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Jan 26, 2013
Nov 8, 2010
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Mumbai, India
Student, Musicien

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Captain Moh- Third Eye Pirates, from Mumbai, India

moh was last seen:
Jan 26, 2013
    1. Zorp
      Thanks for the rep. One has to stike the edits while the iron's hot.
    2. Xion
      Replied to your awesome poetry thread. Just wanted to let you know. :)
    3. escamoh
      twas a stormy night 200 years ago. i stole it from the god of thunder after i made love to his wife

      how about you
    4. escamoh
      so have i :pek....moh
    5. escamoh
      hi my name is also moh
    6. The Bloody Nine
      The Bloody Nine
      Sorry man, i saw your post then i forgot about it. Its the artists impression of Robert and Rheagars duel from a Song of Ice and Fire. Though it looks nothing like it was described in the books. Your welcome to it now.

      I looked around but i honestly cant remember how i found it last time.
    7. Phoebus
      If there maybe exists another state of mind at all, from a psychological and incentive-driven viewpoint, the only positive definition I could give would be that of a very special brand of boredom, or perhaps apathy. Considering my extensive gap of knowledge in all matters spiritual hailing from the Eastern hemisphere I would maybe tentatively call the absence of satisfaction and dissatisfaction 'nirvana' although the terminology might be even more unclear in this specific naming.
      I concur that the question in regard to the existence of a neutral ground between desire and repulsion is hard and quite possibly inane considering how much we focus only on reinforcing the former and avoiding the latter.
    8. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Thanks, I don't mind that :] Haha, Colorful. That's watercolor boredom, I guess you could call it that :D.

      And nah, unfortunately I haven't. They came to Romania years ago when I wasn't aware of there existence yet. But I'll make sure not to miss them next time :]. Instead of that, I got friends with Tymon Kruidenier a while ago, while he and Robin were still part of Cynic. It felt really nice to find out some things before they got public :lmao. And we still talk and stuff, just that now they're back to their old baby Exivious, if you heard about the band.
    9. ~Gesy~
      thanks for the rep, my sig came from a manga called gantz ;33
    10. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Nah, that's not my style :]

      I got some things made by me too, I just asked a friend who's got a tablet and can do those flashy hand made things.
      These are some of mine, as you can see, still centered on Paul Masvidal :lmao



      And well, even a poster, lol.

      These guys just got my brain, that is. I was totally... caught me up with Evolutionary Sleeper, How could I and Veil of Maya. I mean seriously, they're those kind of guys who's live versions sounds 150% better than the recorded ones, if you checked.
    11. Garfield
      Electronics and Communication! Engineering, just like the rest majority of Indian students...lol
    12. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Saying that because you know Paul Masvidal or judging how the signature was made, effects and stuff? :D
    13. Garfield
      Both actually. You?
    14. Phoebus
      Well, you did take your time writing an analysis that laid some of my weak points bare, so you deserved that rep.
      But just as an afterthought because I d not want to be off-topic in the actual thread, I cannot fully accept your definition of satisfaction, because the absence of dissatisfaction does not automatically establish satisfaction. Or what about comparing a state of lesser dissatisfaction to a state of higher dissatisfaction, does the former become satisfaction? Please do not understand the above to be correcting you, these are just some of the problems I am asking myself at times.
    15. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      No problem!
    16. tashtin
      no probs mate
    17. Hunter
      no problem. you deserved it and i saw that episode too. lol
    18. Garfield
      Nah, I stay 600km north-east of you. Indore, MP. Sadly, I haven't been able to go to Mumbai as often as I'd like. Khar is pretty close to dadar though, which is mostly where I stay when I am there. (3 stations before dadar if I remember correctly?)
    19. Kuya
      Aloha! Come kick some ass in the Rookies tournament :pirate

    20. Mider T
      Mider T
      Exactly what it says dude:lmao A VISITOR'S MESSAGE
    21. Garfield

      not many India resident Indians around here
    22. Mider T
      Mider T
      What you just responded to
    23. Mider T
      Mider T
      Want a VM?
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    Mumbai, India
    Student, Musicien
    Favorite Character(s):
    1. Kabuto / Shikamaru
    2. Naruto
    3. Madara
    4. Jiraya
    5. Kakashi
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    The Pain vs Jiraya arc
    I'm a Musician, love thinking, thinking, thinking...

    \Dorohedoro/,Guitar, OP, Naruto, Bleach, Yt, Keyboards, Sitar, Composing, Recording, Philosophy,




    "If you believe in Rikudou Sennin put this phrase in your signature"
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