL I love it when people praise the changes in Hinata! I think this is the Hinata that I've been dying for so long to see... I mean, the type of less clingy Hinata?

      Seriously you have heard of him? Haha! Yeah, I must say that he was. :rofl I mean, he used to colonize our country so some people had learned the Spanish language in the long run. That's why there are words from our language that are partly Spanish. :lmao

      About the call centers--yhep, I highly agree with you. :lmao
    9. Mahri
      Yeah, teachers always appreciate it when you pay attention to them. Good luck, Midaru-chan! :nod

      You're quitting job too? So , is your current job in a university, Midaru-chan?
      My current work is too stressful, I can't even enjoy weekends. Thus is making me unhappy :cry
      I'm thinking about teaching for the meantime. :p
    10. Mahri
      Yeah. You told me about it before. So what's the feeling of becoming a student again, Midaru-chan ? :)
      Good luck!! ;)
      I'm kinda lost(?) right now. Lol. I'm quitting my job and hopes to find a better one.
      Why is it so hard to make a living? :catcry
    11. minniehyunnie
      Midaruuuuuuu-chaaaaan! :argh Sorry for my late reply! I've been busy with work these past few days :uwah

      Ohhh.... I see. :O What grade of pupils do you handle then? :O
      I never see myself being a teacher... not because I don't want to but I just don't know how to share my knowledge/explain things. DX

      Hey... do you have a picture of your beaches? I wanna see them! :hoho
      (It would be better if it has you in your bikini in it :hoho)

      So I reckon you've already watched The Last? What are your views about it? (Please avoid giving spoilers though :lmao)

      LOL Christopher Columbus was the one who used to colonize our country way back then. :lmao

      Wow, I think BPO industries are the primary type of business in your country huh? I'm amazed :O
    12. Mahri
      Midaru-channn! Gomenasai. Been very busy with a lot of things lately. :argh
      How are ya?

      Haven't had the chance to watch lovely complex. Will probably download it this weekend. :p
    13. minniehyunnie
      Oh, thank you! :glomp
      I really like this glomp smiley. Its colors remind me of our ship. Ha! My shipping heart! It doesn't know how to place itself sometimes. :lmao

      You are a professor in a university? :argh
      WAHHHHH You are so goddamn awesome! :hoho

      Did you just say French? (Imagine my face when I'm typing this)
      HOLY MOTHER OF-- That's what I've been trying to learn too (but couldn't because I don't have the time, plus it's a lil bit difficult)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :uwah :uwah :uwah
      YOU MUST BE A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! :argh

      Aye, that's good to hear. :hoho At least I know you're safe.
      I think Japan too has tons of active volcanoes surrounding it. Right?
      Ohhh I see~ So, I guess there are good beaches over there, then?

      Ohhhh LOLS :hoho
      Over here, there is a multitude fans of Naruto/Anime in general that's why it's easier for us get Japanese films distributed here. Our only complain right now is the delay of The Last! We're supposed to get it first than the rest! DX

      I take it that you were colonized by Spanish invaders during the earlier periods? Coz you mentioned Catholicism. :hmm

      Yhup!!!! Teleperformance and Sykes are just neighboring companies. Call centers here too are everywhere, like seriously. :lmao

      Oh, don't be surprised. Most of my friends are in the BPO industries too. :rofl
      Lucky for those who are working in the back office/IT associates. :rotfl
    14. minniehyunnie
      Heyy Midaru-channnn!!!! Sorry for my late reply!!!! :argh
      I was soooo busy with my job these past few days so I wasn't able to catch up. How's the FC? :uwah
      I missed youuuuuu! :hug

      Wow... You are awesome! How many language do you know? :amazed
      God, I'll just save learning how to Japanese for later, got a lot of thing to do. XD

      Errr... I want to adopt kittens but my brother forbids me. DX
      Just today, our neighbor's cat had delivered her newborn kittens but I feel so sad because I can't get one. :cry

      LOL I knew that were conservative. I was right all along :lmao
      You are very polite and accommodating. I like people like you :D
      Oh! :uwah I also cry whenever I'm mad. I can't control it. >.< I wish I could so that no one would underestimate me but no such luck. :lmao

      You are surrounded by volcanoes? Are they active? :O
      Do you experience snow? :O Sorry I got many questions. XD I'm just curious because most of our members live in USA/Europe and I think it's my first time to have met someone like you.
      Do you know a member here who's from your country too? :O

      Haha, don't worry about your long explanation, I've read everything about it.
      I've also checked the place that you were talking about. :)
      And the funny thing is that--we almost share the same story... well, almost, in reference to those fucked up politians who continue to corrupt our money and such. LOL

      Good things: Filipinos are very accommodating and entertaining. When a foreigner visits our country, expect a one of a kind hospitality and respect. We will accommodate you to such extent that you might want to consider staying here for the rest of your life. LOL XD
      We respect our elders. We are family-oriented. Unlike in USA, the parents won't send their children out even after turning 18.
      Most of us are Catholics so we have a very strong faith to our Lord. And we are very talented (LOL). I don't mean to brag about it, but we excel in various types of entertainment, arts, linguistics, etc. We easily learn things within a short span of time. :)
      Also, we have tons of beautiful tourist spots. :)

      Bad things: 60-70% of our population experience poverty too. The reason is because of the horrendous and massive corruption from our government. Before, during the early 1900s, our country is one of the richest in Asia. But because of the inconsistency of our leaders to serve people without the influence of money and power, some of them had lost it. LOLS

      LOL I have already left Teleperformance. Just like you, I hate taking up calls. I wasn't born to only be scolded by my fucking customers who have small brain. LOL :p
      HAHA! Sykes also does exist over here too~ :rofl
    15. Mahri
      How's work , Midaru-chan? :iria
      "The series, "Ouran High School Host Club" is about Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student who happens to stumble upon the Third Music Room, where she finds a group of six students, calling themselves the Ouran Academy Host Club. Unfortunately, she breaks a very expensive vase and is forced to repay her debt by joining the host club."
      It's a romantic comedy and has lots of cute, funny moments. Only, the anime doesn't follow the manga. Nevertheless, it's still enjoyable and worth-watching. I really think you will like it. :nod
    16. Jon Moxley
      Jon Moxley
      NH Fans: Kishimoto is the best writer ever!!!

      Me: :skully
    17. Jon Moxley
      Jon Moxley
      I'm going deep in you :bury
    18. minniehyunnie
      MIDARUUUUUUUU!!! :glomp
      Sorry for the late reply, I was busy doing the spam pic fest gif these past days :lmao
      How are you? The FC has been pretty quiet lately :<

      Oh!!! LOL XD
      That fanart is awesome anyway... I love Mickey/Minnie Mouse themed fanarts. :hoho
      Aww, good gracious heavens! Yeah, finally... :hoho

      Wait wait... You said before learning English. So English is not your native language? :amazed
      BTW, you know how to read Japanese. I'm having issues with the Chinese characters >.> Damn. What's the secret? :O

      Yeah T_T When I lost my cat I thought my world was gonna collapse. LOL! XD
      We're planning to buy a new one! Hopefully within this month!

      My plans? Nothing in particular. Kidding! LOL XD
      Well, I'm planning to get a different job. And focus on getting me a man. LOLS
      I've been single for the entire 22 years of my existence! I think it's time for me to get a boyfriend! LOL XDDD *ultra-conservative/stereotype girl here*
      How about you? What's your new year's resolution? Do you have a list? :hehee

      I wanna know about your culture~ Coz when I think of Latin America, the first thing that comes through my mind is Brazil. XD I thought the people are really what, passionate I guess? Amirite? :ano
      The name of my previous company is Teleperformance~ What's yours?
    19. Mahri
      Have you seen Ouran High School Host Club? It's a fun series. :hoho

      We're still undecided. We are thinking of going to Singapore tho. :nod
      Thanks Midaru-chan! :)
    20. Mahri
      Ooh. I had a copy of that before, my friend gave it to me. But I can't seem to find it now. I do have a lot of series here in my hard drive that I still haven't seen. :lmao
      Alright, I'll add it on my list. :awesome

      Same here. There's a lot of things I want to change about myself.
      Also, I want to travel somewhere outside the country this year. *crossedfingers*
      I still need to save funds tho. :lmao
    21. minniehyunnie
      Haha! I'm sure it's really New Year there now. :lmao

      I truly feel for you. :catsad But hey, you're incredible. Despite the spoilers that you've been receiving lately, you still maintain a strong hype for this movie. :awesome

      Meanwhile, our country had been pretty much shitting with us. Our cinemas here said that they are planning to move the playdate of The Last on Feb. 11 yet again. Imagine my and Mahri's anger when we both learned this freaking news. :catflip

      I envy you. I've no more cats. :catsad
      The most recent one that I owned suddenly just went missing one day. She has no sense of direction. I badly miss her. :(

      LOL! Can you rewrite my past for me? :rofl
      Can you tell me about El Salvador? We used to have one of our clients' site in there. Now I'm pretty curious about it. :wtf
    22. Mahri
      Oh I forgot to ask. Who are they on your set? At first look I thought the girl was Orihime from Bleach, but the guy doesn't look like Ichigo. :lmao Where are they from? :hmm
    23. Mahri
      And again, Page 2 of 365 is almost over. :D How quickly time flies.

      Yupp. 1 hour. Japan is an hour advance. Not much difference though. So if I fly to Japan, adjusting won't be too troublesome. Whereas if I fly there in your place, I'm pretty sure my body clock will be a crazy mess. :lmao

      Do you go to gym? I don't , but I would like to start now. :awesome

      What are your plans for this year, Midaru-chan? :iria
      Can't wait for more NH that's in store for us this year. :ruri
    24. Mahri

      Jan 1st is almost over here now.But I still hear fireworks everywhere. :lmao It's really amazing how our time differs. The world is really amazing! :awesome

      Oh yeah. I'll be sure to start learning Japanese this year. :hurr

      haha! yeah. Foods are irresistible. Especially sweets. :argh I gave up trying to stop myself. I just let it go and I ate a lot. :rotfl I'll just make sure to start dieting now that holidays are almost over. :lmao

      HAPPY NEW YEAR! :whoo :hugs
      I hope 2015 will be good to all of us. :gar
    25. minniehyunnie
      LOL!!!! :rotfl What about now? Is it already the 1st of January? :rofl
      I can't believe I'm speaking to yesterday!!!!! XDDDD

      Awww :( Will it be too costly for you if you get a plane ticket to NYC or to any state where the movie is going to premiere?

      I'm so dying to see the movie as you are!! Our country hasn't announced any exact dates yet. I'm starting to be anxious about it! I no longer want any delays! :mad

      Haaaaa OWWW cats!!! I am a cat lover too!!! XD If I remember, your cats are the black and white ones, right? Yin and Yang? LOLS XD

      Happy New Year to you too!!!! :hug
      I'll scout 2015 for ya and will warn you about the possible dangers so that you guys there can prepare~ LOL :rofl
    26. minniehyunnie
      Midaruuu!! Sorry for my late reply! I was busy with the holidays so yeah. :nuts

      Our time gap never fails to amaze me. I find it surreal :hoho

      Hey, has Latin America announced if The Last is gonna be played or not yet?

      Yeah, I'm one of them actually. My wallet went so thin now. LOL!

      How was your Christmas? And oh, New Year is coming. How do you usually celebrate it?
      We normally light firecrackers and burn the roof with noise. XD
    27. Mahri
      Midaru-chan! Sorry , been gone a while. :)

      Well, Cebuano is my mother tongue. Although our main language is Tagalog, whenever I speak it , it always feels weird. :lmao

      WOAH! French! How I'd love to learn French too. :ruri When I was in middle school, there was a time in our English class when we were taught some French words/phrases like bonjour, bon appetit, haute couture, coiffure. I forgot most of them, unfortunately. :lmao I had the desire to learn French too but never started anything :lmao, until the desire just left my heart.

      Haha! Same here. There was lots of yummy foods, I just can't resist. :lmao Now I'm worried because I am obviously gaining weight :argh

      It's the 31st here already! 12:47am . And there will be lots of foods later again for the Media Noche. Noooo. Stop me, Midaru-chan! Stop me from eating too much. :lmao
    28. Mahri
      I speak Tagalog and Cebuano. :del

      What other languages you know, Midaru-chan? :nod

      And how was your Christmas day, btw? :hurr
    29. minniehyunnie
      Yay!!! Hinata's bday is coming up too!!! :catblush

      Haha take your time honey, I'm not rushing you. :hoho

      I also loved that but I don't know how to shorten it. Would "Until The Day I Die" work? :hmm Something along the lines of the world ending. Gahh! :argh

      Well, the traditional Christmas? Children go to visit their godfathers/mothers to ask for Christmas gifts/cash :rofl
      But what we usually do here is just to stay at home and welcome visitors. :wink

      How about there? :iria
    30. minniehyunnie
      Merry Christmas Midaruuuu!!! :santahurr
      Hug me! :glomp

      Hahaha about the fanart, don't sweat it. I'm not rushing you anyway. :wink And if you could not make one, it's still fine to me :)

      Okay, if I happen to bump into such arts, I'm going to post it soon in the FC :hoho

      What title do you think that suits the FC now? I honestly can't think of something. Naruto's line in The Last huh :hmm

      I'm doing good! Today is Christmas so I'm just staying at home. We just had our exchanged gifts. It was pretty fun :nod
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    November 13
    Somewhere only we know
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    Hinata, Naruto, Minato, Kushina, Itachi, Deidara, Tenten, Ino, Rock Lee, and Neji.
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    Episode: 166
    Chapter: 437
    I love to see the beauty of life in the little details

    Naruhina, Learning languages and Drawing



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