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Dec 15, 2018 at 10:24 PM
Feb 10, 2005
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Feb 13, 1989 (Age: 29)


Jack Hammer, 29

Moritsune was last seen:
Dec 15, 2018 at 10:24 PM
    1. DemonDragonJ
      I do want to improve my physical health, but I have never been good at making drastic changes in my lifestyle, so it will not be easy for me to follow your advice. There must be something that I can do in this situation, because I hate abandoning goals that I set for myself.

      How is it that you are so knowledgeable about physical health, anyway? Are you a professional fitness trainer?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. DemonDragonJ
        @Moritsune, I am almost afraid to ask this, but what is your opinion of protein powders? I have researched them, and most people seem to think very positively of them.
        Dec 15, 2018 at 1:24 AM
      3. Moritsune
        They're useful for meeting your protein requirements, especially for someone like me that has to get over 200 grams everyday. Just gotta make sure you go with a higher quality whey, as there are some shitty ones out there that spike their product with aminos to claim a higher protein content than you're getting.
        Dec 15, 2018 at 10:50 AM
      4. Moritsune
        Also, whey actually has the highest biological value of any known protein source, so more of the protein can actually be utilized by your body than other sources, including eggs.
        Dec 15, 2018 at 10:52 AM
    2. DemonDragonJ
      Who is that very frightening-looking man in your avatar, and what is the origin of your username?
      1. Moritsune
        Jack Hammer from Baki the Grappler.

        Username is from the PS2 game "Shinobi".
        Dec 2, 2018
        DemonDragonJ likes this.
      2. DemonDragonJ
        I have heard of both of those franchises, even if I am not especially familiar with either of them.
        Dec 2, 2018
    3. Robin
      On our convo about faith and Christianity, in the Orthodox Church we have a few miracles that happen regularly, like every year. We don't like to use the fact that there are miracles to prove anything to anyone, to us, miracles are to strengthen the faith of believers, not to make someone believe.

      But I'll tell you anyway, and they are one of the "confirmations" that we have about the existence of God, or more of a reminder that He is watching over us. The greatest miracle happens on Easter, actually the Saturday before Easter, in Jerusalem, in the Holy Sepulcher. Easter is the main celebration in the Orthodox Church, and not Christmas like everywhere else. The miracle is called Holy Fire. Read about it. Some official websites talking about it omit the part that it doesn't burn the first few minutes, and I've seen videos of people putting beards in the flames, regular people.
      The next lesser known miracle happens on the Baptism of Christ, 6th of January, also in Jerusalem. In the Orthodox Church, during the service, the priests and the people go outside of their churches to the nearest body of water, throw a cross into it and bless the water. In Jerusalem, the Patriarch himself goes to Jordan river and throws the cross in it. During that, the river turns backwards, and there are a few video recordings of that.
      The next miracle happens I think on Mt. of Olives (I think) on the feast of Transfiguration (I think). A pink cloud descends on the mountain during the service. We also have two different calendars in the Orthodox Church, the old one and the "reformed" new one. So on that mountain the feast is celebrated twice, according to the old and the new calendar date. And the cloud descends on both days. I haven't looked for any videos of that, but there might be some. All these miracles have been happening for centuries, probably since the early Church in the first centuries AD.
      There are a million of "irregular" miracles throughout the world in the Orthodox church, including healings. In my own family there's been a miraculous healing (a gangrene healing, these 100% kill you if not treated within a short period of time).

      I'm not trying to tell you to believe because of these, because I'm 100% sure you wouldn't, and will question everything. But I'm just explaining that our faith is far from blind or baseless or empty.
    4. Haze
    5. Lortastic
      Guess I'll look up the prices for it now. Hope they aren't too expensive. But considering it's Australia, it probably is :hmm
    6. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      i actually laughed at that. best rep message ever :lmao
    7. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      i thought you were implying you need to take care of that area for other people- and i was all "LULZ MORI, HOW MANY PEOPLE R WE TALKING? is dis y u say no 2 marriage"

      and then- well- i can't begin to understand your response haha
    8. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      lol mori- im not gonna reply to you in that thread
      1) because i re-read what i wrote and it sounds rude
      2) your response was more bizarre than my initial question :lmao
      3) i'm not sure what we are even talking about anymore

      you win the argument. or the post. or something :(
    9. RemChu
      Oooo I've heard Nightingale before, I'll check out the rest.
      Good shit.
    10. RemChu
      You play guitar at all and do you have any other favorite metal/rock bands with good vocals and range like Ghost?

      My favorite metal type band, mmmm probably Tool. The drums, and Maynard's vocals :bury
    11. RemChu
      You have no idea how much of a mind fuck this is.....Or it feels taboo. Yeah I guess that is the best way to describe it.

      Oh, and I had a feeling it was scars.
      I like stars, better. Is this papa dude talking to the antichrist in the song? or is the papa pope guy the antichrist.
    12. RemChu
      Just found them tonight while looking for metal bands,

      HOLY COW, though as a Pastor's son the lyrics are kinda weirding me out. :catsweat

      Beautiful music though.
    13. RemChu
      is your set from this band ? id=qS5-QmkKzJQ;t=133

      fucking rocks !
    14. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      i think it was a first impression based off of my first few encounters with you in retirement. since then, i guess my opinion has changed.

      you still haven't made a "when i was in the navy" thread though.

      i'll be over here waiting for it :/
    15. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      but you're always so stern - can't believe you just yet :(
    16. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      hmm, it was late where i live when i sent that

      but not that late! do you live in the states?
    17. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      better late than never

      ....never late is better

      my monday was terrific. uneventful and quiet, the way i like :lalala
    18. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      how's your monday going?
    19. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      Profile visit for profile visit? :wtf
    20. buff cat
      buff cat
      Ah, im the opposite end of the cynicism. Cant trust anyone.

      For your case i feel like i should quote a pink floyd song but dunno which.
      The only thing you can do is be honest. :del
    21. pfft
      he is but he isnt. he shows up every now and then. making obscure posts or maybe paying attention to the retirement section.
    22. pfft
      lol well obviously im jk about the nudes. i also went inactive. but im back baby.

      i didnt know you were friends with prendergast till just now.
    23. pfft
      aww man you were supposed to send me your nudes.
      holy shit the last time anyone messaged you was in 09 jeez louise.
    24. Elle
      How are we not 'friends' yet in this place? :wha LOL *fixed*.
    25. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      oh, you gonna get repped more than once for that gif :LOS
    26. Ae
      Oh you!So ridiculous.
    27. Prendergast
      i loves your wolf's rain set :iria
    28. Hiruzen
      May I ask what your set is from? :iria
    29. Barinax
      Erg. I should do something like that. I've never gotten close to preparing for leaving and it ended up with a lot of lost connections.
    30. Barinax
      Erg. Why's that?
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    Feb 13, 1989 (Age: 29)
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    In a committed relationship with my 2d waifu


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