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Jan 8, 2017
May 4, 2006
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Ofkinheimer was last seen:
Jan 8, 2017
    1. zipzapbirdo
      Trojan Horses full of candy
      Poet Poe is feeling dandy
      Sigmund Freud is hypnotizing
      Buffalo Bill so scared of lies
      Fleecing serfs is Robin's job
      ALL HAIL CAESAR! What a slob
      Confucius he just won't stop talkin'
      Winston Churchill naked walkin'
      Albert Einstein what a loss
      Tie-dyed hippie Betsy Ross
      Houdini the king of crime
      Mean Abe Lincoln wedgie time
      Time to set your clocks and watches
      So screwed up they'll make you nauseous
      This is the Time Squad!

      Otto's the youngest and doesn't have parents
      Tudd Russel's muscles will guarantee clearance
      The Larry3000's the brains of the team
      So tune in and watch and you'll see what we mean
      'Cuz Whitney's makin' a robot who'll bite ya
      And Ludwig'll wrassle and grapple and fight ya
      Napoleon Bonaparte's wife got him whipped
      Leonardo the poet has finally flipped
      History's a lot more fun
      Blasted with a laser gun
      Heroes like you've never seen
      A boy, a man, and a machine
      What's the basic lesson here?
      Don't you worry, never fear
      This is the Time Squad!
    2. Shikamaru Nara
      Shikamaru Nara
      Thx for the +reps!
    3. Mider T
      Mider T
      Want a VM?
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