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Aug 20, 2019 at 8:34 AM
Apr 10, 2007
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Aug 13, 1991 (Age: 28)
PreMed Student


AwEsOmE, 28, from Chicago

Mistshadow was last seen:
Aug 20, 2019 at 8:34 AM
    1. PikaCheeka
      I was taking more issue with your continued comparison between Naruto and Christ.

      This is what I originally had:
      Naruto may be the "savior" of the world, but that is not comparable to Christ.

      In Christianity, God the Father is genuinely a God, one who may give guidance to man below at times but has not entered their lives as a man with children. Christ the Son is the spirit made flesh; He is not simply a representation of God, nor is He simply His voice, but another entity entirely. The Second Coming is Christ returning.

      In Narutoverse, the Rikudou Sage was a man with Godlike powers, a man who lived and breathed and raised a family and who was never anything more than that. Naruto is a man with Godlike powers. Hence, Naruto is the "Second Coming" of the Rikudou Sage. He is not the same person returning, as is the case in Christianity. He is instead another human who represents the original human with godlike attributes. He is a replica.

      Narutoverse lacks an over-arching God, and therefore the original "Christlike" figure that existed there (RS) isn't remotely like Christ, as there is no spirit-flesh connection. You can not say the RS is the equiv. of the Christian God because the Christian God did not walk the earth as a man except through Christ, who was His own entity.

      Naruto is the "Second Coming" of someone who is just another human who happens to have unnatural powers. There may be a god in Narutoverse, but there is not a God, and without a God, it is impossible to make comparisons to Christianity.

      It's difficult to explain without going into a shitload of theology, but the "parallel" does not work on any level. If Kishi ever intended a Biblical connection to the story of Naruto, then he is remarkably ignorant about the religion. Other religions, real and invented, are perfectly capable of having words like "savior" and "second coming" in there; there's no need to make bogus claims like "Naruto is the equiv. to Christ" when it doesn't make sense on any level of the faith.

      Not sure if all of that makes sense.
    2. PikaCheeka
      I was originally going to reply in the thread where we were talking about religion in Naruto, but I decided it was best to VM it. I just felt it was getting too OT for the thread and it's a sensitive topic anyway, but it should be explained given what you said.

      Let me know if you want my reply.

    3. Judge Fudge
      Judge Fudge
      Did you get my message?
    4. Yuki
      Do you know of anymore really good Ecchi anime like high school of the dead or High school Dxd? all the ones that i have come across have to much or not enough... if you know what i mean.

      I would like one that has a really good story, like the two mentioned above with some nudity but not over the top.

      Oh and of course it's got to have really good art, not worth while other wise.
    5. shintebukuro
      Yeah, it's depressing. Is this really what people are like? I just can't believe it.
    6. takL
      Let the dead bury the dead.
    7. takL
      heh i donno cos u said so i looked for it and its gone.

      either way, only hashirama can stop madara (no matter what) which is stated by edo madara himself.
    8. takL
      its not about uchihas section.
      Orochimariu says that Lord Ignoble
      1)set up House Police Department in the same place/on the same site as the prison
      2) blatantly pushed uchiha families to the margin of Konoha(society).
    9. Shadow050
      thanks for the rep :grin
    10. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      All in here I believe :quite
    11. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      That might have something to do with the fact that you didn't register.
    12. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      :p PwnGoat is Banned again :rofl

      I believe this time it was for attacking a guys faith saying "Believing in God is like believing in the Boogieman"

      What a class act :ignoramus
    13. Luffyfangirl24
      Well, you going around making threads about other people look bad is more sad. FYI Having Erza beat a dragon would be a big waste of Dragon/Dragon Slayers storyline and thats a big major plot the series, no matter how much trolling Hiro does at times I don't see him destroying one of his major plots. Erza can go Namaka power up/plot armor against some one else.
    14. Luffyfangirl24
      Its just sad is all, you have your own opinion not a fact about the series thats fine don't go taking it out on others. Unless you can randomly see into the future what Hiro's going to next than its only an opinion.
    15. Luffyfangirl24
      I'm reporting you for attacking me about mine and another persons opinion, making a thread and quoting every thing from another thread just to try and make us look bad is no way to do things, bye!
    16. Judge Fudge
      Judge Fudge
      Hey Mistshadow. do me a favor and add a vote in for Shinsekai Yori - From the New World. I'll owe you a rep.

    17. Kurokami Medaka
      Kurokami Medaka
      Cool, good to hear about 14.
    18. Kurokami Medaka
      Kurokami Medaka
      I've been falling behind because of RL issues. I still got to read volume 12 and 13.
    19. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      From what I gather some people have a hard time grasping when characters are actually going all out in battle...and when they're not.
    20. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      PwnGoat made a lot of Threads lately so (as usual) there's blame to be had there :pek:gun
    21. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      Jolly old England :quite
      Apart from the snow it's not so bad, LOL
    22. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      You live in Chicago? Envy.
      Possibly the one city in America I want to visit besides Vegas :rofl
    23. Kurokami Medaka
      Kurokami Medaka
      Missed you Mist.:sniff
    24. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      You beat me to it :lmao

      I think the "10 Vasto Lorde > All of SS" is one comment that people will never forgive Kubo for.
    25. doubletongue
      you're right, although for different reasons. western comics retcon because a title can have had hundreds of different writers, and ownership has transferred to those who grew up with them, they must renew to remain forever young.

      retcon in manga tends to happen because of the nature of weekly serialisation, it takes 1 person 10 years to tell a story piece by piece, they've probably finished it in their head several different times before they're allowed to put pen to it. to go through that, they kind of get to tweak here and there.

      not trying to educate you or anything, i just find it interesting. sorry i negged you, love to fling those around sometimes...
    26. Shadow050
      nah... i never suggested that it was. i just thought it was silly for people to say "bijuu + host >>>> bijuu" while ignoring the part about the difference in the bijuu percentage. while i neglected to mention that madara also has mokuton, did mentioned that he has rinnegan though.

      regardless, naruto's going to appear to have defeated a stronger Madara than shodai did, assuming he wins - whic hpeople will act like he did all on his own... like they acted regarding him "beating" pein... and by that merit, hashirama's defeat of madara won't look as epic.
    27. darkprinc979
      Lol. So Jacamo came to my profile with his plot holes, saying that Obito claiming to be Madara when he was alone with Kushina and Konan. My response:

      Kishi explained it quite well. Tobi does not consider himself to be Obito. Should he have suddenly started acting like his old self, despite the fact that he had discarded that identity completely? That would be just as much of a lie as pretending to be Madara.

      The fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter what name he used, it would be a lie, because he is nobody.
    28. NW
      I think I'll go re-read the old Tobi identity threads for lulz.

      Those were the good ol' days, lol.
    29. NW
      Lol, why does he even neg you? Does he just hate being wrong? What a sore loser. If he admitted he was wrong and took responsibility for it but still honestly said he disliked the twist, I'd be able to take him more seriously. But I guess there's no getting anywhere with him.
    30. NW
      I don't think I've read anything that funny all day. XD

      I love how Jacamo deletes all the VMs he gets from us. he doesn't want people to see him getting pwned. :lmao
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    Aug 13, 1991 (Age: 28)
    PreMed Student
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