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Recent content by Naruto Maelstrom Uchiha

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    How do you think chakra fruit tastes like?

    Huh, along similar lines, what do y’all think kuruma meat tastes like??
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    What special power does Naruto have as Ashura's transmigrant?

    Presumably, Naruto inherited Ashura’s ability to work with others, and talent for ninshu, for sharing chakra. In essence, Narutos greatest ability, talk no justu in enhanced by Ashura. Of course, these could all Be symbolic, similarities and it’s not a literal power, just a shared will...
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    PSA: Outspeeding handseals or jutsu casting is a speed feat

    Makes complete sense to me. its also common sense. however, I wouldn’t say that hand seals are “faster” than dodging. Speed is a function of distance and time. It could just be the case that, handseal’s cover less distance, and so even if they are slower, if you only need to form a few, it’s...
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    What do you think naruto and sasuke do from here to gain power

    Both of them have options to gain more power. sasuke claimed, with the rinnegan he could gain true immortality, he has access to any nature release, and the paths. And also, space/time ninjustu. He can do almost anything. mastering new applications of ying/yang release is one way to go...
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    Rasengan and Chidori is pretty useless against Reign of the High Emperor.

    They aren’t useless. If it doesn’t work, just make a bigger one. Or use them as a surprise attack. Justu absorption isn’t automatic, so if you can catch them by surprise, they won’t be able to absorb the justu.
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    Why didn't Naruto call the Tailed Beasts for his confrontation with Ishiki?

    Exactly, if not for Naruto’s chakra arm, allowing ishiiki to sense Kawaki- they were going to defeat him. Even with their current plan, of Hiding him in Konoha. all they had to do, was have Sasuke drop kawaki in another dimension, or Hide him with the toads, or anywhere. Hell, the reason they...
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    Why didn't Naruto call the Tailed Beasts for his confrontation with Ishiki?

    All they had to do, to win is hide Kawaki. Isshiki was about to die, anyway due to shortene
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    Why didn't Naruto call the Tailed Beasts for his confrontation with Ishiki?

    If kuruma and Naruto can use Byron mode. There is no reason the other beats can’t also use Byron mode. a Juubi Byron mode would have defeated Ishiiki in .0001 seconds.
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    Why didn't Naruto call the Tailed Beasts for his confrontation with Ishiki?

    Same reason Naruto doesn’t use the Kage bunshin training method, in order to get many tens of thousands of years of training, in the decades he has had to train. It’s all plot, bullshit.
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    Which Naruto character would you like to Self Incert/Reincarnate into?

    the Tree can be harvested, without draining the planet dry, since we see Kaguya eat the fruit and the planets fine. and, not leaching the planet dry seems smarter, long term, since then you can plant and replant the fruit multiple times. I wouldn’t rule over anyone. Just chill in my own...
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    Boro takes the A to S class gauntlet

    Boro’s physical stats are garbage. Kakuzo, has Kakashi+ level speed, and boro’s garbage physicals ruin him. - kakuzo, can blitz, and send in his threads, and rip out the ninja tool. these threads even outpace kakashi. And, they are ranged threads, so he doesn’t even need to engage close...
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    Poll: Could Madara have killed Hashirama at VOTE with Izanagi blindside?

    According to Itachi, izanagi was spammed by Uchiha. Hashirama most likely, knows what it is, and that Madara knows it. my guess, it could work, but- it could also fail, Hashirama apparently has impressive Regen, so I could see him, surviving a blindside, and then finishing half blind Madara...
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    Which Naruto character would you like to Self Incert/Reincarnate into?

    Out of the named characters, Obvious answer is one of the Space Aliens. Ishiki, being the best choice imo. If he’s this OP now, imagine if he ate the earths super chakra fruit. There’s probably a better choice of an Ōtsutsuki, whoever rules there clan. But, out of named characters I think...
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    Now that Naruto has a new form, have you changed your mind on who in the new gen will be capable..

    It’s a shone manga. If it follows the tropes Boruto and Kawaki will surpass it. hell, even Naruto himself might surpass it ( he might get a stronger form). Isshiki is extremely weakened now. And, based on the ch1 flash-forward. Naruto loses this fight. so, a full power Isshiki should be >>>...
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    What kind of energy Tailed Beast Bomb produces?

    If the rinnegan could absorb kinetic energy/non chakra forms of energy Madara would have probably absorbed 8th Gate Guys attacks instead of getting nailed. Same thing with Kaguya. The general strategy against chakra absorbers is taijustu. If they could absorb kinetic energy - taijustu would be...
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