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Jan 20, 2019 at 6:11 PM
Mar 1, 2013
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Well-Known Member

MrWano was last seen:
Jan 20, 2019 at 6:11 PM
    1. Gohara
      Thanks for the rep! :p
    2. Marie
    3. jayjay³²
      I had no other evidence to suggest my point was true, but it was the strongest piece that I genuinely believed in up until now. I won't fight uphill battles. :kool
    4. Amol
      Vote for Luffy in tournament
    5. Freechoice
      No problem man :beer
    6. Freechoice





      The 150x150 restriction limits the choices, but I can keep looking if you want :)
    7. Freechoice
      Oh wait, you need 1000 posts :(

      What's the maximum dimensions you can have for your avatar?
    8. Freechoice
      First you should go to your User CP, then down to group memberships and join Senior Members, which allows you to wear avas the same size as mine :gar

      Otherwise I can make you one that fits your limits
    9. Freechoice


      I'm not sure what type of avy you're after lol I got a lot of Garp ones
    10. Etherborn
      Nah man it's cool. I can't get everything right.
    11. Pain In The Ass
      Pain In The Ass
      You'll like it. It looks like it was planned all along with subtle hints given in the main campaign.

      I'm still on my first Grounded playthrough, that thing is hard. Just got past the cabin where you control Ellie and get help from David vs hordes of enemies. Now am at the elevator part where the Bloater shows up and it's a bitch. After that will need to finish it once more and enjoy my 100% :zaru
    12. Pain In The Ass
      Pain In The Ass
      The DLC is great, albeit a bit short, you can finish it within 3h or so. Still great nonetheless. Not only do you get one story of Ellie when she was younger and you learn how she was bitten, you also get a second story where you play as Ellie during the time Joel got impaled and taken to rest. I loved it. Fills a lot of blank spots and answers some questions.
    13. Ernie
    14. Halcyon
      It's the thought that counts, bro!
    15. Halcyon
      Thanks for the rep, mayne :brofist
    16. Garbage Haus
      Garbage Haus
      Thanks for the rep.
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