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Sep 20, 2017 at 10:46 PM
Jun 13, 2013
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Milkydean was last seen:
Sep 20, 2017 at 10:46 PM
    1. DemonDragonJ
      How did you choose your username? What is its origin story?
      1. Milkydean likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. DemonDragonJ
        I am very sorry to hear that; I hope that you are able to avoid angering her and enjoy your time at the school.
        Sep 5, 2016
      4. Milkydean
        I am in college actually.But we are used to her and we take necessary precautions when she is around.
        Sep 5, 2016
      5. DemonDragonJ
        That is very good; you should not allow a single person to ruin your entire experience, there.
        Sep 7, 2016
    2. DemonDragonJ
      I suspect that I may have asked you this, before, but from where is that image of Erza in your avatar? Is from the anime, or is it fanart?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. DemonDragonJ
        It has been some time since I saw the early episodes of the series, so why is she dressed like that? Is someone fantasizing about her?
        Aug 29, 2016
      3. Milkydean
        Its from anime where Mira vs Jenny pinup battle happened.There was some extra filler fanservice added.
        Aug 30, 2016
      4. DemonDragonJ
        Yes, Fairy Tail does have a great amount of fanservice, so the animation team adding additional fanservice is not a surprise.
        Aug 30, 2016
    3. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      Don't waste you're time talking to me again. I've lost any and all interest in engaging you in any kind of discussion whatsoever. Enjoy being Ignored.
    4. Freechoice
      your sig isn't big enough, I resized it for you

      [LINKHL]1313[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">http://i.imgur.com/cN0CSsf.jpg[/IMG]
    5. Roman
      Your sig is extremely oversized dude.
    6. Yuki
      You lost the bet, please put on an Erza set.

      And an embarrassing line along with it.
    7. Yuki
    8. ZxStAr
      i get them on tumblr:lmao
      'i wish i had a good gif making tool tho
    9. Gibbs
      How about now? & thank you :33
    10. Gibbs
      Yep :) although I go by BD now.
    11. Gibbs
      Yep! We used to be on captainluffy.

      I made a new site.
    12. Gibbs
      Sup buddy.
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