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Aug 20, 2017 at 2:51 AM
Feb 15, 2010
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Apr 2, 1991 (Age: 26)

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"Active" Member, Female, 26, from California

Olivia was last seen:
Aug 20, 2017 at 2:51 AM
    1. PlacidSanity
      Hmm, this is a surprise seeing you around here more frequently. :hmm
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Olivia
        I believe you can make a actual private pm
        Aug 12, 2017
      3. PlacidSanity
        Lol, meant VM's when you had to got to the profile to see them instead of it being put upfront. :laugh
        Aug 12, 2017
      4. Olivia
        Oh I see, yeah
        Aug 12, 2017
    2. Santi
      1. Olivia likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Olivia
        Happy to be back :)
        Aug 10, 2017
      4. Santi
        Feels like just yesterday when it was still 2010 and we were shitposting in the EA chat like the young, twinkle eyed kids we were.

        You and I are probably all that remains :gglife

        And Sazen if you provide the proper offerings and perform his ritual summon.
        Aug 10, 2017
      5. Olivia
        Chronos is still around from the EA days, he's just in the RP section though

        Almost forgot that's when we first met, it's been so long
        Aug 10, 2017
    3. Chaos
      I don't have any fancy words, but I read your post and just want you to know we're all with you.

      I hope you can find some peace of mind and will be able to fight on. If there's ever anything I can do or just need someone to talk to, don't hesitate to ask.
      1. Olivia likes this.
      2. Olivia
        Thanks Chaos. I remember you were one of the first people I met on these forums, and I really appreciate your support even after all this time. Thank you, and hopefully a prosperous future for you too. :)
        Aug 2, 2017
    4. Kaitou
      You're still alive, albeit you logged on more than two weeks ago.

      Nevertheless, I hope you have/had a good Mother's day.
      1. Olivia
        Thanks, I'm not really deserving of having a Happy Mothers day, but thanks for the wishes regardless. :)
        Jun 4, 2017
    5. Yami Munesanzun
      Yami Munesanzun
      I forgot you existed, gimme a hug gurrrrrrl.
    6. Kaitou
      Happy Mother's Day for the third time in a row, hehe.
      1. Mr. Waffles likes this.
    7. SoulTaker
      Hey I forgot your skype was fried. We can kick it old school and use PMs.

      Three quick hits. Hero entered the mission and posted. To the extent there's not enough there to react to just drop me a line and we can have you advance the ball in your post.

      Points went up if you feel like spending. And there's a Mizukage contest if you feel up for it.
    8. SoulTaker
      FINALLY. Sorry for the wait.


    9. Hidden Nin
      Hidden Nin
      Sena knows next to nothing about Christmas or holiday traditions, so maybe an introduction to it in the Land of Iron? Just link me when you put something down.
    10. Hidden Nin
      Hidden Nin
      Sure. What'd you have in mind?
    11. Laix
      [LINKHL]339[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">http://www.ultraimg.com/images/ezgif.com-crop00180.gif[/img]

    12. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Hi! Do you still have enough time these days to participate in missions/other interaction arcs, or are you all booked up?
    13. Kaitou
      No problem at all. I even forgot it existed until recently. :lmao
    14. Kaitou
      It's been a year since we talked about your Jojo game. :lmao I guess that isn't happening? :p
    15. Kaitou
      No problem. Hope you had a good day. :hug
    16. Kaitou
      Happy Mother's Day, Jess.
    17. Kaitou
      Happy Belated Bday, Jess. :)
    18. SoulTaker
      Those words make me feel better but I'm going into tomorrow thinking Carol and Darryl die because then if they live I'm gonna be happy enough to start doing cartwheels.

      Rick's speech last week though, think that was my favorite one ever. His crazy head nodding was on point. Andrew Lincoln is a phenomenal actor considering how British he is.
    19. SoulTaker
      Norman Reedus just sold his house in Atlanta and I'm officially bugging the fuck out. I really hope they're just fucking with us since Andrea is the only major character to go down in a finale.
    20. Laix
      Didn't want to try anything too complicated. Well, I did, like three times, and it looked a mess, so three attempts later

    21. Laix
      sure just link them to me or whatever
    22. Laix
      anything for you my dear
    23. Kaitou
      It's good to know that you're okay.

      You aren't the only one really. :lmao
    24. Kaitou
      Are you alive? :maybe
    25. Impact
      Thanks for the cupcake :byastars
    26. Kenneth
      Thanks Olivia :vegeta
    27. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Team Kirisaki. :noworries
    28. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      I started Nisekoi. :noworries
    29. Kaitou
      And then comes winterbreak. :yay I assume it's two weeks long right?

      Family is important, a forum isn't, so you shouldn't feel bad. :maybe Glad that you at least get to spend time with your family. :)
    30. Kaitou
      you been a busy adult lately. :C

      how are you? :hug
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    Apr 2, 1991 (Age: 26)
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