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Jul 4, 2013
Jun 29, 2006
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New Jersey


I LIVE... FOR THE FOURTH TIME!, from New Jersey

Orga777 was last seen:
Jul 4, 2013
    1. KingBoo
      It's never too late to thank someone for giving me rep. Thank you!
    2. Yuki
      Np, thx for your rep as well, the next time something goes with my DS theory i'll be adding both of the new proofs that are there for the taking, although like the last i'll be getting it edited before making the thread lol.
    3. Sorin
      thanks :salute...but you shouldn't have :beer
      no seriously...i don't care about negs.hell if i deserved it then props for negging me...but sometimes people only give negs because they are buthurt i don;t have the same opinion as them

      ehh...whatever :smile-big
      thanks again :ninja
    4. TheOftViewer
      One can only image what responses they will give to this--if they even bother responding at all.
    5. TheOftViewer
      We're really gonna confuse people in the conversation thread.
    6. Lance Vance
      Lance Vance
      Hoho we have similar tastes, don't we now?
    7. Suu
      Haha, don't let them chase you away. Use it as motivation to keep trying!

      Or, do as I do, and make a mental list of those who are immune to reason, and henceforth never take notice of their posts again :p
    8. Shadow050
      i'm starting to lose my patience in the threads today and i haven't been that active today lol. so i'm gonna go back to playing infamous or maybe SF4 to get off the frustration lol, and before i get banned or neg rep raped lol.
    9. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      So I saw your visitor message on Suu's page. I feel your pain. There are a lot straight vitriolic, contrary, and just stupid people on the boards. I actually stopped coming here for a year, and then a second time for three months due to the aggravation. Stay strong!
    10. Izumi
      I wasn't the one who negged you.
      It was my damn sibling. :sag
    11. Shadow050
      thanks lol... but believe me... my patience is good, but it's not that good lol. i'm able to be patient so long as the person doesn't start acting like i'm the idiot... lol i already got banned once for losing me patience and not holding back making people look as dumb as they were acting.... and telling them they were idiots too lol
    12. Shadow050
      thanks for the rep :-)
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    New Jersey
    Favorite Character(s):
    God Realm Pain
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Chapters: Hidan/Kakuzu Arc


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