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Apr 19, 2012
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All up in yo' buziness
Stay at home daughter


., from All up in yo' buziness

Lewibaba gotta choke dat bitch. May 23, 2016

    1. Animeace
      Thanks and im good now manga is a great escape goat for me.
      1. Morglay likes this.
      2. Moira
        What the fuck is an escape goat? Why would you escape on a goat?
        Oct 29, 2016
      3. Morglay
        When goat herders got surrounded by wolves/coyotes they would mount their designated escape goat and ride it to freedom. Sacrificing the rest of the flock. Ffs Rey don't be ignorant, it's in the Bible.
        Oct 29, 2016
      4. Animeace
        They also make great pets you will never need a lawnmower again.;p
        Oct 29, 2016
    2. KuzuRyuSen
      Nice thread you got there. You take up a health-related course?
    3. Morglay
      Lewibaba gotta choke dat bitch.
    4. Taylor
      No reason whatsoever, just spreading the love.
    5. MrCinos
      Source of my set: Helck, which is easily one of the best ongoing shounens.
    6. Ark 2.0
      Ark 2.0
      <argh>It was a team of dudes and dudettes on 4-chan, if your curious and over 18 just google it (katawa shoujo), it's free</argh>
    7. Addy
      PM me info about the game that has the objective of banging a cripple please
    8. galvao18
      Never change :LOS
    9. RWB
      That picture you gave me rep for was from a Negima doujin.
    10. Catamount
      Well if I am not grateful :catflower
    11. Catamount
      We didn't. :cat Drag me into that, now.

      That's so not hispter.
      You are like the opposite of hipster.
      It's like an oldschool downshifting you've done wrong but still liked it.
    12. Catamount
      b-but, but No-Rae's ex is a total idiot, who had nothing but soccer and cuddles in his empty badly hairstyled head :cattired

      and Buddhist symbol is not a tribal symbol, you'll become twice a liar if you do that. just go to Tibet for real and that's all.
    13. Catamount
      Will you get yourself tribal tattoos?

      I hope No-Rae ends up with that sunbae :catmad he is like hawt and has job.
    14. Catamount
      Well isn't Baek Seol-A a bitch that does not deserve tomboyish No-Rae? :cat

      are you trying to avoid me that way?
      want me to hate you and run off?
    15. Catamount
      Lame, so lame... I only bake muffins and never drop them. Not any single cupcake handmade by my paws has seen the floor. They still die tho being consumed like soulless pieces of something eadible.
      I've made up a long-ass detective story with horror elements where we have to become runaway criminals together, but I am too distracted and freaked up by life and it's choices to type it properly, so by now I will just tell you that there is that another Korean manhwa Fluttering Feelings or Exciting Feelings that may be to your liking as the lame but sweet scent of girlish love and friendship is like a beautiful but fragile lingerie you want to touch and keep but are afraid to tear to pieces by just looking at it too eagerly. Just in case you read mangafox Exciting Feelings Manga - Read Exciting Feelings Manga Online for Free
      The pace is slower than our intoxicated selves are used to, but it's still worth looking through and also sharing your sincere and fake emotions on the above mentioned sexless subject of shoujou-ai.

    16. Catamount
      I got lost in days and weeks :catdespair

      French? Why would you? I've studied French back at school and now barely remember anything.
      You like to cook, that's good, but why don't you hang around Bento Box then?

      And omfg reading manga monthly is such a pain, I manage to forget what happened the last weekly chapter, not even to mention monthly!
    17. Catamount
      sorry I was spacing out

      Your friend sounds like a pro. Yeah, I work from home, cause this is not the primarly income for me (though I'd really want it to become one). Do you have something like that? Like a hobby or another education.

      Hayashida Q's in Dorohedoro
      this is googled.
      soooo many details... just how long does drawing a single chapter take?!

      Soul Eater I've only watched and to be honest I was fascinated by the extreme fantasy of all the staff working on it. At the same time I totally can't understand One Piece. It seems to me that many people read it just to be different. However, One Piece sections here are very active and people discuss the plot, so it must not be that bad :sag Probably just not my thing. Do you like it?

      Bleach to be honest is my favorite drawing manga style in the arrancar arcs and further. When it was just at the beginning of the series, I lol'd at times over those faces, but at the same time they made sense - the characters were kids you know.

      Mostly I read manga cause of the plot, you know, at times drawing style doesn't matter that much. How do yo think?
    18. Catamount
      As for metal I work only with wire as making accessories and necklaces, bracelets from wire with other materials. I mostly work with accessories for fashion, for home, inexpensive jewelry, souvenirs and such stuff. Also making clothes and bags at times, but haven't done that in a while.
      The other girl, we talked about metal work. She is a pro, she works with metals and real gem stones, but she rents a place in the workshop and it costs a lot. Since I am an amateur compaing to her I don't even try.

      So you did draw :catskully
      whats your favorite drawing style in manga?
    19. Catamount
      Your advice is the most appreciated :catflower

      No, when I was a kid I used to do that academic drawing and painting, but than dropped it too. I am more of artisanal crafts person. Do you draw? You do like manga more than anime, maybe you even tried making one?
    20. Catamount
      really? per aspera ad astra :lmao I came here cause of Bleach. I also used to be a fanart freak.

      Currently I am not reading many series, cause I have a busy period, but I can browse MAL's manga list and link you later, I haven't completed it yet.
      atm I follow TDG, 19 Days, Hare Kon, Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda and Bleach. As for smth dark and mature I used to read Himegoto Juukyuusai, but lost my temper and browsed the raws.
      And you?
    21. Catamount
      plots creep you out more.

      but voice actors are important, i agree. they are among the reasons i loved Bleach anime so much.
    22. Catamount
      tbh I love the random school moments chapters the most, so relaxing and funny to read.
      but do you like school animes? i totally don't except for like Bakemonogatari :cattired
    23. Catamount
      good you appeared :distracted

      the latest TNG translation
      I so hope it's not becoming shounen-ai and keeps only shoujou-ai line :catcry
    24. Catamount
      lol but you may be actually right! I am more into darker stuff recently.

      oh well, works on the contrast better.
    25. Catamount
      kinda too cute, no? finally some development, some real development, and got stuck again. mind that i love shoujou-ai, don't know about you, but i really dig that girly friendship thing. however, just imagine: we've been reading that online as fast as we wanted to and some actually wated for it weekly and even skipping on holidays.
    26. Catamount
      Tamen de Gushi chapters are so short. :cattired
      I wish I knew Korean :catcry
    27. RemChu
      Eh the teacher with a masters not seeing that......
    28. White Rabbit
      White Rabbit
      I've edited my post (dunno if you've read the edited version)
    29. White Rabbit
      White Rabbit
      Look for "Francafrique", "Apartheid", "Rwanda's genocide", "Creation of Israel" - "Theodor Herzl", "1st Gulf War", "US-Saudi Relations", "US-Qatar relations", "Panarabism/Panafricanism".....
      Only historical facts (alas).

      Edit: you could also look for the US imperialist interferences in south america, like the coup in Chile on 09.11.73 ploted by the CIA and the "Chicago Boys", during which they killed the democratically elected president to impose a dictator (Pinochet) serving the US interests. This is the same shit as in the east.
    30. rocconorth
      why such a dick move? never said shit to you...
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