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  • Bah, it's proven that women do age slower. Italian old ladys are awesome, they just chillin all the time. Swedish old ladys are all stressed out and trying to run around as much as they used to.

    Nah, it's okay lol. I always hated TV shop but I did watch it ALL the time when I was a kid. I knew all the new items that they had and I almost knew exactly what they would say about it.

    I'll get a giant mixer and throw you in it :tomato

    Oh, I just completed Assassin's Creed 2 last night and I was in your whereabout and killing people. How does it feel? Knowing that I been in Florence around 150 years ago and killing people in a game? Securign the safety of your family and the world. You feel like you have a debt to me eh? Don't worry.


    Aww, I doubt all the bookstore would give enough snow to even make 3 snow balls of them. Don't worry, I'll kill the mafiosa in AC3, just stay hidden under your bed till then.

    Hah, I bought AC2 and just finished it - it is the second game I have finished on my 360. Call of Duty MW 2 was the first one I think. I think I'll go get BC:BF2 & FF 13 today D:

    I actually never played a FF game, I tried to play FF 12, the one with the weird fighting style with the laser lines lmao, but I played Lost Odyssey and I heard its pretty similar to FF when it comes to style.

    lol pinguins just look cute, they are probably useless to have around, same with qoo, he'll just drink and go "qoo" :canttouchthis

    i enabled your VM's, like hell I will just delete the long message I wrote after realizing that you had VMs disabled just after i pressed enter. You can disable ti again once you read this :pek
    Haha, I wont need those fake teeth thingy. I'll get a mixer and mix everything I eat into soup and drink it ;omnomnom

    lol, I guess you guys got plenty of maffia and gangsters there so you know how they look. They blend in with the normal people here so its impossible to tell them, well the ones that are smart. Aww, you should buy a lot of their snow and make snow angels on them


    Sigh, that sucks. I bought a PS3 Slim 250gb for a friend, he asked me to look up a good ps3 on ebay for him, and now I feel like keeping it ;ugh

    lol! That's a waste of money indeed. I dont waste that much money on one buy but I waste money on games i lose interest in, like I bought COD3, CoD MW 1, Cod Mw2 and I only played them like 10 times each game.

    So you trap people? D:

    *Throws a nooblet into the area and watches as you fall on top of him and rapes him*
    lol, thats really cute. pomodo is a really "babyish" word lmao

    Ha, I'm similar. I used to party a lot and be out all the time but I just got tired of it and stopped abruptly. We just getting old, we'll soon be stuck at home and having to use those walk thingies old people use to get around. Jazz club sounds really nice, we sadly dont have a single one here, just pop/disco/clubs that are run by gangsters lol.

    Oh, I seen a lot of commercial for Heavy Rain but never really felt like playing it, maybe I should give it a try. I was thinking of trying FF 13 too, it'll be my first "real" final fantasy game, but I think I'll get battlefield bad company 2 instead. I find myself buying games and thinking that I will play with friends but lose interest directly. I'm master when it comes to wasting money D: You have a 360 right?

    Don't worry, he who waits for something good, never waits too long :edu
    Cara, tu mi lusinghi.. [or is it caro :x]

    I actually use this nick because I used to say it when I was a little baby, I do think I told you that story though.

    I felt the same way but I have limited time, 3 hours a day, which I can play and thus I wotn waste my time on something that isn't going "well" or is too much fun.

    Haha, yeah. I didnt think you were a gamer girl but looks can be deceiving, you're pretty arsum. So what game have you played recently and enjoyed?

    Yeah, it's always like that, it's the most fun when you find this whole new "world" with epic members. but my friends been getting inactive and disappearing with time D:

    I'm sorry it didn't work out but it might have been for the best. ^^
    aww, cool suits me? :tomato u too nice.

    yeah but I never finished it. It was too much hack n slash for me, just kept slaughtering till my thumbs hurt. I also have a tendency of finishing very few games. You played it? You dont struck me as the gamer chick, not that I know how a gamer chick should be lol.

    I'm okay, bit sick, tired, stressed, exhausted etc etc but but I'm managing. Yeah, I been extra busy with work and I sort of lost interest a bit for nf. How're you doing? Last time i talked to you was when you had gotten a bf or something if I recall correctly D:
    the fanart actually said "dante" and while I thought it looked like nero, i thought it was dante which was the reason I created it but kusuiriri corrected me and confirming that it was Nero. D:
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