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Aug 21, 2019 at 11:11 PM
Apr 10, 2007
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Aug 13, 1991 (Age: 28)
PreMed Student


AwEsOmE, 28, from Chicago

Mistshadow was last seen:
Aug 21, 2019 at 11:11 PM
    1. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      You know...I'd really hate to like, short change you or something in real life cos you put an effort in to your vengeance plots that make mine tame by comparisson, my man.

      A lot of people are eating humble pie.

      On that note, I personally never derided anyone who thought it was Obito, I just didn't like the idea of it myself because...damn it's so disappointing. As soon as Tobi appeared people shouted "Obito"

      EDIT: I would +Rep you for sheer mind-bending dedication/madness, but at the moment I can't.
    2. Fureikusu Kira
      Fureikusu Kira
      WHAT UP?!
      Seriously, though.
    3. jacamo
      yes, Obito's memories

      and the only thing that will justify the plotholes is if its just Obito's body being controlled by someone else
    4. bearzerger
      not any more than say Neji and Naruto
    5. son_michael
      would have been better if you made a thread about it so they could all see their epic fail firsthand :lol
    6. SaiST


    7. SaiST
      :sag... Did you actually compile all of those statements?

      I dunno about getting banned, but at the very least, the thread will be trashed. Too much of an "I told you so" thread, which were banned while I took a break from modding, apparently.

      Seeing as how you Tobito guys had to deal with a lot of nonsense over the years, I still wanna help you out though. :maybe You might be able to get away with it by tagging them in your signature, or posting it in an already existing Tobito thread—I'm sure you guys have at least one you're celebrating in. :laugh
    8. Jayaraman MinatoItachi
    9. Haloman
      Yeah. I feel bad for letting them make me stop believing in Tobito (though, I never stopped believing it was his body). But now they will rue the day! RUUUUUUEEEE
    10. NW
      Alright, I'll go check! :lmao
    11. NW
      Thanks, man. Really. :lmao

      I forgot, though. Am I allowed to have links to the newest chapter and not images, or are images and links of the chapter restricted until whenever?
    12. (510)THIZZ
      Well you get my point lol. All we knew is that was itachi and his friend dressed up in cool outfits. When zetsu popped up and looked like a damn plant monster and said "looks like sauske is improving" or something like that. We were all like "what the fuck!!!!". My point was he's just been popping up since part one. We have no 100% solid reason for him. We figured out the white side mostly but nothing about the black side or why he eats people lol. I believe he's the 1st and only cannibal in naruto. Black zetsu eats peopls, knows madara on a personal level, and records. Also, He thinks he's strong enough to take on anybody.
    13. (510)THIZZ
      lol you know what I meant dude. Itachi and kisame were shadows when we first saw them. Itachi in sauskes flash back wasn't even in akatsuki yet he joined after that.
    14. (510)THIZZ
      We'll see man we'll see. I know for a fact now though that madara/orochimaru have something to do with this. I made a thread about ztsu awhile ago but nobody posted in it lol. We still don't trully know what the fuck is up with zetsu. Every things pretty much out in the open now except zetsu and the fight between hashi and madara. It's obvious that the black zetsu is the original/main personality. Which leaves me to believe something else that I wont speak on lol. I thought about this years ago but I never spoke on it. All I will say is this, tobi is half/25% a man and basically zetsu is too. They seem to have known each other for awhile from their talks. Zetsu is tobi's right hand man and unofficially his partner in akatsuki. Plus last time we saw black zetsu he never really did anything and he was trapped by that mist swordsman. The white zetsu is stupid, takes orders, and seems to be simply made up of hashirama's cells(turning into trees after defeated by naruto). Black zetsu is smart, has vast knowledge(sauske vs itachi), talks to madara and we haven't seen what he could really do. All we know is that he can record(still haven't figured out what's that for).

      Last but not least, Zetsu was the 1st member we ever saw of akatsuki. He's been around since part one(V.O.T.E fight) and we don't know his back round yet.
    15. (510)THIZZ
      LOL I knew you stans weren't completely crazy. Like I said before though time and time again It's not plane ol obito. Just like how dead yahiko was being controlled by nagato's rinnegan. It was yahiko but it wasn't really yahiko. I'm 100% sure next chapter or a few more are gonna revile truly what tobi is.

      To me every things pointing to an experiment. If you think about it the leaf has this policy to protect bloodline limits. They either retrieve the body or have something set up to destroy the bloodline limit. Orochimaru had left the village for akatsuki at this point after minato was made kage over him and got caught experimenting on babies. He could have easily been creeping around during that battle and intervened. We found out orochimari was going after hashirama's cells and wanted an uchiha body. We also know that orochimaru had some D.N.A of madara. So he probably got a hold of madaras research of the sage. That's what I thinks on that scroll. But whatever, I'll be sure to keep in contact with you in a few more chapters. You should see the negs I got for that thread I made lol.
    16. NW
      I KNOOOOW!!!!!!11111111!!!!!!1!!!1!!1!1!!!!!! :argh

    17. (510)THIZZ
      Wait a few more chapters buddy. I'm gonna get banned for trolling the shit out of all you crazy tobito stans. You know damn well that this chapter didn't really prove anything 100% There was a ? for a reason man. I know you and the rest of the tobito fans are crazy but I know you guys aren't slow. LOL I can't wait to the true revile of "tobi".

      I'm starting to look at the experiment theory again. Especially with the orochimaru reemergence that came out of nowhere at this point in the manga. You know, the whole revaluation of orochimaru not just wanting to recreate the 1st hokage. But really was trying to become the next sage of the 6th paths. The constant name changing, saying he's no one, different personalities, not caring if he loses limbs, zetsu goo, Deep knowledge of the ninja world/jutsus/history, senju & uchiha D.N.A, large collection of eyes etc etc. The guy is like mr potato head right about now lol.

      Putting your obito stanery to the side I'm pretty sure you know there is more to this than just simply obito lol. So what do you think?
    18. †obitobi
    19. Raventhal
      Yep. It's feels good to be right lol.
    20. darkprinc979
      Lol can't wait. Also, I'm being a bit of a dick on that other site and throwing around my favorite Itachi quote.

      "People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That's how they define "reality". But what does it mean to be "correct" or "true"? Merely vague concepts? their "reality" may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?" ~Uchiha Itachi

      Seriously, that quote is so true it should go in a book somewhere.
    21. darkprinc979
      Lol one dude even said Kishi is jumping the shark.
    22. darkprinc979
      Yep. Lol I can only imagine the unholy rage of the Tobito deniers. lmao on another forum I go to they're still not convinced it's actually him, that it must be someone else using his body or something.

      What we really need now are explanations for Tobi's earliest appearances. I'd almost be willing to bet money that it was Madara.
    23. First Tsurugi
      First Tsurugi
      WE DID IT!

    24. SaiST
      * SaiST pouts.
    25. jacamo
      Zetsu recorded memories... yeh i went there
    26. jacamo
      of course you can :hurr

      but only when its confirmed
    27. CM Pope
      CM Pope

      I'll never deny that I'm "somewhat geeky" because by my age you just accept these things and go with it. Yeah, the Chapter was bad, but...a 20 minute rant on YouTube? Really? Really?
      The Fairy Tail Forum is full of militants who - god forbid if you express an opinion - they leap on and bite you jugular until you die.

      I show my support discreetly through +Reps. :wink
    28. darkprinc979
      Well, let's see if we get the big reveal today, or if Kishimoto shows us the true power of a master troll.
    29. jacamo
      guess you were wrong... its a flashback chapter
    30. Haloman
      lol - Yeah, I feel like I completely wasted my time.

      They're only plotholes if you refuse to accept any explanation for them.

      There are plotholes in the manga, though. Nothing enormous, of course. The biggest one is probably Orochimaru failing to summon Minato. Ultimately, it doesn't make much of a difference, though.
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    Aug 13, 1991 (Age: 28)
    PreMed Student
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    Kyuubi, Minato, Rias, Akeno, Sesshomaru, Urahara,



    Co-Owner of the High School DxD FC​

    I Can't STAND Idiots, Too Bad This Forum Is Full Of Them
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