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Mar 24, 2016
Sep 4, 2006
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The Milky Way


Meta-Debater, from The Milky Way

PDQ was last seen:
Mar 24, 2016
    1. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      What do you think?
    2. FlamingRain
      Thanks for le rep! :amazed
    3. FlamingRain
      I'm starting to think you may have been right about Katsuyu being the only slug after all.

      But if this is true, does this mean Katsuyu is also the Great Slug Sage of Shikkotsurin? :hmm
    4. FlamingRain
      Hello new friend~! :33

      Also. . .boss summons! :high

      Sakura's looks a lot like Katsuyu though.

      Did she just bring the Gokage to the battlefield? :hmm
    5. Kronin
      Thanks for the rep :)
    6. Norngpinky
      Neat! I can't read it as good as I used to anymore ;__; But lol so long as you know how to communicate with food words, that's good enough!
    7. FlamingRain
      Next week isn't getting here fast enough. :cry

      I must see more new Sakura that impresses freaking Hashirama!
    8. FlamingRain
      I did this :amazed in real life for like ten minutes after seeing Sakura this chapter. :lmao

      I had made a thread about Sakura's power up having to do with her forehead a couple weeks ago and now it's happening. :wtf

      Even though it seems I was a bit off, as of now.
    9. FlamingRain
    10. Norngpinky
      Lol yeah? that's cool. I wish I knew how to write it tho.
    11. Norngpinky
      You know Thai? ;D
    12. Undead
      Curious. What does PDQ stand for?
    13. DemonDragonJ
      Yes, that does indeed make sense. :nod
    14. DemonDragonJ
      What is the origin of your username? Is it an abbreviation for "pretty darn quick," or is it something else entirely?
    15. Art Master
      Art Master
      Hey, if you're still interested about the thread I made in the Debate corner.. Feel free to respond. smile-big
    16. Fiona

    17. The Pirate on Wheels
      The Pirate on Wheels
      Haha. I noticed that we were posting the same arguments. It's always fun when I get to argue alongside you.
    18. Doge
      Your zoophilia thread got shut down before I could even take part in it :'(
    19. Kamina.
      Haha, yeah its the wrong eyepatch I was going to go through the whole superimposing it on her but couldn't find a decent shot of Kenpachi with it so I improvised with paint. Thanks for the rep however.
    20. Larcher
      Cheers for replying on my forum on Hidan and Kakuzu vs Danzo,Fu,Torune
    21. baconbits
      That sounds interesting, particularly the "maximization of freedom" part. Most people claim to do the logical part (they don't, but I see that you and a few others do).
    22. baconbits
      Quick question: how would you describe your political and philosophical worldview?
    23. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      would be glad to read your opinion:)

    24. Revolution
      Accept my friend request?
    25. Roman
      I still prefer keeping no one on my ignore list even if there's plenty of reason for them to be there. I guess I like to be open to a debate with others. The problem is when others are not.
    26. Roman
      Don't bother with AfterGlow. Talking to him is like talking to a brick wall. I proved him wrong in the Yoga thread but even if he saw it, he'd still argue that I'm wrong and proceed to calling me an idiot. He does that with everyone.
    27. Samehada
      Gratz on hitting 5 digits :naruto
    28. Revolution
      OMG! Your avatar never gets old!
    29. Bishop
      What are your strong points?
    30. Bishop
      If you can, I would like if you gave your position in this thread

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    The Milky Way
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:


    This whole schtick just gets old quick.
    You're too dense to go beyond the pretense
    Of somebody being a 'fan' or otherwise a 'hater'
    Instead of simply a dissonant debater.
    As long as they disagree with what you see
    You just dismiss, "they must be biased".
    But that game is so tired, it's already sunk and mired
    in the mud that you've been slinging.
    You got floored because you stopped short
    When they came out swinging.
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