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May 1, 2016
Mar 3, 2014
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MyManSasori was last seen:
May 1, 2016
    1. Suit
      Well I do think that Naruto got really bad near the end. Really, really bad. The pairing drama lately was expected from the very beginning though. Pairing wars in Naruto tend to bring out the worst in people.

      As bad as the series got at the end, I'm still going to miss it and was sad to see it go. Personally, I was completely satisfied with the pairing endings though. I always knew that Naruto and Hinata would get together. That much seemed inevitable to me.
    2. rocconorth
      Thanks for the acknowledgement. Mashiro Kunass definitely deserves more love and affection.:wink
    3. Suit
      Hey man. Don't know if you knew, but I've changed my name since I've been gone. I was TheRooMan back in the Day. And I was Roo at one point as well. Did you finally catch up on One Piece?
    4. DavyChan
      also sorry for the late reply, i havent even been on here lately.
    5. DavyChan
      to be honest, i realize that in shows in general it is best to gravitate towards one character in particular because it can help you enjoy it better and i didn't find myself gravitating to naruto or sasuke from the get go and i will have to admit i generally like female characters and also don't like the main character usually so i guess i just drew sakura. over time though i realized that part 1 sakura was useless. she wasnt extremely annoying but she did mope and wine over sasuke all the time which can easily be perceived as annoying because it was sometimes. she had no fighting capabilites. but shippuden is when things got interesting. she became more of a fighter and man could she break sht. i love that about her. she is more independent and i love how mature she is now. she is twenty times more mature than naruto. if you remember she decided that she should kill sasuke on her own and take the burden off of naruto that she put on him when she pleaded for him to get sasuke back that time. she just realizes things better. also she is a great medical ninja and knows when to fight and when not to. i also love in the manga her new power upgrade **spoiler if u dont read naruto manga** she gets tht yin seal uk. she is now a lot closer to being on par with naruto and sasuke and in my opinion is on par with them precisely if we are talking about base forms and her in yin seal. well in that case i would imagine she would have the edge. she is now becoming a stronger fighter and she is not letting naruto just boss her around. also i started to dislike naruto a bit when i realized how he demands sasuke back when he doesnt realize that sakura wants him back just as badly. he basically implies "sakura ur still a weak ass btch, let me handle him" i hate that. anyway sakura ofc i dont gravitate to as much as nami but i still love her now. i love her new mode. i love her attiude. i love her sensibility. i love her natural battle smarts. i love how she is said to have the best chakra control between her sasuke and naruto. and i love how she supports naruto even withh how annoying he can be (ironic ik).
    6. DavyChan
      Did you get my private message?
    7. Grimsley
      Hey. Well Nami's arc (the Arlong arc) was my absolute favourite which got me into One Piece (before that I was quite iffy about One Piece), so that's the first reason. Apart from her origins, I like her because she's just an intelligent (which always wins points in my book :kthumb) character who provides good comedy time to time but also her fights are the most interesting because there's an element of strategy in her fights. She's really an antitheses, and a breath of fresh air, to the characters in the manga that rely heavily upon raw power. Oh and she's sexy :maybe
    8. Suit
      Well the current arc is a bit weird, so maybe I was over-exaggerating a bit. But they seem to be slightly less like they were before the skip. Nami is pretty much always in a bikini now it seems lol.
    9. Suit
      Lol well the thing is I have been caught up with Naruto for the past seven years, and One piece for about the past four, so I have plenty to "contribute." I understand what you're getting at though because I'm not quite caught up with Bleach (close though) so I tend to stay away from the Bleach forum to avoid spoilers.

      Oh and your reps don't count till you have 50 posts haha, but it's all good. It's up to those with the rep power to hand down the rep to those with less, I'm just doing what I feel is my job.

      As for Nami and Robin, yeah I love 'em. Beautiful ladies are always welcome sights, and they are indeed smart. Each one of them is a genius IMO. I chose Nami as the bitchier between her and Boa, but I may have been really only considering their interactions with Luffy; Boa is in love with him, while Nami simply keeps his stupidity in check (well as good as she can anyway, lol). In general, there are few women in OP that are "bitchy" (I'm using Sakura from Naruto as a comparison though), but Boa does have a superiority complex. It is deserved of her though, given that she has proven herself as incredibly powerful, being at least a few tiers above Luffy in power pre-timeskip, and of course she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

      Oh, and even if it was a dub mis-translation, I loved the "Sasori my man" thing. I have no qualms about it, although I miss the "hm" he added at the end of every sentence. What I really didn't like that the dub did was changing his catchphrase from "art is a bang!" to "art is an explosion!", because "bang" is a much shorter word, and is analogous to the short lifespan of his "art" which explodes, and becomes "true art" in the sublime moment of the explosion (or rather, bang, lol).
    10. Gin
    11. Mider T
      Mider T
      Want a VM?
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