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Aug 19, 2019 at 6:58 PM
Apr 10, 2007
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Aug 13, 1991 (Age: 28)
PreMed Student


AwEsOmE, 28, from Chicago

Mistshadow was last seen:
Aug 19, 2019 at 6:58 PM
    1. Fureikusu Kira
      Fureikusu Kira
      lol. I saw it. XD
    2. SacredX
      He's just really upset he was wrong and doesn't seem to be keeping an open mind. No one likes to be wrong, especially when it's something you've bashed for ~4 years.
    3. darkprinc979
      Well, none of it matters now. Tobi is 100% Obito and Madara knows who he is.
    4. jacamo
      my sig is uploaded, if you want to check it out

    5. jacamo
      what? no... i took part in the Great Tobito Wager thing

      im want to use Gaawa-chan's sig anyway
    6. jacamo
      hit me if you want

    7. NW
      Spoilers... :D:
    8. Kira U. Masaki
      Kira U. Masaki

      Misty this all but gurantees a second season of DxD; I love Maken Ki, but the first anime was garbage to be polite, if that is getting another series, any harem will get another series.
    9. Kira U. Masaki
      Kira U. Masaki
      The thing with 13, if its like 7 or 8?, at least several of the stories will be post the previous volume, the last chapter of 7/8 was new material; so that why I am excited

      I think they will wait post ova; this show has to get at least a second season; the LN are massively popular, the anime did really well in sales, and all comparable shows have gotten at least a second season; my guess is we get at least 3 seasons but maybe more; even if its slow dont worry - to love ru kind of got off to a rocky start, but then we got an ova , and then a second season, and now a third season; even with IS, I hear the LN will resume and its only a matter of time before another season comes out; even Zombie Desu has to get at least one more season in my opinion

      Rosario was interesting, though I cant understand why Gyoukara or whatever her name is such a bitch? And isnt Koka also her daughter? I thought 2 of the sisters were full blooded, but Gyoukara mentioned something about the dark skinned girl being her only true daughter.

      Btw, crawling chaos is all but guranteed another season, hehe, thats another one I really like

      The other thing on my radar is Index US release, that Bakemonogatari , Zombie and DxD are the 4 shows that I am most looking forward to shelling out some cash on
    10. Kira U. Masaki
      Kira U. Masaki
      ^ are you getting ready for the release of vol 13 of dxd ln and the ova; I hope the second season announcement comes soon

      plus I hope 14 doesnt take to long to come out, ready for a new arc
    11. darkprinc979
      True. I can't think of any possible reason as to why any version of Tobi would have Yagura wipe out bloodlines. At this point it doesn't really fit in with anything we know at all.
    12. darkprinc979
      You know, I was just thinking earlier how people like to use Kisame recognizing Tobi as a reason it can't be Obito. There's one thing I haven't seen anyone mention that I just thought of, and that is the idea that maybe that wasn't Tobi Kisame recognized, rather it was Zetsu posing as Madara in order to earn Kisame's trust for Obito. I mean, white Zetsu can even fool comrades, so why wouldn't he be able to fool Kisame, who barely knew Madara.
    13. Fureikusu Kira
      Fureikusu Kira
      Tomorrow man. We find out if Obito is really Tobi, or why he is.
      Whatever the hell Kishi is planning, I'm hyped.
    14. Algol
      it's exactly what you said, the open-mindedness. like, everyone can have an opinion on it, no problem. but it's when you immediately shoot down the idea like it is absolutely impossible (that people do way too often here) then i have an issue
    15. Algol
      hahaha wow yeah i enjoyed that. took me a while to read all of them, but highly enjoyable
    16. †obitobi

      Please support and rate, if you want, :).
    17. Naruko
      Yeah, I'm not going to reopen that and for a couple reasons. First off...I personally appreciate your sentiments. I agree people should be open minded and tolerant of other opinions. Really, it's not that the issue was your opening post so much as allll the people that used that as a launching pad to publically humiliate other posters. It totally backfired. Just as you are arguing for people not to rip into each other, folks are pulling out quotes and screencaps of users for...public humiliation. Closing a thread is sometimes because the opening post isn't appropriate (though in fairness, we try to discuss the manga, not other posters in the KL so I guess the thread doesn't quite fit on that front but that wasn't the biggest impetus to close it) threads get closed because the community are abusing them for their own, negative, ends.So yeah, that's why I closed it and no, I looked through several pages of it before closing it and I don't want people to keep posting the things they were, being cruel and mocking to each other (even when they feel they do it to point out someone that was cruel or mocking to them...2 wrongs don't make a right and all that). I am sorry - I know you put effort into that opinion post and again, I feel the kernel of your opinion there is a noble one. It was the execution from some of the community that tainted it.
    18. First Tsurugi
      First Tsurugi
      Heheh, yeah. It's hard to accept the cries of "bad writing" when so many people, myself included, saw it coming. :lmao
    19. First Tsurugi
      First Tsurugi
      There's no way Kakashi's not having a mental breakdown of some kind. :lmao

      I wouldn't be surprised if he drops into an angst coma right then and there.
    20. darkprinc979
      Psh, now the open mindedness thread is closed too, and this after the tobi identity thread. Was really hoping to see what Jacamo had to say in response to that long post I made lol.

      At any rate, I was reading through chapter 598 again yesterday, and noticed something I missed the first time around. If you look at page twelve, at the panel where Kakashi is collapsed from exhaustion, you can see that his eye is bleeding.

      This is the first time Kishimoto has shown Kakashi's ms bleeding after using kamui, so now I'm wondering if his ms isn't going to lose its light in this battle. It would be pretty ironic for him to use up his eye against the very person that gave it to him.
    21. Naruko
      Which thread? I saw a thread in your post history that was closed by Sai, but we've closed various threads in the last few days and Search doesn't work on things in hidden sections (like Telegrams). I need to see it to say either way. Thanks :)
    22. leonejoey
      loool noo i mean +Rep but u know -i like to separate my sentences with a minus sign lol
    23. Fureikusu Kira
      Fureikusu Kira
      The butthurt spreads wide.
    24. darkprinc979
      Yeah, and the sad part is that same closed mindedness will probably carry over to things that are actually important.
    25. darkprinc979
      Ugh, went through there and it's horrible. Watching people blatantly ignore what's right in front of their face makes me want to rip my hair out.
    26. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      I only reach for the body swapping angle because I kind of liked Obito as a character so him genuinely turning evil would be...well, we'll see.

      And there's the fact that if it was someone else behind the wheel it would make the whole unmasking less disappointing for me, personally.
    27. Scizor
      A little too straightforward to my liking =P

      But I guess you're right.
    28. Crimson Flam3s
      Crimson Flam3s
      Thanks for the friend request :) I like open minded people, not the ones who are blinded by their own desires.

      NF is full of those.
    29. darkprinc979
      Lol I already did. My comment is right after your reply about getting a neg storm for making that thread. I also made a reply to that guy that tried to pass it off as being someone else's consciousness.
    30. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      Some people were dead set it was Izuna or Fugaku (wut?) or Kagami (:lmao)

      Some people were - and are - pretty insufferable about the whole thing. I only find it disappointing if it is Obito with no "Lawl, I took Obito's body cos I know Orochimaru's Jutsu too, bwahahaha" then...may god...Tobi was around for 2...3 panels and people said it was Obito. That's my only gripe with it, such as it is.

      And I don't feel the need to go to Telegrams and join all the others trying to kill each other at this point :p
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    Aug 13, 1991 (Age: 28)
    PreMed Student
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    Kyuubi, Minato, Rias, Akeno, Sesshomaru, Urahara,



    Co-Owner of the High School DxD FC​

    I Can't STAND Idiots, Too Bad This Forum Is Full Of Them
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