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Dec 11, 2010
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    1. is a
      is a
      igga please
    2. Sablés
      On the last block of Persona 3. When does the story get gud? :drake
      1. View previous comments...
      2. N
        Expecting anything good from Purrsuna 3 and 4 :scust

        4 has better gameplay and a stronger overall narrative. The characters are better written, but if you're not into the mystery bit the whole game feels just like a waste of time. Persona 2 is still the best of the 4 though. If you have a PSP I'd check it out.

        SMT 2 and 3 are fun if you're into challenging gameplay.
        Oct 24, 2016
      3. Sablés
        @UR It is the PSP version

        >Not being able to fully control the party

        PLS NO


        I already know this Adachi ^ (use bro) is evil or some shit. Hope that doesn't spoil too much
        Oct 24, 2016
      4. Unlosing Ranger
        Unlosing Ranger
        It's the entire plot :skully
        Oct 24, 2016
    3. docj
      Good to see you and the others still holding down the BBD fort N
    4. Greidy
      Was gonna rep you with a huge Yammy pic, but it was gone :catcry
    5. Imagine
      Dog shit vs Horse shit. Still shit. :puppers
    6. Imagine
      Now he's just generic bishe bait. Literally no different from any other Bleach male. :puppers
    7. Imagine
      Hitsu is low tier shota bait and anyone who likes him is a mong. :puppers
    8. Sablés
      I FORGOT SHE EXISTED :skully
    9. Rivers
      Some posters being salty over at the Rate Chapter 670 thread.

      :hitsu /10 seems like a fair rating this week. lol
    10. Imagine
      Like always you showcase your poor taste, N-Kunt. :puppers
    11. Imagine
      No you have a garbo JJBA ava instead.

    12. Imagine
    13. Sablés
      I thought it was pretty cool tbh, Kisuke using keikaku instead of brute forcing it is just like him :catboogie

      The fight isn't over though, get ready for some iguana askin or some other stupid ass transformation :skully
    14. Sablés
      Desperate kitty-fiddlers need every scrap they can get :caticon

      I lol'd when he showed up in ress though. Literally shows just how much of a fuck Kubo gives about his powerlevelz. Literally only R2 from here :skully

      Weren't niggies saying Base Grimm was = Base Kenny and Ichigo? Not like they fared so hot either but they at least did shit :caticon
    15. Sablés
      ELABORATE :skully
    16. Sablés
      you are an offender :catpathy
    17. Sablés
      deflection is a sign of weakness u know :caticon


      we've sworn to never speak of that incident again :scust
    18. Sablés
      >being this defensive

      kekekekekek :caticon
    19. Sablés

      U nerds :puppers
    20. Imagine
      I only quality post :puppers
    21. Sablés
      Figured asking you to commit suicide would be a bit much but hey, your call :caticon
    22. Sablés
      Can you like, murder the rest of your legion and keep only the ones not susceptible to fallacies 24/7? :catprone

      In other words, kill everyone but yourself :caticon
    23. Imagine
      Knowledge comes in many forms N-kunt :puppers
    24. Sablés
      fgt, whatmango u reading right now? :puppers
    25. Sablés
      I-I dunno man. Kenpachi got his ass manhandled by Royd, manhandled by Unohana (though that wasn't really a fight than a lesson) beat Gremmy but then manhandled by a group of sluts, and then humiliated by Pernida again. Bya has it even worse and let's not even BEGIN with Soifon. Just keep that bitch down.

      Fam, u did NOT just diss Diamond is not Crash :catpathy
    26. Imagine
      He is one of my many students. I guide him. :puppers
    27. Sablés
      Zaraki got jobbed and had Pernida gain his stats just so Nemu could look more impressive than he/Mayuri and Shunsui...oh Shunsui. All 3 of them looked badass at first and then the troll hammer came down like never before.

      Hitsu will shine, no doubt but you might just end up regretting teh ending.

      As for Byakuya? We'll see when Haschwalth's a puddle of blood on the ground. Him or Ouetsu :mahoucat

      I liked Jonathan's death a lot and it was ballsy for him to forgive DIO all things considered but all that just ties back to him being a really nice and upstanding guy. Pity, if Phantom Blood had the quirkiness Araki showed in the later parts, he wouldn't get such a bad rep. :catsupine

      Did you know Jotaro's now the stronkest in JJBA? :smoke
    28. Imagine
      Your vms have Stables in them so it's unlikely that's it's me :hm
    29. Sablés
      Don't you mean how do you feel about him getting saved by Momo at the last second and revealing Tobiume was the stronkest fire-type zan all along?

      >Once more

      Nice fucking try. :skully

      I've already had 2-3 years to rub it in your face. I'm content with the tides turning until Byakuya fucks over a stronger foe. Dat bankai :kibashades

      But that's just it. Jonathan doesn't have more personality. Its "muh stoic badass vs i'm a gentleman". Literally any other JoJo but Jonaton would be accurate :goose
    30. Imagine
      You still a shit :hm
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