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Last Activity:
Apr 22, 2017
Mar 9, 2007
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momo was last seen:
Apr 22, 2017
    1. SayoSenpaiPls
      *touches gently*
      1. momo likes this.
    2. ~Gesy~
      Blast from the past
      1. momo likes this.
    3. ~Gesy~
      How big's yo dick?

      No homo
    4. SakuraPaine
    5. Butō Rengoob
      Butō Rengoob
      Who's that in your ava? :hmm
    6. Furuta
    7. momo
      Why do i have so many profile visits when i sign on only once a month O.O
    8. tyciol
      I love the wonderful smile in your icon. She looks like an interesting girl.
    9. SakuraPaine
    10. Momoka
      Okay now where is my french knife and rat.... and my iron maiden.... :pek
    11. Tachikoma
      The ending song :lmao
    12. Yoona
      I don't mind girls :zaru

      Nein! :uwah

      Nasuru ? :wha

      I wear more sports bras than normal ones cause they itch and leave red marks on my skin :apathy
    13. Momoka
      That did not make me feel beautiful. Now shut up while I execute you the old fashioned way :obd
    14. Tachikoma
      She only does it in the ED theme, nowhere else, the series is about bakemono and weird things, so not much chance to airguitar, although, watanuki does make everyone drunk often :lmao
    15. Yoona
      I'm not though I don't mind the jokes once they don't come from a guy who is a friend.

      NEIN !! :wth

      I thought I translated it wrong :hmm

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I like Wonder bras :pek
    16. Yoona
      Ugh no :doh

      Do you think this is a game ? :pek

      Yes yes you are happy because of the rain :hmm

      I AM...........WONDER WOMAN!
    17. Yoona
      No I have been hurt worse :rotfl

      Determined eh ? ;33 Hello :hurr

      Happiness is not in the rain ? :hmm

      It's raining whole day :hurr
    18. Momoka

      I don't want ur gross poo poo (with french accent) :quite
    19. Yoona
      I got pounced :argh
      Hello :neko

      Rain . Rain :hmm
    20. Anjo

      i am dating your ex and stuff.. and you care so much about me so quickly its a little off - putting..

      sorry if that sounds harsh but its what i feel
    21. Momoka
      Ouran Highschool Host Club? I heard that it's pretty good, but I never read it :hurr
      But maybe I will when I have time :hurr

      Make me feel beautiful, dirty, rich, Twilight!!!!! :wtf
    22. Momoka
      It's about 2 girls named Nana trying to find their own paths in life. It's a slice-of-life, romance sort of story :hurr very famous

      :rotfl cubic zarconia :rotfl
    23. Anjo
      First , I said I'd rather be your FRIEND rather than an Enemy dear <3

      And everything i said was just meant to strike a nerve rather than to upset you,

      You've passed everything I've put against you. :hurr

      So tell me, (lets put this little incident behind us and talk more about something else before our heads bust hun <3) what makes you happy? is there a hobby you have?

      I never intended to start anything if that's what youre thinking. I might go back to read over your recent message because i couldn't quite soak up most of everything, sorry, my brain is a sponge sometimes but not today.

      and I never did judge you sweety, where did I say that? All i said was that i thought you were talking me down (sorta)

      And i can see that you care ;3 i thank you for that.
    24. Anjo
      lol, I live to far to be fucking him.

      Are you saying I shouldn't trust you?

      I have my reasons, and I know what you're talking about with the stuff you just told me. I went through a lot of bull shit to keep my ex but he still dumped me. (not because of the age diff but because of the fact I'm an annoying bitch.) I went through a lot of trouble to keep him happy, to keep him on the right track and to help him to the best of my fucking ability.

      You're talking to me like I'm still a kid (in my view point), and I do not like that. I grew up faster than my fucking mom and she's still acting like she's in her damn teens.

      And I care, yeah I care a lot about Pedro. and I'd fucking die before any asshole gets their hands on him (if that ever comes down to it.)

      And if we get to the point where we screw when I'm still younger than 18, I know who to trust and who not to say my business to.

      I'm a smart girl, I just don't act like it.
    25. Anjo
      Facts: i dated an 19 year old

      lol makes me jail bait

      :argh NOO!!

      I don't but i'm afraid for him!1 :arg

      true dat, she be a hoe. :iria
    26. Anjo
      oh, no I don't. lol

      i was just saying about the personality thing<3

      i'm far to young for everything. :pek i'm jail bait.

    27. Anjo
      :lmao Thats funny

      makes me want to write a sora x roxas Fanfiction :LOS
    28. Anjo
      :lmao I guess you're right.

      its a cute name when shortened.. :ano Sorry if i sounded rude but i'm not a big fan of the whole version of your name..

      And nah, its just a normal name. :hurr
    29. Anjo
      haha he never said you were rude, im just on my guard.. :D;;

      and that is a beautiful name. :wtf
    30. Tachikoma
      OMG what! Thats just so nuts and interesting at the same time :rotfl
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