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Jul 31, 2019
Apr 2, 2006
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Missing Japan :-(


I'm with <b><font color="#ff6600">COCO</font></b>, from Missing Japan :-(

nightmistress was last seen:
Jul 31, 2019
    1. Jimin
      Love is partly pain. But SS is 98 percent pain. :geg But you got a point. Lots of screwed up relationships in this manga. Gaara's past is so sad... :catcry I try to see it... but I don't like the entire picture that I see. I think you guys only focus on part of the picture personally. :catprone It's fine for him to accept the bonds in the end but the things he's done are unforgivable for the most part. Guy helped destroy the entire world. :sag I just didn't like how pathetic Sakura was regarding Sasuke and around Sasuke for the most part. :ippy It was disgusting to see Sai get punched by Sakura for just speaking the truth.

      Well, part 2 of the manga was a train wreck past the Pein arc... :zaru Still, that's a problem with the manga. For over 690 chapters, Sasuke was an avenger who couldn't let anything go and desired revenge over all else,. In the last 2 chapters, his personality just lets go of the hate. That's awful writing... :iik

      I guess part 3 and anime fillers could provide some SS moments. Since the manga ended with pairings confirmed, there's no reason the anime shouldn't add some SS moments along with some moments to support the other couples. Chouji certainly needs some. :lmao

      Uh, maybe you misunderstood me...
      I meant that some of the links don't work. As in... when I click it, it states no content found. I didn't mean it as a backhanded compliment or anything. DX
    2. Jimin
      I still see SS as a twisted love. From Sakura's side, wow... It's a love that destroyed her friendship with her best friend who was the only one who ever showed her kindness when she was young. It's a love that caused her to betray her country/comrades/family for a guy who didn't even treat her well. It's a love that nearly resulted in her death or her having to kill the guy she loves. When did this love ever benefit her? And... what does she even love about Sasuke? Why does she love him? I can't understand it. As for Sasuke... what did Sakura's love ever do for him? Did it ever change his desire for revenge? Did it ever stop him from attempting to kill her? It didn't affect him at all.

      And that's the thing about SS that I hated most. It did have development. I always knew it would eventually happen. Tbph, one reason for that is that Hinata's entire character is based on her love for Naruto (yuck Kishi). But what a screwed up love SS is. If you had to sum up SS, there is no better summary than love is pain and pain is love.

      But that's another problem too. Sakura regresses whenever Sasuke is around. Rather than be a proud ninja, she regresses to a Sasuke fangirl whenever he's around. She's willing to throw away everything to be a with a guy who was willing to kill her. Surely you can't feel too great about the premise of that. The only time Sakura ever criticized Sasuke from what I can remember is during the FoD when she called him a coward and praised Naruto for being brave (a pretty big NS moment). As Sasuke got more evil, she got more timid around him. It sends a poor message about love... :geg

      And about your cosplays:
      Cool stuff. :> Some of the links don't work for me though. : O
    3. Annabella
      Thank you for the kind rep! :33
    4. ch1p

      You signed up for the SS calendar project, but you never clarified what you wanted to do. Here's the project as it stands atm.

    5. skyrise
      lol i'd be ecstatic to get a SS kiss but i don't see it happening- then again, maybe in the mini-series sarada might ask something that will spark a SS flashback back in the lovers-phase and we will see smth
      i mean, it does sting a TAD that naruhina got TWO kisses (even in a damn movie) and we got NOTHING. (i know i know it's not a competition BUT)

      it is annoying, sigh

      btw, i haven't asked you- do you have a job or? i mean, i recall you telling me that you've been to japan before so i can only assume that you must work somewhere.
    6. skyrise
      oh that's toradora right? haven't watched it but THANKS FOR SPOILING IT (lol jk jk, i didn't intend to watch it anyway, so many things to do/watch so little time)

      haha, and yeah i don't think we would EVER get smth like this- sasuke strikes me as a the huggish type, man i'd love a FULL hug though.

      and fuck the anime, how much can it get prolonged? apparently FOREVER. i just wanna see those two scenes animated and then i'm out but it seems like imma wait YEARS for that to happen. maybe SP will even skip it
    7. skyrise
      the one in your sig is the wedding one right? is it shot like this, shadow-ish and stuff?
      lol you are a bit picky, but well, we're shippers WHO REALLY ISNT

      the anime is about to get filler-ish again? about WHAT? fuck, we're into the final-final arc, wth. what silly storyline is gonna take place now? hell
    8. skyrise
      yeah i wanna watch it too and then leave it behind (after i rage some moar lol)
      and i hear ya; i wish SS would be beautifully animated with a good story accompanying it but can we trust SP to do it justice? not really, not at the moment anyway
      the anime is close to the "hug" chapter, isn't it? that will set the tone of how they're gonna treat SS now that we're canon officially- if the quality is crap for that moment, then i don't expect things to change anytime soon
    9. skyrise
      lol it's truly BAD yeah
      but we can take solace at the fact that things ended well- but we need to see A BIT of that magic, so i'm looking forward to the mini-series.


      and SP is a ball of dicks for this BLATANT false advertising, cheaters
    10. skyrise
      yeah, we got some truly great fanartists, thank lord for that

      lol the VA shipping SS hard or what? it's a damn shame about the movie (i've only gotten online just now, imma check the reactions for the movie and I STILL GOT MY STUPID HOPE) but oh well. what can you do right?

      lmao@the gif, accurate
    11. Tomochii-Chan
      Ah I see. It really is a shame SP doesn't favor our characters or the pairing.. It seemed like they did in certain parts of part one, but that's about it.. I just stopped watching/reading Naruto at a certain point cause I got bored and just started skimming to find out Sasuke is finally back in the picture and I just continued checking out to see any SS interaction. (Also to see how Naruto would end lol) Just when we finally get it in the manga and it's finally canon, the anime is just like, "Nah that's all your getting". I just hope there's something in the light novels for Sakura's though. I haven't been to the thread much, just lurking about cause I've been busy with college.

      There's just so many questions that needed to be answered about Sasuke's return and the in between of 699 and 700. Like.. that's a big gap and all we really got was a NaruHina focused movie. Like, I don't mind and all but I do wished there was more to it, like having everyone else's story. Then again, it's called Naruto for a reason so it was bound to happen..

      One line from Sasuke.. Sigh. I'm gonna just bury myself in fanarts and some day (when I have time) draw them in time skip cause Sakura looks beautiful with her non-spiky frizzy hair and Sasuke without his bandana lol.

      The SS fandom on tumblr is going crazy. So many shipping wars, especially after Kishi's latest interview lol.
    12. skyrise
      lol well if we ever see a kiss that will be the icing on the cake but it's never gonna happen (then again, NEVER SAY NEVER i guess)
      i hope the anime epis centered around SS won't have shitty quality cause i will be freaking pissed; they are important moments, not some non chalant crappy stuff, so they better deliver on that front at least.

      when will jump festa take place?
      and yeah, the voice actors have talked in favor of SS in the past, right? i remember a couple of good stuff they've said.

      thanks for the link! one more day to get some moar info (i am still holding on some hope, in case there is a 5 sec scene between SS after the credits. MAKE IT HAPPEN SP, MAKE IT)
    13. skyrise
      well, i'm teamkissfuckyeah too, pretty much always, but if there was ONE thing that would top that, that would be the pokehead gesture from Sasuke, and Kishi FUCKING DID IT. so yeah, i'm satisfied forever with that (and the thank you afterwards)
      BUT yeah, it left us wanting for more and it led to more questions that apparently gonna get magnified with this movie and by magnified i mean "whut whut"
      SS is the couple that has been there since FUCKING CHAPTER 1 and you can't even give them a scene in the FINAL movie? that's infuriating, no other words

      is there any chance for an OVA though? i mean, we're surely getting a series dedicated to the kids that's gonna give us a couple SS married interaction scenes (surely kishi will show them once or twice) but that's all we're looking forward to rn right?
    14. skyrise
      well, to be fair the pokehead gesture > naruto asking hinata out, that particular SS panel was truly powerful but I get what you mean. it would be only fair to give SS the treatment that NH gets in the movie, but oh well. i guess it's tiring to bitch about it all the time, but it's truly infuriating considering there is NO SCENE AT ALL between SS.

      And it's not about "couple a got this" vs "couple b got this" (apparently this is the argument about?? haven't checked tumblr) it's that SS gets disrespected in the movie, totally crapped and yet it's being advertised as "naruto's friends romances" what the fuck.
    15. skyrise
      well, the manga is superior; in the sense, that is the original work. like, if someone gave us the chance between a canonical moment between the movie and the manga, i think there would be no contest, all the votes would be casted in favor of the manga.
      with that said, IT DOES STING that we got SHIT from the movie, that is presumably the final movie in naruto-verse. especially since it was stated over and over again that it would fill the gaps between 699 and 700 (MY ASS)
      now, getting into arguments with NH is rather silly, isn't it? i mean, we both got what we wanted in the end, lol. why ruin that now
    16. skyrise
      Hinata is a sweetie yeah- but I think she's a better fit for Naruto (obviously the narrative has affected us lol)
      but i would have liked to see some interaction, HELLO MOVIE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. see? this is why i want the movie to go, because every time you think about smth that is like "oh that could possibly happen now huh" you JUST KNOW the movie didn't deliver, fuck.
      why are NH mad though? some of them think it's too cheesy or smth?
    17. skyrise
      come to think of it, did sasuke and hinata ever talk? i'm trying to remember in the first vols but i don't think they ever did lol
      honestly, i just want this movie to be released and done- so NS can shut the fuck up once and for all (like that will ever happen though lol) and we can finally focus on the upcoming series by Kishi and stop raging for the non existent SS (still will rage but yeah)
    18. Norngpinky
      Oooo...that avatar...I want it ;-;
    19. skyrise
      lol okay
      the first is CLEARLY fake anyway
      but damn, do they all look so REAL

      thank you for sparing me the heartache of being excited yet terrified for a sec and then landing back to reality

      but are we positive 100% sasusaku DOESN'T MEET
    20. skyrise
      dude, wth lol
      i was flipping shit for a sec

      but wow, some people have god skills on PS or what?
      i haven't had the time to browse on tumblr lately as i would, so link away if you want?
    21. skyrise
      this is so cheesy yet awesome (how can hinata fly? naruto carried her all the way up there?)
      and on a more important note, SP PEGS SASUKE AS A VOYEUR AND WE STILL DON'T GET A SASUSAKU MOMENT. man i'm mad rn, they're TAUNTING US
    22. Animeblue
      Nice avatar
    23. Arya Stark
      Arya Stark
      Your avatar is really good nightie! I can't rep you because i have to spread first it seems. :lmao
    24. skyrise
      lol no prob (i mean, who doesn't multitasking when on internet anyway)
      and oh yeah, man didn't we deal with bullshit, fuck we still do.
      SS is one of my ultimate OTPs but i like Naruhina too, and yeah they really shitted on our pretty heads with giving us ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the movie- but, chapter 699 (and 700) i wouldn't give this away for anything. i mean, i prefer we got that in the MANGA and nothing in the movie (that's still dickisk but yeah) rather than getting another subtle panel in the manga and more stuff in the movie.
      but right there with you on SP and their treatment towards SS, like wth. It's not a minor shitty crappy league pairing, IT'S ONE OF THE FUCKING MAIN ONES AND IT DESERVES TO BE TREATED AS SUCH.
    25. skyrise
      lol you meant a SS kiD or the kiSS that loopsee did and is your new icon? FUCK YEAH if that would be taking place in the movie but ALAS
      well, most naruhina fans are in heaven atm from what i see around tumblr, this movie is gonna be the OTP-death for them lol. good them though, i like that pairing too
    26. Revolution
      Please tell me that avy is a part of the movie and not just fan art
    27. Charu
      YOUR AVY.
      Where'd you get it?? (may I have the source please :distracted )
    28. skyrise
      Yeah, there are several artists that draw godly tier level pieces- amazing artworks all around.
      lol, i would have been happy with a SECOND (okay well, a mutual gazing is prolly more than that, but you get the meaning, i would have been happy just with THAT) but SP apparently is constantly having an anti-SS hard on.
      the movie is out this weekend right?
    29. nightmistress
      I got into this series as more of a Sasuke fan. Naruto was extremely obnoxious to me early on and then he grew on me later. And from the tone of this series I always knew Naruto would bring him home. Sasuke's a tragic character but I do fault Kishi for dragging out the story for too long with him. I think he should have been redeemed years ago so we could see more development of him from an enlightened standpoint. Sakura asked Naruto to bring Sasuke back, but she did make a resolve herself. She didn't want to leave it all to Naruto when it came down to it. Her desire to help in saving Sasuke is why she became stronger over the time skip. I think there are references that she planned to bring Sasuke back TOGETHER with Naruto. SasuSaku were teammates and grew close that way. He used her as a source of support during the forest of death, and during the Gaara battle he acknowledged that she was precious to him. Then he had a couple of bouts of jealousy when she was turning her positive attentions to Naruto and that sort of tipped me off that he might like her as well. I don't think it's too out of the question for him to be affected by a person that's been showing him love after he'd been starved for it after his family was killed. What was destroyed in Sakura's life exactly? Through this journey she's gained new powers and abilities. It has caused her a lot of pain, yes, but it's caused Naruto a lot of pain too yet people rarely criticize why he puts up with it. I think her love DID do something for him in that he found comfort in her support, but he decided to throw it away for revenge. There is a reference in the databook that her love filled his lonely existence, but he couldn't pursue it because of his need for revenge. He was making good strides until Itachi mind fucked him again. Sakura saw the dangers of Sasuke and was going to try to kill him herself. He was really in madness around that time and Karin hinted that his chakra was different around that time as well when he actually stabs her. So I believe there was more going on. Does it excuse what he did? No. But they are ninjas, they were on opposing sides, and that's the risk of that life. She struck first presenting a threat.

      That's the thing, SasuSaku and Sasuke and Sakura are such polarizing characters. Either you get them or you don't. I always got them so I always rooted for them. And 10 years later we fans were awarded knowing we were right in that he DID feel for her back then. Many thought 693 was the nail in the coffin while we knew that was actually the stomping grounds of canonization, throwing back to the first time she confessed to him, his foot shaking at her words to him about how much she loved him. We knew she'd cracked the surface. It wasn't as much as what Naruto could do but it was something.

      I think if Naruto can endure the shit Sasuke threw his way, then Sakura certainly could as well because to them he was worth saving (or killing to Sakura out of her love for him though even then she couldn't).

      I've been shipping SasuSaku and NaruHina for the same amount of time, though SasuSaku is #1, but NaruHina is not far behind and they were my #1 for a short time around her confession time. I just really like Hinata's character and at first I wanted the ship to happen for her sake, but then I really started to believe in how good she'd be for him so I wanted her for his sake too. In general I am very pleased my two ships became canon.

      As for my cosplay, once I'm finished with my grad school classes I plan to upload more, but my friend and I do dual cosplays. She converted her page to a fan page and that will be our joint page so it's mostly her, but I'm in there a little, lol

      I did Assassin's Creed this year (need to upload more pics)

      Here are a couple photoalbums

      Did Aisha Clan Clan
    30. Jimin
      Well, I guess the angst in SS reminds me of shojo somewhat... I don't like sasuke's character. I really wish he died at the end. That would have been far more fitting (I knew Kishi wouldn't allow that though). I have a problem with that part though. Sakura asking Naruto to bring Sasuke back is not OK. Fight for your love yourself. If you can't or it didn't work, it's not a love a worth fighting for or your love wasn't enough. So I hated that Sakura asked Naruto to bring Sasuke back. That's an unfair burden. :sag And I just don't understand the love in SS. It makes zero sense. It's a love that destroyed everything in Sakura's life. It's a love that did nothing for Sasuke in that if he had to kill Sakura in his revenge tour, so be it. It's just not a love I can support yet alone understand. Well, IDC too much about that. Pairings don't mean much to me. I mean, I dig NH and I hate SS but... whatever.

      I see. Well, if you do better cosplay now, I would be interested in checking it out if you have them online and are willing to share. If not, don't worry about it. I see. I would like to meet some Power Rangers. I was a big fan when I was younger. I haven't seen that movie yet. I want to though. Think it's worth watching? : O Well... I'm not a big fan of either, but go for it? :noworries
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