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  • Don't ever change your avie, love it! ;33
    I prefer her old one
    It was pretty as well but this one is prettier imo. Either way she will change it anytime soon., i think.
    Haven't seen you in a longer while. How's it going?
    I guess I'm back, but I'm wondering why the site seems to be much slower than before.
    That is good to hear!

    Well, there is no single day I don't complain about that. Everytime I post I get an error ad and it often delays to post and shit. The lag is bigger, I guess. Idk what's going on.
    I must also try several times to log in. It's gotten annoying tbh.
    Well, I certainly agree that it's an amazing skill to have. I just feel bad now that I know you apparently have to put it to so much use because of your job. All those missed vacations and lost hours of sleep, and apparently it's all being passed to the next generation as well. :(

    Being a masochist is extremely helpful during all those times life decides to randomly kick you and your friends down, so I don't consider it to be too much of a downside. And as for the other one... well, I was laughing through your entire story and even felt a tinge of disappointment at the fact that I was denied a potential source of chronic, detached amusement when you accidentally got her to leave and everything resolved itself... so I can understand that side as well, I think. :hoho

    I'm doing all right, though! As stressful as things can get at times, I'm making progress and I feel like I've got so much more clarity now that I didn't have a few years ago. I wouldn't go back even if I could.
    Thanks! I'll try my best.

    And what the heck? That sounds completely crazy and I can't even begin to guess at the circumstances that would lead to having to go through all of that. Good that it's over if there wasn't anything to enjoy about it.
    Something like that. I've been kind of stressed out from struggling with stuff offline and NF was the last place I wanted to be. Actually, I was planning to be gone for a bit longer?the only reason I came back early was because I heard about the forum upgrade and wanted to make sure I wasn't going to lose any data.

    Sorry it took so long to message you. I hadn't been on for months, and even now, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be off again pretty soon, so I wanted to wait until I was a bit more settled down. I hope you've been doing well.
    If Basara is completed that is even better because it means I don't have to add it to my growing list of weekly/monthly manga that come out and needs to be kept track of. 7 seeds too? Hm I'll have to look up this author's name maybe I've already heard of him before. :hm

    Oh god as long as it isn't Fairy Tail and Bleach like trolling I think I'll be fine. Wow, that sounds incredibly intricate and definitely worth reading. I always love when a series has a balance of powers and arms race sort of set-up like what seems to be going on here. It's among my favorite tropes out there so it's definitely doing a great job of selling me on it so far. :hm

    I love how that sounds since I largely believe the "you can not serve two masters" train of thought is more realistic and makes more sense than the rosy picture a lot of shounen tries to paint as fun as those can be.
    Yeah that is exactly what I did in my response to you...I know it was stupid. :sadpanda

    I don't always do it but I'm prone to doing it every so often. ><
    It's half-typed up because I keep switching between my NF tabs and my tabs of like 3 other forums. It isn't of the same structure now but I'll have it delivered to you within 24 hours senpai. :catsad
    Holy shit, your family too? My mom had the original trilogy on video, then later got the VHS box set for the re-release in 1997.

    Personally, I thought TPM was meh, AoTC sucked for the most part, but RoTS, while not as good as the OT, was for me at least, the best of the prequels, although that might just be my inner Vader fanboy speaking.

    If you haven't seen them yet, check out Red Letter Media's reviews.
    I was typing up my response to you but then I accidentally closed my tab and lost it. :scry

    I'm going to respond soon.
    Donyatsu. I remember skimming a chapter or 2 I think. It has a donut cat right? I might have to give it another go, not sure why I didn't pick it up. Kozaki is a bit of a champ, was Tokyo Karasu ever uploaded to any websites?

    Been cracking on with YKK, I can see what you mean about the flying scene. Reading this has left me feeling all warm and fuzzy, only on volume 5 though. I hope it stays like this as it is quite touching.

    The Tarot Cafe was interesting. The art style wasn't my normal taste to be honest but the events and creatures were cool enough for me to carry on reading. The luck cat in chapter one did remind me of the cats in Mahou Tsukai.
    I love Freak's Squeele, I hate the fact that my French is so bad otherwise I would've bought the GNs off Amazon instead of having to wait for translations.

    I will check out Gunnerkrigg and the other three, thanks in advance for the suggestions.

    Edit: Any idea where I can find The Tarot Cafe?
    Since your sig lead me to RA, thought i'd return the favor and recommend something i like. If you dont know about it already, it's a manga called nukoduke. Really cute SoL-comedy

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/nukoduke
    I have to add that you should definitely read that first one. The final dream of the dragon was one of the most touching things I have seen in manga.
    They were a mix of recs from other people and just reading anything I came across - they were the interesting series I could remember. Hope you enjoy/glad I could be of assistance.
    Oh it's completed? I don't mind that especially if I can binge read it on a few of my days off. I have no problem with a shoujo/adventure title I've read a few so far and have enjoyed them. Well if all the tragedy and angst is in the first couple volumes I don't think it will turn me off no worries. Hmm is that a subtle jab at a certain ninja turned Jesus? :urahaha

    Yeah, I believe I have seen you praise Kubera more than once as a story. If it actually takes a realistic approach to the aftermath of character decisions and they have to face harsh consequences I could definitely get on board with that to see how things turn out since not many stories go into depth about that. :hm
    Completely agree. The sheer volume of what is available now is different from 10 years ago.

    We agree on this same point. I mean it looks like he started exploring it a bit with the rain village shinobi, cloud ninja showing up and the talk of the five kage meeting..but that just ended up being lumped into more Konoha-centric problems and we never got to explore much of the other villages let alone the smaller ones. Between the stunts the Cloud pulled, the horrific policies of the Mist Shinobi, and Konoha's political systems it is a shame that not all of it got expanded upon.

    Yeah, once the prophecy stuff hit and Naruto was obviously some chosen one back in the Pain arc I knew this series was officially beyond saving. It just took all the ridiculous stuff in the War arc for the rest of the Naruto fandom to catch up. I make the jokes about ninja space ghosts and ninja space rabbits for a reason. How the hell do you even think this is okay to introduce into the story and expect people to take it seriously? Boiling it down to just two clans and for them to be Konoha clans at that was just his excuse to tie it into Naruto and Sasuke while saving himself the trouble of having to cover everything else. Edo Tensei was one big cop out for Kishi to sloppily try to tie up all these loose ends.

    I haven't read Basara although I think I've heard of it. Is it a completed series or is it still ongoing?
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