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Last Activity:
Nov 22, 2017
Jan 5, 2007
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First snow fall is magical

Mojo was last seen:
Nov 22, 2017
    1. Garlock
    2. LayZ
    3. Koerdis
      Hey pretty lady.
    4. Rolling~Star
      i've been good i've been checking out nf once in a while since naruto ended!

      how about you?
    5. Smoke
      I'm glad to hear that. Is Japanese gardening different?
    6. Smoke
      Hey, what brings you on here?

      I've been curious for a while, but do you follow any anime or anything Japanesey related anymore?
    7. Garfield
      Mou! Welcome back, are you back for longer? Missed you too! :( Where/How have you been?
    8. Rolling~Star
      hello! long time no see
    9. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      Oh, um hey. Long time no see.
    10. Garfield
      Hey mou! Yeah I'm doing great. In school doing masters degree now. What about you?
    11. LayZ
      Mojo! :glomp

      How have you been?
    12. Mider T
      Mider T
      Been awhile. :hugs
    13. nanni
      I'm doing fine. I don't use NF much anymore, I'm mostly on facebook or on xbox live. If you have fb add me, my name is Ryan jake. I just come on here to see if you guys are still on here. haha
    14. Smoke
      Hey what's up? How are you?
    15. Wolfarus
      Well, considering how long you were gone its not exactly a unjustified ribbing :p
    16. LayZ

      I'm great! How are you?
    17. Wolfarus
      And you are?

      Cant really remember :hmm
    18. LayZ
      Just was thinking about you and wanted say "Hi"! :amuse
    19. nanni
      i'm glad, ~Mojo~. <:
    20. txsfld
      I also remember like only 3 of the emotes so that is unlikely. but yes like the wondrous snow. Had a fair amount for this area, it didn't snow until like late Jan into Feb
    21. Garfield
      Gimme your email address then, I don't like coming on NF much too nowadays :hurr
    22. Didi
      Hey! Haven't seen you in forever, how are you doing? :hug
    23. Garfield
      Nice to see you still around! I never see you online on msn (well now it's skype though) anymore :(

      I'm doing good, preparing for entrance to postgrad.
    24. Garfield

      HEY!! :hug how the heck are you?
    25. txsfld
      just poppin' to say hey :B
    26. nanni
      happi b-day and happi new year ~Mojo~. :buri
    27. nanni
      I haven't read much independent comics, only some that were bought by DCs "the new 52". i'm starting to get hooked on the cartoon: adventure time. nothing comes to mind on anime.

      arg i soooo want that game, when i get a new computer imma soooo getting that. :> this month imma saving up on money just to get a new cpu. but right now halo 4 came out i finished story mode, and waiting 4 new eps on the new side quests.

      nothing too bad happen to ya with that hurricane now did ya? @_@ wait u live new New Jersey? or did it hit ny? anyway hope ur doing ok over there.

      right now, imma soooooooo into gorillaz and red vs blue @o@
    28. Smoke
      I'll keep my fingers crossed.

      I gotta get going. But I just want to thank you.

      Have a great day.
    29. Smoke
      Even tho I enjoyed them, Pirates was aimed at kids.

      Signs on the other hand, was pretty awesome. If Disney was responsible for that, then I gotta give them props.

      Also I don't want to be a debbie-downer but you sent it out on Sept 14. Almost 2 months ago.

      Even if I don't get it, I'm still really happy that you went through the trouble.

      I was planning on buying the r2d2 xbox (since mine broke) along with Halo4 once it came out, and sending you pics. But then Halo4 came out with its own xbox and I had to go with the cheaper option.
    30. Smoke
      What's pirates and signs?
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