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Recent content by Pancakocalypse

  1. Pancakocalypse

    Chapter Boruto Manga Chapter 54 (Release: January 20 at 3pm UTC - Official Link in OP)

    Imagine you hadn't followed Boruto up to this point at all but were familiar with Naruto. And then someone tells you that the new MC just stabbed Sasuke in the eye.
  2. Pancakocalypse

    Jigen/ Isshiki is Strong for No Reason

    You answered your own question!
  3. Pancakocalypse

    Episode Boruto Anime Episode 170

    Tune in next week for Kakashi's arranged cage-match between a child and a known eater of children!
  4. Pancakocalypse

    Episode Boruto Anime Episode 170

    I'm glad we get to see Hinata showing some new techniques. Hidden-lunch no jutsu. Maybe next she can learn Shuriken-cookie no jutsu
  5. Pancakocalypse

    Chapter Boruto Manga Chapter 49 (Release: August 20 - Official Link in OP)

    I know who @redboy776 really is.....
  6. Pancakocalypse

    Chapter Boruto Manga Chapter 49 (Release: August 20 - Official Link in OP)

    Where are the spoilers?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Where is Kakashi?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WTF happened to Anko?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :krillin
  7. Pancakocalypse

    Giant Mechanical and Kaiju fights, Like them or Nah?

    I'm most interested in the strategy and execution of the fights. The size of the combatants doesn't really factor into it for me. That being said I voted no because most the fights with giant combatants have been slugging matches without much strategy.
  8. Pancakocalypse

    The animation couldn't save Urashiki Final Fight

    The anime had a good fight scene since Momoshiki? :mikebatman
  9. Pancakocalypse

    Chapter Boruto Manga Chapter 49 (Release: August 20 - Official Link in OP)

    What did Isshiki do in their previous fight that the arm would be a good counter for?
  10. Pancakocalypse

    Is Kodachi capable of writing a well-written death for one of the OG characters?

    I only began keeping up with Boruto because I accidentally saw the opening sequence. I want to see who dies and how. I don't even care if it's well written at this point. Please don't disappoint me, Kodachi - I'm depending on you!
  11. Pancakocalypse

    Characters you don't understand the hate for

    I don't consider him a crybaby because he literally cries. It's more like his life-choices and the fact that there are so many other incredibly sad stories that he should be aware of but chooses to minimalize while focusing only on himself. Anyhow, I don't get why everyone is always hating on...
  12. Pancakocalypse

    How is Isshiki vs Naruto/Sasuke/Boruto going to go?

    a) Naruto/Sasuke are killed/sealed/sent away by Isshiki or b) Isshiki nearly defeats Naruto/Sasuke. One of these scenarios would be followed by Borushiki awakening just before - or after - Isshiki delivers the fatal blow. Borushiki traps Isshiki with his time freeze in whatever location they...
  13. Pancakocalypse

    If Isshiki doesn't win this fight he's a joke, and so are Kara

    How will we complain if it's a draw and everyone dies?
  14. Pancakocalypse

    What did Naruto do after being hokage?

    He enacted legislation which reduced the ramen tax by 51.3% and has been force-feeding Anko.
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