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Oct 24, 2016
May 28, 2005
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In a place where Sasuke and Obito are happy and fr
I work for a vague, yet menacing government agency
    1. ane

    2. nightmistress
      Yeah it give a nostalgic feeling for sure. Definitely get my feelers out more when something shippy happens. When Sasuke caught Sakura I was all in after that lol. I am trying to keep my expectations low as well but it's hard. I'm honestly a little bipolar about it. One minute I think Kishi will give them an awesome ending and give us the panels worthy of all the effort he's put into Sakura's love for him (TWO confessions, c'MON), but then I get morbid and think maybe Kishi's going to keep it vague and frustrating. I am happy with the canon naruhina and the canon NON-NaruSaku regardless of the delusional arguements, but I won't be completely happy until I get SasuSaku since that's my #1. It's like...it's only a couple of pages of awesome Kishi, that's all you have to do! If Sasuke blatantly reciprocates I'm more likely to cry than if he doesn't lol. But it will be a weird feeling that it's all over regardless. Bah. Is it Thursday yet? I am wondering if there's a chance someone will get their hands on the chapters earlier than Thursday...
    3. nightmistress
      Hey stranger! I've been thinking about you too! All us old SasuSaku fogies coming back lol. I've been keeping up with it since the summer, though not as active as I am now. Just so much happening! I'm hoping so badly that Kishi does SS justice!
    4. Amanda
      I love your location. :33
    5. Plague
      No problem bro lol
    6. Revolution
      When and where did Spike say that quote in your signature?
    7. Amanda
      Thanks for the rep. There's so much herp derp derp involved when people talk about Obito I don't seriously even try any more. :lmao
    8. Aeiou
      Thanks for the rep.
    9. butcher50
      i wanna kill those two old council fart so badly, i can barely control my self.

      their attitude and distrust towards people younger then them when it comes to handling the leadership issues is grating my nerves.

      it's so unfortunate that sasuke couldn't see tsunade hanging those two by their collars for their annoying posturing, it would have surely relived sasuke off his anti-konoha insanity.
    10. Chrysant
      I just wanna say I love your sig the quote from spike ...
    11. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "Senior Members - Your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 500 (Height). This includes space taken up by closed spoiler tags, text and images. Stuff within spoiler tags do not count towards the size limits, but do count towards the Filesize Limit."

      Your signature (540 x 532) is over the allowed height and needs to be removed, resized, or tagged.
    12. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      How kind of you. :hug

      Full image. :hurr
    13. Corran
      :lmao We have all been there I think.
    14. PikaCheeka
      Thanks for the rep! So my ideas on Madara's plan made sense?
    15. seastone
      Hey so you liked the OS arc as well? I thought I was the only one as well.

      I thought the whole Gerard thing was done well. A bit dramatic at time but even as a villain Gerard is over the top at times. :amuse

      BTW what did you think of Natsu's proclamation about his friends supporting him during his fight with Zero?

      I thought it was cliche but the way he yells it made it awesome.
    16. PikaCheeka
      The idiocy and pettiness of people never fails to amaze me. I find the whole neg thing stupid anyway. There are people out there who do nothing but troll, neg, and flame, and it's really pathetic.

      I posted twice there, and both times people ignored my questions. I asked the OP on page one if he honestly believed that people shouldn't mourn their parents' deaths if their parents were 'criminals'. No reply. And then I pull out canon proof that the Uchiha were being suppressed by the gov't and everyone ignores that, too. I don't care if someone disagrees with me, but at least be able to counter my arguments. :apathy

      Oro did things for selfishness and for the lulz. I think even Madara has a lot of reasons for what he is doing (we know he was somehow involved in the massacre, and I'm wondering if it had something to do with the fact that they rejected Izuna's sacrifice so long ago; therefore Sasuke is essentially repeating Madara's revenge, though this time against the entire village).

      Oh no crap. Every time I bring that up, people say Itachi is NOTHING like Sasuke. Because killing your best friend in cold blood and wiping out your entire clan, including your parents, is so much better than killing a dictator and stabbing a team-mate. :facepalm
    17. PikaCheeka
      Exactly, unlike some of the other villains in the series (Oro, who is awesome in the eyes of most of the fandom, has done much worse for purely selfish reasons), Sasuke is acting out in grief. He's going insane from it. He's doing horrible things because of it. But does that make him EVIL? No.

      If he were evil, he never would have cared about his family, much less Itachi, dying in the first place. Madara even said that Sasuke's hatred was born from love.

      Clearly not, because I just got negged multiple times for this: http://forums.narutofan.com/showthread.php?p=31379653#post31379653 And then people make racist comments. Ah, NF.
    18. PikaCheeka
      Sasuke rep. :hehee
    19. PikaCheeka
      rep thanks <3
    20. hustler's ambition
      hustler's ambition
      makes sense because that is my name. :amuse
    21. Vicious-chan
      Well, as I said not all. When I meet TRUE feminists (what I've always been taught with feminism, the true meaning, was that it was for equality for all races/genders/etc across the board) I'm more than happy to work with them. That's what I'd say I am. But considering it seems the majority of those who call themselves feminists aren't true feminists and more of "woman's rights only" and ignore the problems males have... or even problems that aren't gender related (nor race either) than it's ridiculous to me. Unfortunately I've met way too many of them. And so many of them claim to want equality for the other half too, but their very actions say things entirely different from their words.

      And I like how you assume women get outta tickets JUST cause of their looks. No, there's a lot of problems more than just "oh man finds her hot and let's her go" cause I've seen women police officers give women friends of mine a free pass because they were their "Fellow woman". I've seen women get licenses they never deserved because they are poor drivers (Note: I'm not saying women are bad drivers, I'm saying those specific ones are) and yet they got them from female instructors for the whole "girl power" thing (and true I've seen male instructors give them it cause they might be attractive or not even so but just because they are women and should be given more leeway. My grandmother actually cried at the test to get her license lol).

      The problem is (and the same problem is a lot with men too I'd say and the stereotypes that fit them) so many women have been taught my society to be such and so they are such and don't realize the harm they're doing. Using their sex appeal to get out of things because it's an inconvenience to them even though they know it's wrong. The same goes for men who will try to get outta things with their "strengths" when they don't realize the harm they're doing to themselves, to the cause of equal rights, to the society as a whole. People are shallow, selfish, foolish beings and, sadly, our society propagates such things.

      So ya, don't think I'm lumping everyone together in one group, don't think I think everyone is this or that. I've just come to go with the mindset "don't lump all together in some stereotype/category, but don't be surprised if you find them falling under it themselves"
    22. narutothebest
      thanx for negative reps
    23. Vicious-chan
      And that's why there are SOOO Many feminists out there waging wars on the men who want to have custody but don't cause they are men or whatnot.. ya.. bullshit. There might be a few feminists but a great deal don't.
    24. Sarinax
      lol I loved FMA! I'll definitely have to watch it! thanks
    25. Sarinax
      Ahhh, Okay I thought so lol I haven't watched anything but the original anime series...and the movie...
    26. Sarinax
      thank you ^^ it's good to spread the Sasuke love! Is that FMA in you sig ... ? I can't tell ...
    27. Hardcase678
      what anime is in your sig?
    28. Psallo a Cappella
      Psallo a Cappella
      Thank you. :laugh

      And ahhhhhh, the spoilers for Fullmetal are making me SQUEE.
    29. HAL 9000
      HAL 9000
      Thanks for the rep.
    30. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      I suggest you should delete one of the GIFs from your signature, since we're all allowed only 1mb, and they're 900+600kb
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    In a place where Sasuke and Obito are happy and fr
    I work for a vague, yet menacing government agency
    Favorite Character(s):
    Sasuke, actually everyone, but Sasuke's my favoritest.
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode:30, 32-34, 80-85, 107-109, 133-34
    Chapter: Whatever those correspond to + Kakashi Gaiden, 4




    I have anarmada.

    Special thanks to Selva for the gifs!
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