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Mar 16, 2017
Dec 19, 2005
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The Real Kaze Kage...

NU-KazeKage was last seen:
Mar 16, 2017
    1. Aeiou
      Alright. A mod said it's possible for another person to edit the OP. Just try to keep it in the original format that its in now, please.
    2. Aeiou
      Hey, are you willing to take over in hosting in the thread or not? If so, reply in the thread so I can see you and so I can tell the mod who is going to be taking over.
    3. Alicia
      Thnx for the reps ;33
    4. Suigetsu
      Heeeey, ya going back to the wonder con tourney... thingy if they make another one next year?
      Cause if they do one then I will sure as heck go, now that I live in LA hehehe.
    5. Danzio
      Thx. I appreciate the rep :-).
    6. Aeiou
      Generations Tournament thread here
    7. Suigetsu
      OMG! What was the prize? did you got to talk with the president of CC2?

      Edit: Checking out your video right now. Awww too bad they wont be making cloaks for suigetsu, jugo and karin :( but thank you for asking =D
    8. Suigetsu
      You won the tournament right?
    9. Narancia
      Hey ^-^ wanna battle soon
    10. Mystic Sasuke
      Mystic Sasuke
      Ok cool. I'll suscribe and everything. And Hope to fight you soon.
    11. Zach
      No idea got it from giveaways:lmao
    12. Mystic Sasuke
      Mystic Sasuke
      I don't either. Yeah, no problem. Give me the URL of your youtube account to support it.
    13. Mystic Sasuke
      Mystic Sasuke
      I'm online very often. At least once a day. Don't play UNS2 often b/c all I find are spammers and It's very hard to find a match due to my rank. But I'm always available to play it with some friends since it's more fun. So we could play any time.
    14. Mystic Sasuke
      Mystic Sasuke
      Hey, Add me if you want so we can have some matches in UNS2, since I see you looking for a match often in the UNS2 thread. PSN:R4_Rog3r_R4
    15. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "Normal Members - Your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 400 (Height). This includes space taken up within closed spoiler tags, text, and images."

      Your signature is well over the allowed height.
    16. Altron
      They are both from the anime Kampfer
    17. Toshabi
      Wow.... Atari games had better endings then that. >:[
    18. Toshabi
      Why? Was it one of those "LOL PLAY GAME 2 SO U GET REAL ENDING!" kind of endings?
    19. Toshabi
      You bet. Imma failpost/troll/w.e, just to have a good time really and tell people how much they suck.
    20. Toshabi
      About the pirate pic: Yah.

      and OMG HAI! : D
    21. XMURADX
      Thank you.
    22. PsyBomb
      Not all will be present immediately, but the Zanpakutou calls gave me character ideas to go with them. It's an Academy story, so most of the calls I took will be other students. NOT all are in their current form (needless to say), but I'll mention it in the Author's note who gave me ideas within the chapter as they come. First chapter is probably going to be finished this weekend, if all goes well.
    23. Cobra
      not yet but they are going to go investigate a apeture science ship that vanished years ago and now reapeared
    24. Cobra
      as in the game? if it is the game it is in the same universe as half life, and so it will probably tie in with the next half life game
    25. Cobra
      Just another reason to hate where I live more
    26. Cobra
      oh damn I wish I was there
    27. Cobra
      Its alright I guess, college isnt bad either. How bout u?
    28. Cobra
      Hey man whats up?

      Looks like I'm the first to post a message here:woo:shrooms:woo
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