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Feb 15, 2019 at 8:31 PM
    1. MusubiKazesaru
      She's good, I'm just saying she has a ridiculous number of voices, not sure if she'd fit the game or not. Ah, Kid Icarus' banter I had a lot of fun with. I miss Hades, I wanted him in Smash in some form.

      Possibly, but I don't think that sounds quite as good as the original in that your traveling progressed the story. I guess being more linear has its upsides.
      Haha. I'm hoping they go outside the pool of usual dubbers like they did with Kid Icarus Uprising. That was an exceptionally voiced game - I'd go for any of the actresses in there for Elma. Of course, I'd also take Tara Strong - or really anyone - over the cubicle narrator. :maybe

      This is just a guess, but I think story will progress like how you rank up with quests in Monster Hunter. By doing do certain key quests, you'll unlock plot point missions like getting your license, alien attacks, meeting new characters, etc. And the rest of the quests will be for raising affinity, unlocking resources and equipment, getting cash and leveling up.
      I'd prefer that you're wrong too :p

      If you had the final say, who would you have as her voice?

      Skells just sounds a bit too edgy compared to the original name. I know I shouldn't be bugged by it, but I am :lmao I think I'll get used to it.
      The main reason why I don't think it's the voice of Elma is because I feel if it was, the gameplay they did show after the voice over would have been in English. They did not, so I'm thinking it was just a cheap placeholder. (Hoping it was just a cheap placeholder.) Plus, as you said, she was awful.

      By all appearances, the game is a monumental localization project, but still, the lack of an English build to preview after all this time is very concerning. I want to believe that they're just holding the localization tight to the vest, but yeesh.

      I dunno what to think of Skells. With Dolls, you had me planning to name one of them Barbie, and Lyn in the japanese previews squealing mai dorruuu And then you got Skell :lmao It's such an odd mood whiplash causing change.
      Sigh. I got caught up in the wave of hype by the suddenness of it all, expected a lot, and got burned lol.
      I hope to god that that voice isn't Elma. Or anyone important for that matter. Maybe she was just a random NOA employee that they plucked out of a cubicle or something. (Please god don't let her be Elma).
      At the very least, they said it would release . . . this year :p
    6. Unlosing Ranger
    7. willyvereb
      You can find fitting abilities practically anywhere in fiction.
      I don't even have an idea what are you looking for.
    8. willyvereb
      You still haven't posted your character profile for the OBD Composite Character Battle.
      When you get time please fix this, it makes things much easier.
    9. willyvereb
    10. MusubiKazesaru
      To be honest, other than cards in my side deck that I already have there there isn't much I'd change based on that deck. Mine honestly looks a lot better.
    11. Linkofone

      I got the list. Hopefully it helps.
    12. MusubiKazesaru
      I just saw your post, I'm on now as well
    13. Linkofone
      I actually have some time for DN. :maybe
    14. AgentAAA
      ended up missing them
    15. Roƅ
      Alright. I'll add them when you do.
    16. Roƅ
      You're limited to 10 characters, buddy.


      At the end of the thread I will have a bumping-session.

      I'll probably let everyone bump 5 characters by one point.
    17. Freechoice
      your posts :catprone
    18. Freechoice
      You're a good poster
    19. Linkofone
      Yeah, it is very sad. :l

      Everything. Unfortunately.
    20. Linkofone
      I simply can't believe how ignorant people can be on this forum. :distracted
    21. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Your thread about Pok?mon XY was moved to the existing anime thread in the Pok?mon section.
    22. Zef
      Can you tell me about your set? :distracted
    23. Imagine
      Need to get into more scifi series. Def gonna check it out.
    24. Imagine
      Fuck I was going to say Space Brothers, but I didn't think that was a series :catprone
    25. Imagine
      Isn't your set from something called Planetes?
    26. Kaaant
      He's got a sore back but he's got time to edit KNB and write reviews for irrelevant manga.

      I wonder where Kastro would realistically be placed had he not been clowned by Hisoka. Aside from being mauled by cards is there any actual statement that says he's dead? Yeah I know, I'm only saying.

      The special nature of the coins in the previous scan forced his arms to coil around like they are in the scan I posted.

      I was thinking about Botobai being higher than Ging, but it's hard to trust whoever in the zodiacs said he was second in ability to the chairman when they haven't even shown each other their abilities. How would they even know?
    27. Kaaant
      Sometime last week if it's correct.

      Isn't that impressive? As opposed to what? Hisoka's his arm cut off by Kastro of all people, his durability isn't that high, is it? Like I said, his hands were broken by something that was less powerful than the feats the Nen ball has shown.

      http://img.[Blocked Domain]/m/7/44614653/47de6bbdd54039a5d33be1a04d46b8d9.png The force of the coins made him deactivate bungee Gum.
    28. Kaaant
      4Dy6ZdK Togashi's still I've according to reddit. Wrote this review a couple days ago. Motherfucker.

      I'm talking more about the explosive power of an actual nen ball as opposed to the dodge ball which just had a small amount of nen, which killua referee to as a bowling ball, which broke Hisoka's fingers. Surely a pure nen ball would be heavier and more destructive, right? Just look at what it did to the boat.

      Plus [STRIKE]Tobirama[/STRIKE] Gotoh overwhelmed Hisoka's bungee gum with coins.

      Phinks also admitted just by looking at Razor that he was pretty strong.
      Yeah I used to think he disconnected his hand and did something like what Hisoka did to Kastro: remote controlling it or some jazz.
    29. Kaaant

      Pretty interesting to look at. The bomb guy has similar stats to hisoka. A bump up is more than fair. What makes you say that Adult Gon is a tier beneath Meruem? Based on the fact pitou took his arm off?

      I reckon razor is above Hisoka, if I remember correctly he only barely dodged the ball thrown by Razor, and had his hands crushed trying to reflect the ball back to him. Didnt Razor's nen ball blow up the phantom troupe's boat? There's also the 14 Devils to consider.
    30. Kaaant
      Nice list, personally I'd only disagree with Razor being beneath Hisoka and Adult Gon with maybe Prime Netero being beneath Pre rose Meruem.

      Can't wait for people like Gin to get feats, if they ever do.
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