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Jul 29, 2011
Jul 30, 2010
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beautiful ☮

Monsterr was last seen:
Jul 29, 2011
    1. Miku ♥
      Miku ♥
      No problem :amuse

      Your SS set is awesome :ruri
    2. Lionheart
      He is. :awesome and thank you very much.
    3. Lionheart
      It's fucking boss. :D

      Okay, and thank you very much. <3
    4. Lionheart
      LESF. Your awesome sig, I have a question. The picture to the left... with the profile shot of Sasuke. Do you have the stock for it?
    5. Yomi
      I mainly stick to SasuSaku since I like the possibilities between them the most. I really try to get into other Naruto pairings, but nothing really gets my interest as much as SS does aside from yuri.

      Wow you've been with Naruto for a long time o__O As for me, check my join date... February 2009... maybe a little before that is how long I've been with Naruto. Not as long as most people. :lmao

      lol sadly i iz not a Sasuke fangirl anymore so I can't relate with you on that :hurr I used to like him for who he was in part one, but his image has been shattered for me and I'm not sure if I can see him the same again.

      Though I'm guessing we won't be seeing Sui any time soon, huh? :scry
    6. Yomi
      Ah thanks for that fic :druul TBH, I haven't read smutty stuff much outside of SasuSaku even though I'm sure the other pairings i like have great stuff.

      How long have you been into Naruto? :hmm I haven't been with it as long as some, but the longer you've followed it the less exciting it can be. It just stretches out sometimes and doesn't show my favorite characters enough! :C

      Yeah, lots of girls seem to like Sasuke the most... I guess because he's eye candy :lmao I like Sui the most because he's cute and has a funny personality. :laugh
    7. Lionheart
      I'm pretty good, hot, sweaty, thinking of grabbing my fan from my mom. You?
    8. Lionheart
      Ahh. So it's stilll bed timeeee. Just got done eating breakfast, browsing the forums, the usual crapload of crap.
    9. Lionheart
      Y halo there. What's up?
    10. Yomi
      Oh can you link me it? :hurr

      I don't have any expectations from this series, every thing nice will be a pleasant surprise otherwise I don't really get excited or expect epic things like that to happen.

      Suigetsu is my favorite male character ever since I first saw him. :33
    11. Yomi
      I'm a Sasuke fan too... but yeah I'm definitely more tame about it. I won't make excuses for him. I just want to see how Kishi will clean this mess up. Same goes for what he's done to Sakura and I'm kind of weary of Naruto as he is now. I really wish Sasuke and Naruto could go back to who they were in part one and Sakura could be as kickass as she was in the Sasori fight. That would be a perfect combination.

      I fell in love with Suigetsu the moment I saw him :ohpek He is adorable. Then when he came in the anime I became an even bigger fangirl... why is he so cuuuute!?! :ruri Not only is he good looking but he's funny as well.

      Oh yes that threesome would be epic win. :faint There needs to be more fanart and fics of this threesome. I could totally see Karin handling them both rough and tearing their clothes off and initiating the threesome. :hehee
    12. Yomi
      Oh yes, it started out beautifully. You could tell Kishi knew where he was going with it. Now it just seems like he's trying to stretch it out as long as he can. There was no reason the Sasuke chase had to go on this long, and there was no reason to make Sasuke go completely insane. It would have been much more tasteful if he just remained an anti-hero who still was rivals with Naruto, but now he is incapable of making rational decisions and trying to kill people who have shown him nothing but kindness. He turned Sasuke into an idiot.

      I stick around because this series is a guilty pleasure... it's not good writing but it passes the time and I like some characters.

      Ahhh... Suigetsu is such a hottie. :druul I love his sharp teeth and his cynical attitude. :ohpek

      Hell yes, Sakura/Suigetsu/Karin would be my one and only OT3. I love all of those characters. I actually think Sakura would be the innocent one who is uncertain but Suigetsu and Karin would be the wild ones who take her to the dark side. All this talking makes me really wish the three of them would meet up in the manga :ruri

      He left them off on kind of a cliff-hanger, he better show them again :sniff But yeah Kishi likes to focus on the boring crap. :geg
    13. Yomi
      So you feel the same way too? ;33

      It's overrated and played out at this point. Sure it's the plot and there will be plenty more of it, but it could have been through with and onto other things by now. I'm tired of seeing Sasuke violently protest against Naruto again and again. And I'm tired of seeing Naruto angsting, crying, and begging for Sasuke. This is not squee-worthy, this is pathetic.

      Konohamaru's yaoi jutsu of naked SasuSai was squee worthy. Suigetsu standing naked behind Sasuke was squee worthy :high

      Naruto->Sasuke bawwfest is... :tomasulk

      OMG a SakuSuiKari threesome be the hottest thing ever? :druul Seeing Suigetsu deal with two hot tempered girls would be hilarious. Sparks will fly. :hehee I actually really want to see Sakura go with Karin to find her teammates... I mean Kishi can't just forget about Suigetsu and Juugo, right? :arg
    14. Yomi
      And it's not even good bromance at that. Good bromance makes me squeel and act all fangirly, but all this is just... bleh :/

      More than anything I want Sakura to pick herself up and do something amazing, like kick someone who is strong ass. Sakura is not my favorite kunoichi but I always have a soft spot for her. :love

      Any yuri would be good :hurr But I think after all the crap Sakura and Karin just went through they should escape to do some badass mission. Besides I want to see Suigetsu again. :sniff
    15. Lionheart
      Crazy monkies? Oh god, I missed the crazy monkies. I love those son of a bitches. They know how to make a mean wine spritizer too. lol I don't feel like using the brain power to make puns. But when I do are they freaking corny.

      Me too, I love being able to delve and dive into another person's head. It really is pretty stellar. That sounds awesome. Where do you write? And why scared?

      I like stuff like horror, scifi, dark themes, a different kind of romance for the most part unless I feel like forgoing shit. I mostly write fanfiction but have some original going on.

      lol! nothing to be jealous of, I'm rusty and it needs work. Been so long since I've really attempted anything. I can alternate between sounding like a male or female, it's pretty fun to be honest. Hey that's a good trait to have. You can trick people when you answer the phone and stuff. They'll never know. :LOS
    16. Lionheart
      Then we shall dance with penguins, and lions, and motherfucking canaries. lmao puns are awesome.

      Same here! I itch to write, at the moment I'm not in the mood but eventually I shall crack and start writing. So much shit I want to write. :pek What do you like writing about?

      Mmhmm. yeah, I'm out of practice but I can imitate voices and create new ones pretty well. It's fun.
    17. Lionheart
      You're a zebra? :D This is fucking awesome. Wanna go to the wild and dance with some penguins?

      That's really cool. Do you plan on being a writer?

      I'd really love to do some hard labor for about six years while attempting to break into writing or voice acting.
    18. Lionheart
      Okay you cocky arrogant woman! at least I think you're a woman. ;D You could be a camel and I wouldn't know. ARE YOU A CAMEL? :C:gun Haha, I understand where you're coming from.

      Never had one either, I'd like to get one in the future. What are you planning to get or leaning toward? Going to college?
    19. Lionheart
      Oh contraer, I was. ... Wait. Go along with what? Ah, you saying your computer is lagging or you've been putting it off? OH. lol ha.

      lmao me too... someday I will get me one of those jobs that pays the bills and shit. I swear. How long you been out of work?
    20. Lionheart
      lol I'm teasing you. oh oh oh, I can't wait to see. lagging? and Not much, bullshitting the day away. Hanging out with family, that sorta thing.
    21. Lionheart
      Cocky are we? :*waggles brows.* What are you up to on this fine morning?
    22. Lionheart
      Hi stranger. ;33 [trust me, I remember you.]
    23. Yomi
      The only female he gave good attention to is Kushina. But he should have focused that on his main heroine and the other girls who will be around for longer. I really love all the female characters because they all could be so awesome, but Kishi doesn't seem to think so.

      Ugh... I wanna know what Sakura is doing but your right, Kishi will probably have her just sit and wait for all the issues to be solved. It sucks. Sakura should break Karin out of the interrogation and they both go rescue Suigetsu and Juugo. That would be awesome xD
    24. Yomi
      Seriously, though I'm a kunoichi fan and if he would focus more on them I'd be happy. Too much Naruto and Sasuke >_<

      You think he'll lower them more? :-( Is that even possible, it seems like they have reached rock bottom. I wonder what Sakura will do now?
    25. FieryRose
      she does :33
    26. FieryRose
      Why thank you :33 I really like the fanart to its cool.who is that in your ava? its not konan is it I cant tell i just like it lol
    27. FieryRose
      I'm lovin your Ava :33
    28. Yomi
      There are a lot of teams I wish had more screentime... I mean I like Naruto and Sasuke and all, but there are other characters as well.

      I've always liked Karin, for all the reasons you like her. She was funny and crazy... I like characters like that. She reminds me of Sa-chan from Gintama and I love her too. <3

      I hate when people bash her for pairing reasons because it just makes them look insecure and makes the pairing look weak. But all pairings are guilty of this SasuNaru/NaruHina/SasuKarin fans hate Sakura, NaruSaku fans hate Sasuke and Hinata. But it still makes them all look ridiculous.

      It's alright, it's not like I HATE Team 7 I'm just... disappointed. If Kishi could somehow fix it I would love them again but for now, I don't know.
    29. Yomi
      SuiSasu is my guilty pleasure :hurr I am such a Suigetsu fangirl, you would not believe it xD KibaSui? Never thought about it, but their personalities would make for an interesting match.

      Team Gai is epic win! :gar

      Karin has one of my favorite character designs. I also like her Japanese voice actress. :33 I like tough-girls, so that is what made me like Karin.

      My issue with Team 7... it's a long story. :lmao I used to be a pretty hardcore fan now I don't even want them together as a team again. I mean, Team Taka had their fight against KB where they all worked together as a team yet Team 7 never had a moment like that. And now after recent events, I just don't see them as a team despite how Kishi says they are because he doesn't show it... if that makes any sense... :sweatdrop
    30. Yomi
      The only other Sasuke pairings I like are yaoi... SuiSasu and SasuSai. And the only other Sakura pairings I like are InoSaku, SakuHina, KakaSaku and LeeSaku.

      You like Team Gai as well? *high five* I love Karin as well. Her attitude reminds me so much of myself xD Plus she's got awesome hair~

      The only part we differ on is Team 7. I used to like it... but not so much anymore. I won't get into it though, because it will turn into a rant >_<
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