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P-X 12
Last Activity:
Sep 23, 2019 at 3:29 PM
Aug 2, 2012
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P-X 12

State Alchemist, Male, from NY

P-X 12 was last seen:
Viewing thread The ONE vs shounen final villains, Sep 23, 2019 at 3:29 PM
    1. Hero
      I posted for you. It's minimal, but it'll move us forward
    2. Unlosing Ranger
      1. Unlosing Ranger
        Unlosing Ranger
        I saw that :lmao
        Aug 12, 2016
    3. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      The hand. Haven't seen you in ages man.
      1. P-X 12 likes this.
      2. P-X 12
        P-X 12
        I've been mostly keeping at the OBD. Haven't seen an RP that I wanted to join for a bit (or at least not one that wasn't closed by the time I noticed).
        Jul 1, 2016
      3. Unlosing Ranger
        Unlosing Ranger
        Know the feeling rarely saw an RP worth joining, just said fuck it and decided to try this one. Probably going to have to stick together lots of crazy powers in this one.
        Jul 1, 2016
    4. Unlosing Ranger
    5. Wild
      Can you tell me where your signature is from?
      1. P-X 12
        P-X 12
        Series is from Dark Souls. If you mean the place I got it from:

        May 25, 2016
      2. Wild
        Good looks fam.
        May 25, 2016
    6. Unlosing Ranger
    7. manidk
      ^ (use bro) how the hell are you gonna abandon your Composite character thread? I had high hopes for a fellow Hive survivor. :lbj
    8. Unlosing Ranger
    9. Qinglong
      Hi, can you please give an update on the status of your prep for the tournament or note your intention to pull out please, thank you.
    10. willyvereb
      Hello PX-12!
      You forgot to send your prep to my OBD Composite Character Battle tournament.
      The tournament is in full swing and most matches are well on their way.
      Your enemy is MuaubiKazesaru and if you're .in a bind you can use other people's prep for inspiration.
      When ready you need to send your prep to both Qinglong and Unlimited Deathsaurer in PM.
      Good luck!
    11. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      I'll aid how I can.
    12. willyvereb
      Void Which Binds is plank time and plank space with some eldritch horror attributes added to the mix.
      Basically you are outside the flow of time and encompass all time and space in the universe and all its parallels.
      That's why I can't see why did you choose this.

      If you wanted the Shrike's temporal clones you could've just said so.
      anyways, temporal clones are still treated the same thus you can only create up to 5 of them if they are tournament limits level.
    13. willyvereb
      Void Which Binds?
      That sounds about as over the top choice as GER
    14. willyvereb
      You still haven't posted your character profile for the OBD Composite Character Battle.
      When you get time please fix this, it makes things much easier.
    15. manidk
      Maybe. :hmm

      If it lasts.
    16. Unlosing Ranger
    17. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      Moogle explained most of it
      Total Attack Bonus is what determines how you hit AC.
      Yours is a +6, but because you are using a weapon with weapon focus on it, it's now a +7.
      That means you roll a 1d20 with a modifier of +7 to hit.

      Then you roll your damage 1d8+6 which happens if you hit the enemy.
      Using power attack modify it accordingly.
      Your BAB effects many things and you will be increasing it by 1 per level up along with everything else
      Also your base fort is +2 meaning the fort save is +4

      Should be all you need as you slowly level up.
    18. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger

      Few tips on Elliot, You're a fucking beast at level 1.
      You're going to be a heavy lifter like grog was.
      You are using a small version of the sword it's actually 1d10
      You get more than a +1 on it's damage, you get +4 for your str and +2 more if you wield it with 2 hands 1d10+6, also your crit is nice with it 19?20/?2 roll a 19 or 20 to crit. 20 always hits.
      You have an attack bonus of +1 every level if you stay fighter the whole way.
      Meaning your melee is 1d20+5 to hit on rolls.
    19. Nicodemus
      I've gotta stop posting before I check out your stats, it's a horrible habit of mine.

      Good news is you overcorrected, which means you can spend a few more points. I think a good compromise between your 2 builds would be bumping your STR up 2, and then either your CON or DEX up 1. That would put you at 25. Unless I'm reeeally missing something...
    20. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
    21. Unlosing Ranger
    22. Level7N00b
      So. I hear Kazuma from Kaze no Stigma is country level? :kaga How did that happen? And this supposed light speed feat?
    23. Byrd
      you should join
    24. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      go on and add 15 more points
    25. Ernie
      It's on. :LOS


      Vote. :argh
    26. Zhen Chan
      Zhen Chan
      Make a quick list of the peeps powers so I can write out a battle
    27. JoJo
      So does Seth have the staff or not...? :psyduck

      Would rather go for a different weapon, but whatever you want.
    28. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      And ended it. :maybe

      Date took note of the event and went back to trying to console Nevice.
    29. Sablés
      Ur started it :ignoramus
    30. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      Thought I saw a fist of the north star.
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    Favorite Character(s):
    Kakashi, Gaara, Zabuza, Kisame
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: Eight Tails vs Sasuke
    Shonen, Seinen, Joesi



    Quote list:

    All of this: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=901480&page=8

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