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Dec 6, 2018
Aug 29, 2012
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in the wilderness
mind ya business.


The one and only truth, from in the wilderness

MysticBlade was last seen:
Dec 6, 2018
    1. SunRise
      I like how you guys ignore this frames :maybe

      > They moved their arms to prevent being eaten as well. Toriko was able to grab Bambina's treasure nuts even.
    2. Monna
      I really wanted to rep you :(

      Pretty sure you are like the only user in the Toriko section who actually reads the manga. :lmao
    3. Mouthofwaffles
      thanks for the rep
    4. Hikki
      Size: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?p=47807441&posted=1#post47807441

      I'm not going to do the DC though. Just stick with the feat of multi-city block for DC for now.
    5. Hikki
    6. Former OBD Lurker.
      Former OBD Lurker.
      Sorry for a late reply but nvm it was a lame story.
    7. Former OBD Lurker.
      Former OBD Lurker.
      Nothing much just got home want to hear a funny story about whay happen yesterday, shits golden.
    8. Sahyks
      It's called 'Counting Stars' by Nujabes.

      Nujabes has a lot of great instrumentals, you should check him out

      Unfortunately, he's no longer alive but his stuff is just so amazing.
    9. DHxCohaco
    10. Stilzkin
      Thanks, its looks interesting.
    11. DHxCohaco
      i will
      after finishing the juubi calcs :maybe
    12. DHxCohaco
      meh nothing new
    13. Powerful Lord
    14. DHxCohaco
      words of truth my friend, i'm also looking forward to that
      also by chance the day that chapters will come out will be my last day on school before entering a week holiday ( because of aeid ) so i'll have plent of time, not only for naruto feats but also to beelzebub, magi toriko and other mangas feats
    15. Toriko
      trillions of tons, at least.
    16. DHxCohaco
      thanks, and BTW if you notice any feat feel free to VM me
    17. Toriko
      Yeah, you could get away with saying that.
    18. Toriko
      Not really, a single Saibamen would still be a moon buster.

      If you're going to make a thread, pit all four kings against it.
    19. DHxCohaco
      nope, i just had no free time to do calcs
      that calc was already ready
      i had multiblock+ IIRC
    20. Toriko
      I'd say so yeah. Beat Punch has pretty insane power
    21. Shiba D. Inu
      Shiba D. Inu
      Hmm, right

      I guess it's at the least above its durability (some single digit teratons)

      you'd best ask Brohan or God Movement
    22. DHxCohaco
      yeah i can
      however calced the aiba feat as well, but resulys were dissapointing
      this one should be ok
    23. DHxCohaco
      i will start reading it today
      many ppl are recemonding it to me
      i'll do some calcs to boost it
    24. DHxCohaco
      it can be calced
      it was in my calc list in fact
      but i was too bust with my new method
    25. DHxCohaco
      you're welcome bro
      if you want me to calcsomething then just PM me the feat and i'll do the calc
    26. DHxCohaco
      http://www.narutoforums.com/blog.php?b=17844 first beelzebub calc
    27. DHxCohaco
      please check out my new calcs:
      http://www.narutoforums.com/blog.php?b=17835 <-- gedo mazo smash the doton mountain
      http://www.narutoforums.com/blog.php?b=17836 <-- ace's Entei DC
    28. Shiba D. Inu
      Shiba D. Inu
      1.5 - 3.9 is small country

      so at least that yeah
    29. Shiba D. Inu
      Shiba D. Inu
      I don't really decide these things, I just did the calc and threw in the 340 Tt statement for the hell of it

      petatons are definitely not accepted since we don't use curvature like that

      suppose it'd be the horizon scaling then, though opinions differ
    30. DHxCohaco
      i'm about to post three new calcs
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    in the wilderness
    mind ya business.
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    trying to beat the system

    discovering truth.


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