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Recent content by NotTommy

  1. NotTommy

    Perospero roasted Carrot holy shit

    Perospero was just too much with that line. Surprising that he needed them to revert back to normal to win (according to the current translations). Regarding Carrot hating Perospero, I don't know, I think it's understandable. Even if Perospero was justified in all his actions, Pedro still died...
  2. NotTommy

    Speculation The Next Nakama

    Carrot then Yamato. Carrot's gonna make a comeback after further contemplating Pedro's words. Perhaps even go about the Perospero thing with a more level-headed attitude. She'll face him again, probably with assistance from Chopper cementing her status as practically a Straw Hat by strengthening...
  3. NotTommy

    Prediction How will Perospero be dealt with?

    Carrot just remembered Pedro's words about making progress and moving forward. She'll likely face Perospero again in a rematch. Chopper might help her this time around though. Seems like it would make sense for Carrot to attempt to prove Perospero wrongs after all he said about her though I...
  4. NotTommy

    Apoo is still trying to get the antidote for Queen

    He's clearly much less content, even commenting on how Queen won't care about their pleas. We'll see how long he take the abuse but I could definitely see him switching. Ofcourse, him remaining with the Beast Pirates wouldn't be too surprising.
  5. NotTommy

    How pathetic is Drake?

    Either Apoo will switch sides and Drake will divert his attention elsewhere (Calamities) or Drake vs Apoo will continue without Hyogoro. Either way I can see Drake doing something significant soon. It, understandably, won't compare to the top dogs though.
  6. NotTommy

    How pathetic is Drake?

    In the flashback about Law's fruit, we see Drake's dad orders him around to get booze and he's covered in bandages and bruises. Next thing we see, Drake escapes when the opportunity presents itself.
  7. NotTommy

    How pathetic is Drake?

    Wasn't Drake's dad abusive though? I don't see why he'd hold a grudge when he likely hated his own father.
  8. NotTommy

    MaRcO iSn'T AdmIraL LevEL

    I still see him below an Admiral but one of the closest dudes to them. We'll see once his fight progresses and we see more from the Admirals in due time but I don't think Marco can beat any of them. We'll see, I guess. Either way, Marco's hella strong, taking on King and Queen (and next chapter...
  9. NotTommy

    How pathetic is Drake?

    I have faith in my boy, Drake! But for real, ya'll saw this dude stopping both Killer and Urouge's attacks at the same time pre-timeskip? I really had high hopes for this guy. I guess, Apoo's just too much, man. Drake's best chance at making a come-back is helping out against a Calamity and I...
  10. NotTommy

    Sanji should lose a leg

    Oh, I completely understand and I'm not defending the situation Sanji was in, just that it was nice to see his moment with Robin. While the Usopp, Nami situation showed that he trusted his crew, the Black Maria one mirrors his Kalifa situation pretty well and his choice contrasts with how he...
  11. NotTommy

    Speculation Where do you think sanji went ?

    Oh. I don't really keep up with the layout of the island so thanks.
  12. NotTommy

    So Yamato is all bruised

    Usually people are just playing when they make fun of dudes for being worn out against Gifters. Yamato will probably get a fight soon enough and prove themselves then. No issue.
  13. NotTommy

    Yep, this multi year long setup of Carrot wanting to avenge Pedro sure paid off, yes sir

    I still think she'll try to face him again. Unlike, Wanda, Carrot doesn't seem completely out of it but Carrot woulr need assistance from someone else, perhaps Chopper. Plus, if the weather is on her side again, she could probably go back into Sulong for a bit longer. Perospero literally...
  14. NotTommy

    Speculation Official Marco Powerlevel Thread

    He's continuing to handle King and Queen, perhaps he won't keep this up forever but the fact that they have their backs against the wall currently shows how strong Marco is. I doubt he's Admiral level though. There seems to be a gap between King and him but I'm not sure he'd be able to beat any...
  15. NotTommy

    Speculation Where do you think sanji went ?

    I'm gonna sound overly optimistic but I think there's a chance he's headed where Marco is. The virus is raging and we know the cure is fire but Marco's doesn't burn. Sanji seems like he can bring the best solution (even if only temporarily). But perhaps before that he'll head for the Scabbards...
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