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Aug 26, 2012
Jun 9, 2006
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Oct 30, 1986 (Age: 33)
Gin's Limbo


Gin-ism, 33, from Gin's Limbo

Mojim was last seen:
Aug 26, 2012
    1. faithangel
      salam.nih abg azim kan?ingat lg x sape nih?^^
    2. sinjin long
      sinjin long
      thanks for the rep,i take it you want to spread some around?
    3. Morphine
    4. Laex
      Mkay wait. Are you sure about these sizes? o-o
    5. Morphine
      nope, hadn't started.

      he'll make them pretty don't worry
    6. Morphine
      request done
    7. Morphine
      avas done :3
    8. Morphine
      avas done ;3
    9. Migooki
      Why hello there. Never seen you before. :3
    10. HugeGuy
      Kubo hasn't cleared it up but this is what I think.

      Aizen must've known the existance of Hougyoku 100 years ago especially after he saved the vaizards using it.

      Rukia most probably didn't have the Hougyoku until she received the gigai from Urahara which means Urahara must've kept it quite safe from Aizen that he couldn't acquire it these 100 years. (As for why he risked it by hiding it inside Rukia, well who knows. Maybe Urahara is a villain after all or he's also helping Ichigo to grow)
    11. L O V E L E S S
      L O V E L E S S
      Yeah, I'm trying to think of another weapon Lighty could main now, because Helter isn't gonna cut it anymore, specially later on in the game.

      And as for Snow, there's no beter choice than Power Circle <3 His magic is garbage anyways, so you might as well put everything to an str stat ^^
    12. L O V E L E S S
      L O V E L E S S
      Because Lighty falls back into being a mage if you have Fang or Snow in your party, so can only be effective attackers using Commando =[

      What's the point of having a super strong weapon if you're going to be doing magic? I only realized yesterday that I've been playing the game wrong for 70 hours. =/
    13. L O V E L E S S
      L O V E L E S S
      I've been using the Helterskelter MAX (although stupidly) for Lighty ^^ You?
    14. L O V E L E S S
      L O V E L E S S
      lol unlucky =[ You have a Collector Catalog with you, right?

      The 99 Bomb Cores is a good thing, they're amazing for upgrading, specially where you are in the game right now =]

      And I just began Chapter 12, hopefully when I play later I can finish the game :awesome
    15. HugeGuy
      Lightning. :datass

      But I heard the story is very linear?

      Wait. That means you have a PS3? :datass
    16. HugeGuy
      Good to see your passion for Bleach is still going strong. Many people attribute everything to troll and lolkubo nowadays. =(

      Bayonetta? I heard she's a she-male?
    17. HugeGuy
      Yes. He mentioned him during his discussion with Urahara right after slicing down Grandfisher.

      Oh and long time no see. =)
    18. L O V E L E S S
      L O V E L E S S
      Bayonetta :datass

      Go here: http://www.gamesradar.com/f/final-fantasy-xiii-cieth-stone-missions-guide/a-2010031011391394090

      I don't have a final party either (it's too early to have one anyways) but I'm using Lighty, Hope and Vanile currently. Fucking Hope, the kid dies too much, so I let him have his harem to cheer him up a little :lmao


      Helter-skelter Level 61 // STR 929 // MAG 657
      Whistlewind Scarf Level 1 // ATB Advantage
      Dash Shoes Level 1 // Auto-Haste


      Hawkeye Level 26 // STR 373 // MAG 666 (i knew this kid had problems xD)
      Collector Catalog // Item Scavenger
      Dash Shoes Level 1 // Auto-Haste


      Belladonna Wand Level 21 // Improved Debuffing // STR 484 // MAG 711 (rofl, get it? XD)
      Sorcerer's Mark Level 1 // MAG +100
      Dash Shoes // Auto-Haste

      Not sure about the multiple catalogs.... how do you have more than one anyway? :lmao
    19. L O V E L E S S
      L O V E L E S S
      Hehe you have Bayonetta, I still have to buy that game :lmao

      I have no need for gil. I have 200,000 lying around XD I'd share some with you if I could :p

      How is your current party looking? Stats/Equips/Roles?
    20. L O V E L E S S
      L O V E L E S S
      Hehe yeah, our voices are undying on the Internet :lmao I was taking good care of myself, I think I caught this from one of my classmates, stupid bastard breathes from his mouth like a bitch :arg

      Well, for example if I have a game that you have too, I could invite you to play along with me ^^ So say for example Uncharted 2, we could play on the same team and murder some noobs lol

      Yes, we're literally on the same spot right now :lmao Get the collector's catalog from Mission 8 and go back farming Mission 7 xD
    21. L O V E L E S S
      L O V E L E S S
      I can take a week off, but my beautiful voice is nowhere to be heard :arg =P

      Are you still playing now? What mission are you on? Also, I think it's about time you added my PSN XD shinigamiblues, do it now before you forget :p

      And good to know that you got it on PS3 ^^
    22. L O V E L E S S
      L O V E L E S S
      Lol yeah, it's like the Materia system on Crisis Core, only needs les money this time :lmao

      I'm actually ill so I took the week off college, I've lost my voice =[ But yeah, I too have too much homeworks to catch up on, they're easy so I can finish them anyways, just databases and some web designing XD

      Game looks good, it's the the Calm Lands just in HD lol :awesome Still didn't answer my question though, which console?
    23. L O V E L E S S
      L O V E L E S S
      I'm still here, still farming those materials although I have enough to make another 4 pairs of those shoes :p

      Do mission 7 and wait for the monster to drop you a Tetra Crown/Tiara. The Tiara way is cheaper, if you get one, all you have to do is master it then dismantle it. ^^

      If you get a Crown, master that then dismantle it, and you should receive Hermes Shoes among others. Then master that, use a Perovskite to transform it (costs 30,000 gil from the Motherlode shop), and voila, Dash Shoes <3

      Yeah been a while, you just stopped responding to me =[ So, which console did you end up getting this game on? :awesome
    24. Newton
      You get the collector's catalog from mission 8, then you need to upgrade it. the catalyst you need is called Minar Stone, which can be bought at "The Motherlode" 60k
    25. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
    26. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      haha, it's been a while since i saw you wearing another set than mine XD

      I finally reached your request, it will be done by today so make sure you check the shop <3
    27. L O V E L E S S
      L O V E L E S S
      It's already heavy even before March, my list looks like this so far :awesome

      Jan - Bayonetta, Mass Effect 2 (I'll be playing both 1 and 2 on PC), possibly MAG(?)

      Feb - White Knight Chronicles (looks like FF12 XD), Bioshock 2 and STALKER (I've hardly played horror games, I get scared easy =P), and the PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain (looks interesting, specially the gameplay)

      Mar - Bad Company 2, Supreme Commander 2, FF13, GoW3, Just Cause 2 (lol it's like the month of sequels :laugh)

      Definitely get Uncharted 2, that's all I've been playing lately, so we can go around pwning people together :3 Out of the games you currently have though, I only have MGS4. I don't play anymore, but if I remember my best time on Boss Extreme was 2 hours 39 mins =] What's yours?

      I've been itching to get Bayonetta since its very first trailer was released, and now I can finally get it because of the latest install patch, haha

      definitely been busy with college, i'm actually taking a break right now, after having done pages of MINNNNNDLLLLESSS text XD how about you?
    28. L O V E L E S S
      L O V E L E S S
      Late reply yet again XD

      Belated Happy New Year, I guess -- 2010 looks to be a crazy year for gaming, so our wallets will definitely be empty :awesome

      'Gratz on the PS3, don't forget to add me -- shinigamiblues :3

      What games have you got so far? =]
    29. Muse
      Request done :3
    30. Mai

      Your request is done :>
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    Oct 30, 1986 (Age: 33)
    Gin's Limbo
    Favorite Character(s):
    Garaa n Naruto
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode:konoha destruction
    Chapter:don remember
    Games,animes,arts,surf internet.......


    Avy by Brian
    Spoiler: Lily <333
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