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  • Hey, Mael just called me a 'fucking retard' in a neg.
    Report it. I'll take it to the officers
    Do I report the post he negged? Since how do you report a neg itself?
    Damn my bad I thought it was a profile post. Either way, it's noted now in the mod area of the forums and will be dealt with accordingly.
    Do you think Taker will make an AEW appearance? So strange that he wiped his social media.
    I doubt it, he's been beyond loyal since 1991, basically 29 years. But as the old saying goes. Never say never. I think it's more he's doing some stuff alone in next few months and it's not WWE funded. Just legal reasons that we might not know about.
    God Movement
    God Movement
    Do you think Roman will make an AEW appearance? @Raiden
    I myself doubt it. He and Seth are Triple Hs guys. Tbh it's still a big chance the Leukaemia could kill him.
    Threep! Take the Sega logo and add it to your name, congratulations you now have a Sega Genesis. Ooops just woke up and misread your name sorry.
    Threep! Take the Sega logo and add it to your name, congratulations you now have a Sega Genesis. Ooops just woke up and misread your name sorry.
    Yeah I have it
    can you upload/link me the book as well just in case ? much obliged :catsalute
    With nearly every poll now suggesting Britain will vote to leave the EU, coupled with mounting support for the peace campaign online ala the Scot Nats, you think Brexit is looking to be a possibility?
    Apparently, the refugee crisis in the UK is bad enough the Sun is saying Cameron should be doing more to help them.

    I'm also hearing that polls for staying in the EU come the referendum have been slipping
    It seems with the Greek drama, it's actually causing people on the British left to think "Maybe that bastard Farage was right, we should leave the EU".
    So it seems the Conservative strategy of "Lab/SNP in bed together" along with Shy Tory and likely UKIP voters having a change of heart at the last minute paid off.

    We have a scenario now where the Tories plan for massive austerity and an EU referendum is going to clash with the SNP's pro-EU and anti-austerity message. Coupled with the Tories "Literally worse than Hitler" reputation in Scotland, are we looking at another indyref in the next few years?
    I didn't think it possible, but Farage is making the stereotypical GOP politician look downright dignified if his behavior in the debate was an indication.
    SNP would rather imbibe Thatcher's ashes than work with the Tories regardless. Their already pretty pissed about that story by the Telegraph stating Sturgeon would prefer Cameron to be re-elected.

    As for Labour, I think the reason why some in England are averse to working with the SNP is that at least until recently, they came off as only caring for Scotland's interest and leaving the rest of the UK in the lurch. It also wasn't helped by Salmond's antics during the referendum where he came off as a boorish nationalist saying "Fuck you got mine" to the rest of the UK, which is good for riling up the base in a regional referendum, but would reflect poorly in a national election.

    With Sturgeon though, she comes off as being much more savvy than Salmond and knows how to address politics on a UK-wide level. I think part of the reason she "won" the debates is that she is willing to work together with the UK both to end austerity and get the UK's federalization kickstarted at long last rather than demand referendum after referendum as some believe is the SNP's real goal.
    Which goes to show why the whole concept of image and "charisma" as a means of choosing elected leaders is beyond inane.

    For comparison's sake, I consider Dwight Eisenhower to be probably one of our nation's greatest presidents, yet I doubt he'd be able to shed the "old white codger" image were he to run in the modern day.

    Anyway, Cameron's only hope is that he can get more seats than Labour and that the Lib Dems don't bleed enough in order to form another coalition, otherwise every other party will immediately issue a vote of no confidence if he tries to form a minority government.
    Didn't catch the debates in time, though I'm not surprised by Farage.

    Seems it was a toss-up between Milliband and Sturgeon.
    Supposedly, the reason the Scots are pushing for the SNP is that by placing them as the Kingmaker for whoever forms the next government, they can guarantee further devolution than the ones currently being offered by the Smith Commission.

    Though it should be noted that much of the SNP support is more for their domestic policies than independence, someone commented that there is a lot of tactical voting in using the SNP to further the federalization process in the UK, but would still vote against any prospect of independence in the short term (And besides, another referendum is still London's call)
    So it seems UKIP is losing a lot of steam as Farage is continually inserting foot into mouth.

    What are the odds the SNP does manage to score a wipeout in Scotland though?
    It would be very hard to explain for being the company's new Golden Boy if Reigns gets booed by an entire stadium of people on his way to the title.

    At least now I actually kind of have a reason to care about the title match.
    With Rangers getting thrashed by Hibernian, plus their ongoing ownership issues plus Mike Ashley, do you see them going into administration again if not a second liquidation?
    On another note, is there anyone within Rangers FC that actually knows how to run the club, it's like an ongoing soap opera every time they run into some case of financial mismanagement?
    Labour does seem more likely to grant the Scots more than what the Tories are offering on the table in the devolution talks, so I could see the SNP willing to hold their nose and go with a coalition to make the most of it, considering another referendum isn't coming for at least a couple decades.

    My question is how would the SNP's more left-leaning supporters react to such a deal. From the perspective of many in Scotland, Labour are basically "Red Tories".
    It does seem UKIP is starting to lose a bit of steam just by Farage opening his mouth. The question is how much the SNP is going to be a factor, and last I checked their constituents are not exactly on good terms with Labour either which complicates any possible coalition.
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