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Oct 10, 2019 at 10:08 PM
Apr 10, 2007
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Aug 13, 1991 (Age: 28)
PreMed Student


AwEsOmE, 28, from Chicago

Mistshadow was last seen:
Oct 10, 2019 at 10:08 PM
    1. Naruko
      Underboob is normal but this looks like the front of the breast (nipple area) is being shown as well. I've had some people lately try posting bare breasts but airbrush the nipples to try and bypass the rules. If no one is complaining, I won't worry about it. I just saw it and thought "man, we'll probably get reports on this" but if we haven't, I shan't worry about it :33
    2. Kurokami Medaka
      Kurokami Medaka
      I feel you bro, I'm guessing Naruko hasn't seen you until now.
    3. Naruko
      Leftmost image of your sig looks like the chick is most definitely topless/bare breasted. You need to remove or replace that, please. Thanks.
    4. Fureikusu Kira
      Fureikusu Kira
      Though, I believe I've figured something out.
      IF it is Obito, consider the following.
      1. Madara took interest in Obito because Obito was also the black sheep of the Uchiha. He felt like he could manipulate him.
      He stalked him and followed his abilities, to wait for the right moment.
      2. When Obito was crushed, Madara could have had Zetsu repair him and then train him.
      3. Madara could have been the original Masked Man that met with Itachi, therefore providing connection with both Itachi and the Akatsuki.
      4. Madara may have killed Rin to activate Obito's MS.
      5. Obito may have then killed Madara out of revenge, and then being pissed off about the war and how it made things come to this, he became the new masked man, or Tobi.
      6. If Obito felt he wasn't strong enough to protect people or stop the war, which is implied he did, he would have perfect reason of the Eye of the Moon.

      This gives Obito connection with Madara, Itachi, Sasuke, Hokage, Konoha. It gives him the information needed for what he speaks of.
    5. Mdri
      Yeah, I saw your thread. But I don't feel like replying or arguing with the new guys there, they are so retarded, it's pointless...
    6. Mdri
      FT section sucks now, it was so good months ago. It's sad, but I don't enjoy posting there anymore.
    7. Fureikusu Kira
      Fureikusu Kira
      Yeah, but he wouldn't have been able to walk like that.
      I JUST watched Gaiden.
      I'm still not sold on Obito. I think it's probably going to be, but there are still some issues.
    8. Yuki
      Lol kk. :amuse
    9. Yuki
      How am i bitching??? i am not in a bad mood or anything, just doing some simple posts...
    10. Yuki
      ... Wtf???
    11. Yuki
      Yea your right, i don't think DF was ever meant to just be entered like that, in other words it's like an incomplete DF.
    12. Yuki
      I don't think it's as simple as it just being fake, it makes more sense for there DF not to be as powerful as Natsu's was becuase he had something else giving power at the same time.
    13. SaiST
      * SaiST sighs.

      Another one of the reasons I was so confident it was being used as his Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan... But anyways?under the current circumstances? If he's not Obito, Tobi could have had a way of advancing all the eyes in his collection to Mangekyou Sharingan. And considering how useful Obito's Jikuukan Idou is, it's understandable why that ocular power would be favored...

      Wouldn't explain why the other eyes in his collection weren't being made use of, and why his masks have been designed around Obito's.

      TobIzuna has lost much clout with the reveal of that Tomoe Seal, but I will persevere! :cry
    14. Fureikusu Kira
      Fureikusu Kira
      Remember when Obito "died"?
      He could have activated MS and got out of there just in to see Kakashi and Rin fighting.
      Rin said, "Kakashi, you should know my feelings for you.".
      Maybe Obito heard that and it set him off.

      Though, he would have been to broken to be walking that soon...so nevermind.
    15. Rama
      Yeah I was thinking about that aswell yesterday, makes you think if Tobi could actually use Rineggan abilities through Gedo in the future.
    16. SubtleObscurantist
      Yes, well, I think we are agreeing more or less. I simply don't think Tobi is so much undoing what Kakashi does so much as creating a "push" in the Kamui dimension that counteracts the pull, essentially blocking the dimensional barrier.
    17. SubtleObscurantist
      But Kakashi didn't even seem to have warped Gedo Mazo's neck yet...He was in the middle of it, and then it stopped. Unless, actually, I am thinking, in this chapter he said that the true power of Kamui which Kakashi couldn't (he was wrong, though). He immediately used a reverse Kamui to push things out.

      Perhaps he can counter the pulling force with a pushing force, essentially blocking Kamui. And as you say, he is synced with Gedo Mazo.
    18. SubtleObscurantist
      He can't cancel Kamui on himself though. But they share the dimension, so anything Kakashi warps he can just bring back.
    19. darkprinc979
      Lmao. So, how did that go for you, and what was the detail?
    20. Squeek
      you call it undeniable logic? I think you need to learn the definition of logic and undeniable first before you use the word.
    21. NW
      Lol, I don't know what you mean! XD

      Gonna go read all the posts I missed.
    22. Scizor
    23. SaiST
      Yup. Sleep well.
    24. SaiST

    25. darkprinc979
      Lol epic fail on my part. That would be interesting, because then that opens the possibility of someone else learning how/coming along for the ride and freeing Kushina and all the previous Hokage.
    26. darkprinc979
      lol. Well, who knows, maybe we'll see him again. I've been wondering if maybe he doesn't have something to do with camp neverland, or wherever it is that Orochimaru is taking Sasuke. After all, he's one of the few people we know of that Kabuto did not bring back as an edo tensei with no explanation.
    27. PikaCheeka
      :lmao Thanks, I suppose, for not figuring I'm a complete idiot.

      As for said idiot, I have no qualms with them. I try to avoid having member-bashing make its way to my profile though, so if you edited out his name that would be awesome.
    28. darkprinc979
      So, when it turns out to be Obito, I wonder if they'll rage quit Naruto.

      Honestly though, I think Sakumo would have played a much better role as Tobi. More easily fits the timeline, much stronger reason to be bitter, and sure as hell would make for more drama.
    29. PikaCheeka
      You VM me and pretend it's for someone else, then send me a friend request? I see what you did there. :blinditachi
    30. darkprinc979
      Looks like I missed a bunch of crap last night. Had to go right after that last post I left, then I come back to not only another mass deleting of posts, but a closure of the thread.

      Really, spoilers? If someone is dumb enough to go to a thread obviously related to the current arc, then they deserve to be spoiled.
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    Aug 13, 1991 (Age: 28)
    PreMed Student
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    Kyuubi, Minato, Rias, Akeno, Sesshomaru, Urahara,



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