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Sep 20, 2018 at 9:14 PM
Jun 16, 2009
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Jul 24, 1992 (Age: 26)


HADE BARA BOGE PYA, 26, from vag

my dick on your moms forehead Jan 5, 2017

Muah was last seen:
Sep 20, 2018 at 9:14 PM
    1. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      To answer: no. But punishing entire families for the actions of people who they are related to by taking their source of income away without compensation and leave them unable to support themselves or find work is not just, and would never be just even if Slavery stopped yesterday.
      1. Muah
        Do you think blacks in america should get reperation
        Aug 4, 2018
      2. San Juan Wolf
        San Juan Wolf
        I honestly don't think so. Especially since the only people I ever hear talking about it claim every white person on the planet owes them money simply on the basis of them being black.

        Yes this was something someone actually said and meant it.
        Aug 4, 2018
    2. Muah
      my dick on your moms forehead
    3. Muah
      Muah is the best.
    4. Soca
      Indeed. Especially when I could already see early signs of you trolling that WB and Weebel were part of it. Anyways the treatment of your threads shouldn't be new to you. You have an exhaustingly long history :hm
    5. Soca
      Why would a thread like this be closed? :hm

    6. Soca
      what's up?
    7. Kenneth
      If it's about some serious shit, src or q&c
      1. JoJo likes this.
    8. Soca
      Hell no. Those things look goofy lol
    9. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      Hey there mate.

      Always wanted to ask, how do you pronounce "Muah" ? XD
    10. Suit
      I actually haven't. It's definitely on my list of manga to try out though. One day lol.
    11. Revy
      Guess I don't have to ask you the same thing since I've seen your....:hurr
    12. StrawHat4Life
      Sorry. I didn't realize how integral your presence is. I'll remember that next time I'm trashing one of your many troll threads.
    13. StrawHat4Life
      Is that the standard by which your threads should be handled? How much rep you get.
    14. Canute87
      Well kingdom has be interested so far.
    15. Suit
      Hey, you're eligible for NF gold membership. Just letting you know.
    16. Suit
      Only when it comes to the more sad moments. Oda can make epic moments like no other though.
    17. Suit
      I don't "have" to, but I choose to. :noworry
    18. Suit
      What's wrong with FT? :headscrat

      And yeah, probably.
    19. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      Uh.....hello ? :/
    20. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      Eh.....excuse me XD ?
    21. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      So yeah, how are you then ?
    22. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      I remember folks like Murad and Hisoka etc.

      Sadly they're all pretty much gone.
    23. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      who do you mean specifically ?
    24. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      well that's more then two years ago. So good, bad, worse, better etc. How have you been faring ?
    25. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      Hey man. Been forever since we talked.
    26. FitzChivalry
      I am not a moderator, as my sig says. I would be more than happy to pass the message along, if it has not been sent or reported to an active moderator already.
    27. Kenneth
      Two weeks.
    28. Kenneth
      This shouldn't be news to you. It's the 5th time you've gotten into trouble for rep comments. If people are flaming /you/ in rep comments, you can contact us about it.

      What's been negging you a lot, that's true. But this is his first offense rep-wise, and he's gotten a warning for it. If he does it again, chances are good he'll be sealed as well.
    29. Kenneth
      It's for flaming in reputation comments.
    30. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Go ahead, show me where someone without Senju and Uchiha heritage has used Onmyōton.
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    Jul 24, 1992 (Age: 26)
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    Usopp urouge jozu daz aokiji
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