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Mr Hayk
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  • No, I don't care - just felt like messing with you. The fact that you credited the original posters, ruined my fun.

    Damn you. :pek
    Please tell me you aren't reuploading Blinx182's pics and reposting them in the VIZ thread.

    Эм, я не очень помню, но она вроде должна начать отображаться вместе с новыми постами оставлеными после того, как ты сделал себе подпись. Но не уверен, себе я подпись ставил здесь давно.
    While I greatly appreciate your efforts in the VIZ thread, I ask that you post just scripts as often as you can. Posting scans, and so many, can get the site and all involved in trouble.
    Hello! Sorry for not contacting you through the official Viz clear up thread, it's a bit crowded so I thought I may ask you here instead :redface

    If it isn't too much to ask for, do you perhaps have these pages?

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/manga/Naruto/574/
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/manga/Naruto/574/4/
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/manga/Naruto/579/10/
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/manga/Naruto/579/11/

    Thank you so much, in advance!
    Так-то да. Это не ты мне, что ли, репу в теме Viz поднял? )
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