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Sep 27, 2004
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December 23
    1. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      Well he locked the thread...Figured.
      1. Nihonjin likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Seto Kaiba
        Seto Kaiba
        His intellectual dishonesty has only multiplied as you can see.
        May 26, 2017
      4. Seto Kaiba
        Seto Kaiba
        I do have a list of his most absurd quotes while you were gone, perhaps you'd like to see them?
        May 26, 2017
      5. Nihonjin
        Sure, I need a good laugh
        May 28, 2017
    2. DemonDragonJ
      What is the origin story of your username? Does it have a meaning?
      1. Nihonjin likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Nihonjin
        When I was about 14 years old I wanted a name I thought sounded cool. So I asked a friend of mine to list a few japanese words and not tell me the meaning. I picked this one.

        When I found out what it meant I kept it for the irony lol
        May 24, 2017
      4. DemonDragonJ
        That is a very interesting origin story; are you Japanese, yourself, or of some other ethnicity?
        May 25, 2017
      5. Nihonjin
        Nope, not at all Japanese. Dutch black guy.. :p
        May 25, 2017
    3. DemonDragonJ
      Thank you for the +rep; I am glad that you share my opinion on that subject.
    4. Uraharа
      Are you a real Nihonjin?
    5. Narcissus
      Sanity Check is 1mmortal 1tachi with a name change, so no, he's not worth debating. :zaru
    6. Eternity
      True enough.

      Like I said though, I didn't want to prioritize debating this now, so the last post with "go read that book" was more for the sake of the argument, rahter then for the sake of the debate. Like, if someone wanted to hear my argument even if I didn't use time I don't have to make it.
    7. Eternity
      I guess I read your rep message a little wrong. But my response stands. Don't think we are really getting anywhere either, but who know, I might be in the mood for it another day.
    8. Flynn
      There are definitely cases in life where there are lines drawn, no doubt about it. I wouldn't want to compel life on another person where the suffering is never ending, though I would place those line at certain extremities. I don't personally like coming up with situations to place these lines because it really shows my ignorance to how people live in other parts of the world, but for sure I would say unwilling members of the sex slave trade would warrant no thought of malevonce from me in their decision. This being in regard to the victim facilitating their own death. However these lives are unlikely to be experienced by a greater portion of the population (even an elderly person living in physical pain usually translates to mental and psychological resilience where they have something or people for pleasure) and this factors into it. Where the above would most likely have my godsend, I would regard the choice of an individual to willingly end their life, which had a definite possibility for rehabilitation, as a cowardly act. That is simply from a denotative standpoint of said person failing to adjust their faulty coping system. With most cases it sucks that a person would go and do it, but again there's no ill will from me to the point that i would try and tell someone what to do with their life. Its a tricky thing, but I kind of digress here.

      Your second example was clearer but you still seemed to have missed the point. It isn't specifically that any life is preferable to death. He has no need to reword his statement. The simple phenomena of existence, not a specific life, is superior to the lack of experiences brought from an existence. You were able to at some point enjoy a cool breezy night, smile with your family, laugh at the day the president of your country quit his job and just flew off in a helicopter. Whatever it was at some point gave you elation, that existence is superior to what death destroys and creates an absolute void of.

      But again, it came off more as a personal creed of optimism. Though I can't speak for the guy I can say that this perspective of outlook to me doesn't discourage or condemn the choices of suicide in somebody else in a malicious way. Though if there is certainly no way to experience any sort of sense of positive and/or valent emotion, my graces are 100% given. Though it is rarely a legitimate instance where that would be the case.

      Don't feel the need to say you misjudges me. Usually I am acting like someone chauvinistic, ignorant and pompous but its deliberate.
    9. Flynn
      Well for starters, if you're going to use a hypothetical situation to disprove a statement, its probably a good idea to have the basis of your argument to be grounded in reality. A hypothesis beginning with "what if you were teleported to the middle of the ocean," something without any sense of practicality in the real world, has no use in trying to disprove a logical reasoning.

      Your hypothesis still has issues even when you don't take into consideration the micro problem (in the sense of your argument) above, and that has to do to with your failure to grasp the macroscopic reasoning from Toroxus. In your plethora of poor quality apologia, you seemed to be trying to assert the idea that the microscopic intervals of time lived in poor conditions disprove the idea that any life is worth living. Meaning any amount of time in life lived in pain (until its near and looming death) is an existence that is worse than death on its own.

      This would be a fine argument in any type of discussion debating the qualities or human rights violations of torture, jail and capital punishment but it does nothing to disprove Toro's rationale, if it even is related to the discussion at hand. The presence of life is objectively superior to the absence of one, purely from its ability that allows you to feel worldly and intimate pleasures. While pain is obviously included, what other mode of reasoning can we use to justify anything as "better," if not from the pleasure it provides and the pleasures it takes away, causing pain? Voluntary death is one where you deny your ability of ever possibly feeling those worldly pleasures by destroying your existence in the world.

      That is what his personal rationale means: an existence of past, present and/or possible pleasures is superior to one that denies any of it. It is his creed allowing him to not enjoy his current life but also keep any thoughts of suicide far away at bay - and god bless him.

      Yet you went completely off board, trying to disprove logic that wasn't even present in his argument. Why would you bring up any sort of hypothetical death situation other than one that entails suicide, when that's clearly his entire focus point?


      >"The land of arguments from emotion"

      If your entire standpoint isn't one grounded in manipulating a person's heart through pathos, I don't know what is.
    10. baconbits
      I responded. You probably won't like the response, but life goes on, eh?
    11. baconbits
      Bro, when I don't post its because I barely have time. I post in the convo and answer messages when I'm too busy. Right now work is crazy. Once it calms down I'll school you on the beauty of theism.
    12. baconbits
      That's cool. Every discussion is going to go in circles - its been like that since I first came to the Cafe, lol.
    13. baconbits
      Bro, what happened to you? Seems like we used to have great debates and then we took a wrong turn somewhere. Let's have a reset. Invite me to a debate and let's try a respectful exchange.

      I still have respect for you and, looking at the message below, SK. I'm not as active as I used to be, but I'm willing for a good back and forth with the both of you. I think one thing you ought to realize is that without myself and others like me there would really be no debates, lol. We also have our complaints about your side of the debate but let's not let it get too nasty.
    14. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      bacon and 1tachi seem to be competition for Cafe's most intellectually dishonest.
    15. Roman
      It doesn't matter. Because the jury decided Zimmerman is an angel and would never hurt a fly if he's not instigated :maybe

      That is literally why many people are arguing Zimmerman didn't start the confrontation.
    16. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      Yes, a lot of degenerates that usually stay silent have decided to creep out from the dark corners they usually hide in.
    17. hannah
      No idea. I just turned on the internet one the and the gif was there... :hehee
    18. Pain In The Ass
      Pain In The Ass
      Yes, great tv series, jumped in my top3 x) will rewatch too in some time, definitely rewatch material.
    19. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      i gave up trying to debate that guy when he seriously answered mine and Vyn's demand for proof of the Abrahamic god with "I spoke to him". I think he's aware when he's cornered in an argument, but of course, he's too stubborn to let it go so you get that shit with him repeatedly.
    20. Freechoice
      Yeah actually you're right, it was pretty hectic the first time... I thought something was crushing my chest.
    21. Freechoice
      Sleep paralysis :facepalm

      ^ (use bro) after years of DPH abuse I get that shit ever night.
    22. Pain In The Ass
      Pain In The Ass
      Watched 4 episodes of Vengeance in a row now. My reaction upon seeing a shaved Ashur :wth :wth :wth finished in the ep where Gannicus leaves them after having words with Oanameus. Hope the Doctore somehow slaps him back to the group, he rather outshines Spartacus lol
    23. Pain In The Ass
      Pain In The Ass
      Lol maybe it's better they haven't. Otherwise I'd spend 90% of all my free time watching tv series and reseting my brain xD
    24. Pain In The Ass
      Pain In The Ass
      That's too bad. But at least they didn't drag it too long and make it miserable like most of nowadays TV shows do. Now you can be jelly of me. I always am when I'm finished with an epic tv serie and a friend is watching for the first time :zaru
    25. Pain In The Ass
      Pain In The Ass
      Yeah it didn't seem like filler at all. So the series has concluded and all the episodes have aired already?
    26. Pain In The Ass
      Pain In The Ass
      Yes. Loved it. Had some predictions along the way but none of them turned out to be true. Thought Oanameus would've found out about Melitta and Gannicus and thus kill them both which would gain him the respect as the Doctore, but nooo. :p Also thought Crixus would kill Gannicus at the end but also no xD but the tv outcome was better, hoping to see more of Gannicus.
    27. Nep Nep
      Nep Nep
      Lol alright, I was gonna crash anyways and decided to check in on the thread... I see you've had as much discussion as I've had today except yours wasn't pleasant ;P looking forward to the responses!
    28. Pain In The Ass
      Pain In The Ass
      Woah promising mini season there. Much better than first episode of Vengeance. Also my favourite curse now is 'jupiter's cock' lol
    29. Pain In The Ass
      Pain In The Ass
      Haha, I see. I understand that logic though. I too have tv series that I simply love like Friends or Dexter and if someone asked me to pick the best or worst season I could perhaps pick one but would always say that it is still awesome, just a tiny bit below the others :zaru loved 1st season of Spartacus too, will see about the rest. Download has finished, gonna watch some :LOS
    30. Pain In The Ass
      Pain In The Ass
      Thanks. Good to have such info, normally I would watch the show as it goes. Which season is the best if you had to pick one?
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