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Feb 16, 2014
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Feb 15, 2019 at 8:31 PM
    1. Kaaant
      Well it was really in regards to a tier list but you can give me your favourites if you want. I'm just interested is all.
    2. Kaaant
      Would you mind giving me your HxH top ten list?
    3. Linkofone
      High Five. :nonon
    4. iwandesu
      no problem
      i ended the calc,btw
      can't upload atm because lolword shenanigans
      but pulverization came out as city block+ and vaporization town level
    5. iwandesu
      I... don't even recall of a good nardo movie,really
      But i Have mixed feelings about the possibility of this evolving into a post shippuden spin off
      i mean , kishi should just stop it for real
    6. iwandesu
      Pretty much .
      I could almost say yes to that new generation movie bs and its hype
      ...almost :gabe
    7. iwandesu
      let's see how it rolls :datass
    8. Neruc
      Dat Takamura set :datass
    9. ARGUS
      1. Amaterasu isnt damaging but its surely fast enough to immobilise the beasts and burn them to a crisp,, alot of people can counter and i know its overrated but its the bijuus nightmare,,

      2. the ST that destroyed the forest doesnt need to be impressive,, it has more than enough repulsive force to deflect the TBB right back at them,, which is all thats needed,, furthermore i am not comparing ST with TBB,, what i ams stating is that it can be used to deflect the TBB

      3. the cool down is 5 seconds for Pein but most likely shorter for nagato himself,, seeing how the ST i am referring to is normal sized for nagato, moreover, TBB still require charge up time,, and by the time it is fired itll most likely take 5 seconds, depending on the distance,

      4. Chidori and FRS are not compared in DC to TBBs,,, they were just referred in an example since the amount of force required to repel thhem isnt as much as its required to throw them,,, i am well aware that FRS and chidori are shit compared to TBBs

      5. nagato and sasuke beat all bijuus bar kurama,, afterall the former was the leader of a bijuu hunting organisation and the latter did manage to defeat the second strongest bijuu through amaterasu
    10. ARGUS
      Why can't preta absorb a TBB?? I only stated one TBB that's all since even in the data book it stated as it has no real limit... Jus the time taken is prolonged due to the jutsu....
      A normal ST from nagato destroyed an entire forest...it can definitely redirect a TBB.. Whilst a super TBB or barrages of TBB can sure be deflected through Boss sized ST
      Not to mention ST repelled jutsus like Chidori and FRS with no efforts... As it seems that the amount of force required to repel the jutsu through ST doesn't really work like it does in physics

      As for Amaterasu.. It sure as hell managed to immobilize the hachibi... It is also faster than TBB.. The only way sasuke would get annihilated is if. The bijuus are at a long enough range to be safe from Amaterasu.. Therefore firing TBBs at sasuke to break his susanoo.. Otherwise they are sitting ducks for Amaterasu
    11. ARGUS
      pretas absorption limit have never been stated at all,,,
      and kishi himself called it an ''endless barrier'' in the databook,,,
      besides nagato can use ST to deflect the TBBs right back at the bijuu,,
      sasuke doesnt need his PS to beat them since amaterasu is a nightmare for the bijuu
      CT is also not needed,,, as nagato has the GM along with chakra rods to bind them
    12. ARGUS
      But his PS in his EMS form is no way near Madaras,, it is half its size,,, has not shown any shockwaves at all,,,, has only one blade,, and has no destructive feats at all,,
      not to mention there is also the huge narutos chakra boost,, meaning without the chakra boost sasuke wont be able to maintain it at all
      which is why it is extremely wrong to scale his PS to madaras,, since itll be like scaling peins CT to madaras CT,,,, Sasuke has also got no counters at all GM soul dragon,,
      all of sasukes attacks are absorbed,, by preta,,,he is literally having no way effective way to attacking him,,
      as for the tier list,, all i think is that nagato and EMS sasuke are in the same tier,, which is at the bottom of top tier,,,,
      nagato and sasuke can beat bijuu 1-8,, its kyuubi the one that is stronger,,
      amaterasu is a nightmare for bijuu,, and ST can redirect their TBB,, and chakra rods can immobilise them
    13. ARGUS
      Nagato is in the same tier as EMS Sasuke,
      he is most likely superior to him
    14. ThanatoSeraph
    15. ThanatoSeraph
      It was ultimately easier to upload my copy to imgur than to find it again.
    16. Linkofone
      Honestly, 5Ds is pretty good. I think I typed the wrong thing in the thread by mistake.
    17. Mider T
    18. Darth Niggatron
      Darth Niggatron
      Complete the final lines of the chorus
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