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Last Activity:
Aug 3, 2020 at 9:57 AM
Jun 11, 2013
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~Shogun~, from Europe

November was last seen:
Aug 3, 2020 at 9:57 AM
    1. trance
      i thought you were dead til i seen you lurking :dank

      how goes it mad? :caticon
      1. November
        Sup guy.
        All is going well. Just graduated and working now, so that´s why i just lurk now. xD Cant be that invested in this as before.
        And you? Is everything going well?
        Aug 2, 2017
    2. MusubiKazesaru
      I'd love to see full comics and I'm sorry if this was a let down but Nesskain's HP art is really something nonetheless. I know they've done them for some other fantasy series so it's possible. A strong alternative is the recently released illustrated edition of the first book (with the rest to come). It looks amazing, I actually just ordered it for my sister's holiday gift.
    3. MusubiKazesaru
      It's from here
    4. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Excellent, I remember it took us forever to get Kanki on Skype.
    5. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Just messing with you, ofc I remember you, good to have you back. Sent you a little welcome back present. :tomato
      Mainly post in popularity tournaments these days. Let me know if you ever make a Skype account and I'll add you.
    6. Naruto
      I appreciate it :hug
    7. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Hello stranger I've never met. My username's Jigen, inspired from Lupin the III's Daisuke Jigen. And you are? :catthinks
    8. Totally not a cat
      Totally not a cat
      Like I said, Freddy is an ass :catprone

      Thanks for the advice though, I'll keep in mind next time I'm playing with my friends. I hate Foxy so much.

      The game is actually very amusing to play in groups :lmao
    9. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      In case I don't see you on Christmas break.
    10. Krippy
    11. Firo
    12. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Lets see if we can fix that soon.
      Yeah, he's trying to be a professional, I hope he makes it.
      Seen the first, but not the second, so far the Castle of Cagliostro and the Woman Called Fujiko Mine are the best Lupin spinoffs I've seen.
    13. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      I returned the favor. Went with something a LITTLE different this time. It was done by a friend.
      I remember Naruko repped me for liking their set. I had to, it was Genie man.
      Daisuke Jigen is my favorite character from Lupin the III, I've been watching the old movies, and he always has the best moments.
    14. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      I know...shocked at how many people liked my Daisuke Jigen and Leone sets (some of my posts also seemed to strike a chord with people).
      Dat Samus...best lady in Nintendo (Other M botched her though).
    15. Naruto
      Do you mind if I ever use your signature, whenever you no longer wear it?
    16. rocconorth
      The legendary OVA. If you have the time...go to youtube and look for a review of the Ova by some guy called "Mr. Hayabusa". I don't know your age, but he's a younger guy, and it's just funny at how perved out he was about it. It's like 10 minutes long and he's just going over every great tits and ass moment in it. Here's the link if you get a chance. I think it's hilarious.
    17. rocconorth
      Yeah..I've been threatened with banishment over my last sig (it was a gif of Takashi getting a handful of Saeko underneath her bathing suit). I had to spoiler tag it, but I'll keep pushing the limits...
    18. rocconorth
      I approve of any member with Saeko so prominently displayed in their profile.:wink
    19. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Ares is back. :yay
      Thanks for the rep. I'm really getting tired of the whole "oh it's Post TS the M3 can't get stomped" argument.
      And that Esdese. :maybe
    20. SAFFF
      No problem, always been a Gunbuster/Diebuster fan.
    21. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      It's no biggie. I feel bad that I haven't gotten you to rank up. I do hope you'll be able to put that render to good use.
      Got caught up on Hunter x Hunter...that Chimera Ant arc...wow. The ending nearly had me crying, I'm not going to lie.
      Btw, have you seen the Marco/Sabo fans reaction to Issho showing what he can really do? It's priceless.
    22. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Thought you might like this.
      And if you're planning on seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, just skip the scene after the credits, it was a flop. Everything else about the movie was good.
    23. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Esdese (screw the official names, the old ones are better imo) has arrived in the show. :maybe
    24. Louis Cyphre
      Louis Cyphre
      It is from a videogame called Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
    25. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Haha, great set, the whale is one of my favorites.
      AGK's show has started, the second episode came out awhile ago. Thoughts? :hmm
    26. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Optimus Prime > Kamen Rider. Saw his latest movie...meh, but at least the Autobot himself is always utterly awesome.
      MOTM = Member Of The Month.
    27. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      That Kamen Rider? And Sentomaru won MOTM. I'm so happy for him. :datass
    28. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Dude...a new Star Fox and a new Zelda are on the way! :ruri
    29. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      I know, Shen outdid herself yet again, Leone is as sexy as ever in this set.
      And screw the OL. :pek
    30. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Heh, someone reminded me about the official bet everyone did on Rebecca joining the crew. I voted no, no way she'd take the spot reserved for Jimbei.
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    The one when Nardo dies.. OH WAIT :maybe
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