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Feb 23, 2020 at 9:29 AM
Apr 10, 2007
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Aug 13, 1991 (Age: 28)
PreMed Student


AwEsOmE, 28, from Chicago

Mistshadow was last seen:
Feb 23, 2020 at 9:29 AM
    1. jacamo
      6th coffin = Uchiha Madara

      3rd Kazekages magnetism being an advanced element
    2. NW
      You're more and more right every chapter.

      It's scary. :oh

      And Jacamo's still in denail about the plotholes. :facepalm
    3. Mickey Mouse
      Mickey Mouse
      Well you are obviously an Evil Warlock or something.
    4. Mickey Mouse
      Mickey Mouse
      to bad % wise favors shit by over 3 times the good ones.

    5. darkprinc979
      Bwahahaha! I wonder if Jacamo has ragequit the manga yet since every one of his "plot holes" has been explained away.
    6. darkprinc979
      Well, looks like you were right about the bloody mist as well lmao.
    7. Yuki
      I did, you were with the other 2 i took out to fit in 10 lol sorry didn't pay attention.
    8. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      :lmao Apologies, though to be fair, I only picked 8 so you could always slip right in there :maybe
    9. darkprinc979
      It's gonna be interesting to find out why Kakashi killed Rin. I'm wondering if she didn't turn out to be a spy or something...
    10. SaiST
      Yeah, it's kinda annoying.


      Now I know how those people feel on the other side of my Sharingan discussions.
    11. darkprinc979
      Lol. It's amazing what a bit of unbiased thinking can get you eh?
    12. Kronin
      Lol your sign is really funny... I agree with you about the consistence of the flashback of Obito with the events written in the past by Kishimoto, but also if sometimes is hard hold themselves don't be pissed if some people don't agree: really is not worth for something of this kind. Mine want be just a friendly advice :)
    13. NW
      Well, you ARE Kishi, after all. It's only logical that you'd be pissed if people insulted your knowledge.


      But seriously, you'd be better of just throwing all your posts in the spoiler thread. Since literally everything you say comes true. :lmao
    14. First Tsurugi
      First Tsurugi

      Victory sure is sweet (again). :datass
    15. shintebukuro
      The most current one? I love it. :)
    16. SaiST
      I buy that, bro.

      But that doesn't mean it's the result of the Kakashi advancing the eye to that state. As I said, it's still Obito's ocular power. There's no actual "link" between the eyes beyond the fact that the original owner's ocular power is retained in the eyes even when plugged into another's sockets.
    17. Mugivara
      Last chapter was really disgusting:) Look at how Madara was able to stay alive... He was waiting for an Uchiha to drop in a hole and to brainwash him..

      Also, I think now you will accept that before Obito Madara had some other partners.
    18. NW
      jacamo's probably just deep inside some far away cave, living like a cave man. The manga not agreeing with his retarded "plotholes" has driven him over the edge to insanity.
    19. darkprinc979
      Lol I bet Jacamo is crying himself to sleep every night as his "plot holes" are disproved one after another.
    20. NW
      It's crazy. For all I know, Kishi could have just given you spoilers of the entire series.
    21. Jayaraman MinatoItachi
      Jayaraman MinatoItachi
      Shall i change the sig now? I think two weeks is over
    22. darkprinc979
      It's looking pretty likely that Tsunade isn't going to survive this. I wonder who the next Hokage will be if she doesn't? Think it might be Kakashi?
    23. Mugivara
      Iwas thinking about it you made Kishi really trolled:D

      However probably he will say that between second and third war there is only a few years so Nagato in fact smaller than Minato and equal with Obiti bla bla fucking troller Kishimato I knew this will happen:(
    24. Fureikusu Kira
      Fureikusu Kira
      lmao, probably man. I had a theory, but I'm too tired to post it..
    25. darkprinc979
      Well if anything I'd say it was probably rinne tensei, since he doesn't look emaciated like Nagato did. Actually that makes a bit of sense, because in 600 Obito said that it didn't matter whether he survived or not. Of course, that could simply be a translation thing, but it sort of calls it into question. Would also explain why Madara said he was between this world and the other world.
    26. NW
      I know lol. I seriously think you're part Kishi sometimes. :lmao
    27. darkprinc979
      Lol. Damn, he looks like he should be in diapers. Seems more and more likely that he died of old age, and that he was Nagato's father. I wonder if we'll get to see that portion of the story?

      Also, Obito looked like shit. I wonder how it is that Madara knew about him and where to find him? Doesn't seem like he'd been reconstructed with Zetsu stuff yet.
    28. Fureikusu Kira
      Fureikusu Kira
      Sooooo....ideas on next chapter?
    29. Jayaraman MinatoItachi
      Jayaraman MinatoItachi
      Yeah. That's fair. I changed my sig. I tried with the maximum size. More than 6 is not accepting as size.
    30. SacredX
      Yeah, I came across that thread a few days ago found it hilarious. Already gave you rep for it.
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    Aug 13, 1991 (Age: 28)
    PreMed Student
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    Kyuubi, Minato, Rias, Akeno, Sesshomaru, Urahara,



    Co-Owner of the High School DxD FC​

    I Can't STAND Idiots, Too Bad This Forum Is Full Of Them
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