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Negative Zero
Last Activity:
Jun 20, 2013
Oct 4, 2011
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Negative Zero

Meh....., from Kentucky

Negative Zero was last seen:
Jun 20, 2013
    1. Carlton Banks
      Carlton Banks
      Sup Pocket Rocket
    2. Red Angel
      Red Angel
      Ah, I thought you might come along at one point or another seeing as I had a strong feeling you were spying on mine and darthgrim's convo (and you call me a stalker, I don't even lurk the Lounge nowadays)

      I thought my Kharn vs Ganondorf thread might get your attention (well Kefka vs Ganondorf did on FP after you were gone for about a month after Sorrow lambasted you on the FPA thread) when everybody agreed the Kharn would slaughter Ganondorf, and see if you'd make yourself look like a tool infront of the populace here again after seeing your antics on vs Bowser and vs Lina Inverse (lol at Triforce being comparable to the Star Rod and I also had no idea that castle busters>city busters :hestonlaugh, but long story short an experiment). Plus it was also a "I bet anyone would say Kharn wins" thread, at least I was right about one thing here

      And really? Because thats what I heard from several members at SpaceBattles on several threads and something about the Shrike being unable to defeat him because "Shrike haz no evilz bane" amirite?

      As for Link vs Carnifex, really? Because last I heard, it scheduled to be posted on August 20th. Lemme guess, you PM'ed the admin to try to not get it posted? Perhaps even incessantly like what Cross would do amirite? Please, even I don't PM admin to take down matches where my favorites lose (like Angron vs Asura or Super Dimentio vs Overlord Zetta)

      Plus I already live on DeviantArt under a different name so yeah

      Kay bye? Yeah way to hit and run my convo board
    3. OS
      pretty much

      no he's just bored. Though i prefer not getting involved in the argument
    4. OS
      Some advice. Make friends with dandy. The man is an insufferable prick. But he's good people. He's usually a dick, all the time really.
    5. Dandy Elegance
      Dandy Elegance
      It's sad that I knew it was him.

      Thanks for confirming my suspicions as to what the little coward has been saying to others privately.
    6. Dandy Elegance
      Dandy Elegance
      And who told you that?
    7. Dandy Elegance
      Dandy Elegance
      That's exactly what I'm saying.

      Note also that I sigged that screenshotted quote. Because I consider it a compliment.
    8. Dandy Elegance
      Dandy Elegance
      Why haven't you fucked off yet, maggot?

      And better yet, why did you come to me of all people about this? Do three itty bitty lines of text get your panties in that big a twist?
    9. Dandy Elegance
      Dandy Elegance
      Go fuck yourself.
    10. RWB
      Mine's from more... questionable sources. :p
    11. RWB
      I don't have problems with negs that make sense. Yours? A petty revenge-neg. :lmao

      By the way, my avatar is actually pretty neat. You have a nicer one, though.
    12. RWB
      Calling you out on your shit is not childish, pal. XD
    13. RWB
      The Neg you sent me was actually rather funny, in a sad, childish way.
    14. Gone
      Whenever somone calls another person frusterated you can probably tell they are the one butthurt XDD

    15. sonic546
      They weren't even facts to begin with.
    16. sonic546
      Don't deny your feelings, frustrated-kun.

      What the hell are you blathering about? Nobody said anything about the OBD. And your "facts" were shown to be wrong.

    17. Gone
      The older group of people around here seem to think that they own the site and that only the type of threads they like should be allowed to go up and be discussed.
    18. sonic546
      No. You were negged for dragging in MvC's Zelda wank into that thread and claiming it as fact, you dong.

      You know full well what you're frustrated about. Just admit your feelings, frustrated-kun.

      Doctor Who-verse doesn't even need the Reality Bomb to utterly destroy Solaris. It doesn't even need to be brought up. Sonic-verse's strongest character is fucking fodder in Doctor Who-verse. How the flying fuck is that debatable?

      If you're going to act this asshurt over a neg then leave the OBD and never come back.
    19. sonic546

      Your anal trauma is greatly amusing, frustrated-kun. As a reward, I'll give you the serious answer you so desperately seek.

      Your first neg was for treating MvC bullshit as fact. And as for the second one, I will say only this: You make a painfully obvious spite thread, swear up and down that you thought it was fair when even someone with only a rudimentary understanding of the verses knows it's a ridiculous curbstomp, AND drag MvC retardation into the OBD, then whine and pitch a fit when people call you out on it.

      Don't bitch and moan when you get negged for making a stupid thread or posting stupid crap, n00b.
    20. sonic546
      Keep venting!
    21. sonic546
      Though I am not even a quarter of the therapist Dandy is, I appreciate the compliment. The treatment appears to be working. Keep venting, frustrated-kun!
    22. sonic546
      Good,good! Keep venting, frustrated-kun!
    23. sonic546
      Projecting your problems onto others. You're on the road to recovery, frustrated-kun.
    24. sonic546
      U mad bro?:maybe
    25. sonic546

    26. Gone
      I know it can be agrivating having people bitch about what you think can be an interesting thread. Trust me Ive been there.
    27. OS
      FYI there is a limit to how much you can put in your sig. You put way too much. But you can put them in spoiler tags
    28. Solrac
      you shouldn't really do that. especially if not THAT many people regularly VM you.
    29. Solrac
      why aren't my posts showing up in our conversation?
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    None, I don't like anime/manga.
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    I sell propane and propane accessories.

    Sellin' dat propane!!!


    "If you're smart. If you value your continued existence. If you have any plans about seeing tomorrow. There's one thing you never ever put in a trap. ME."
    -The Doctor

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