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Aug 3, 2020 at 9:07 PM
Aug 24, 2007
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Well-Known Member

Phemt was last seen:
Aug 3, 2020 at 9:07 PM
    1. Zensuki

      Thank you for telling me
    2. Jpororo
      Tbh I watched 3 eps of love rain and I gave up:catcry:catcry

      the J drama I liked a lot was nodame cantabile:cry:cry
    3. Jpororo
      I think u watch a lot of jap dramas

      :3 is there any good one I can watch???
    4. Revolution
      Can you tell me the name of everyone in your sig and where I can read their stories?
    5. fakkiha
      Liraley Keltskaya, thanks.
    6. Klue
    7. Klue

      You're welcome. :maybe
    8. vered
      Yea, thats obvious, his power will get explained, and it's true that he only started using it this chapter.
      Wonder what it's name will be, something from the mythology is for sure.
    9. vered
      Yea, allot are failing but it takes time to understand, i had to take a few looks myself before starting to understand the happenings.Kishis fault of not portraying the action a bit better.
      The confusions is mainly due to sasuke use of his new power which will probably get it's own chapter or part of chapter of explanation.
    10. Suigetsu
      Thank you a lot. Today I went to visit and it's getting better! the doctor said that his liver it's giving kicks and producing enzymes that he had stopped making a while ago.
    11. takL
      gotta see it in context but appearently
      they are on about an anime.
      no not about death note. they are talking about the directer araki, who also did death note.
      kobayashi says alstho he hasnt seem many of araki's works, he thought the way the directer presented scenes in death note were great.
    12. BlinkST
      Sutol, can you tell me who did the arts in your sig? They're beautiful:hurr
    13. Hitomi
      hey Sutol, sorry for the late reply. >_<

      no, violence/blood/gore or horror manga don't bother me that much. I've read Berserk (until I dropped it at some point when the story wasn't going anywhere), and Battle Royale manga too among other crazy shit.:p
      it's that right now I have a sad event in my family and I need something to cheer me up, so I'll put off reading this manga until sometime later.
    14. Hitomi
      I reached ch10 THOSE POOR BOYS!! T____T

      I might drop it if it gets any sadder.. :pek
    15. Hitomi
      hey Sutol :amuse

      who's the third guy in your sig beside Griffith and Sasuke?
    16. Jeαnne
      still, Obito believed that he would need one for something, for some reason

      its like he expected him to experiment with hashirama cells since he asked for Sasuke to discover the truth behind ninjutsu
    17. Jeαnne
      you know what i am thinking here?

      obito promised a zetsu to kabuto, why would kabuto want a zetsu?
    18. Jeαnne
      its like everything is there to allow him to become a mini rikudou
    19. Jeαnne
      there is a lot of stuff set up :lmao

      Sasuke might get out of this place like a beast.
    20. Jeαnne
      think about it, we dont even wtf susanoo is

      either way, lets wait for it

      if its half of the kyuubi, it would be really interesting, i hope you are right
    21. Jeαnne
      yeah but they say its the same chakra.

      the thing that Karin started to talk about, the chakra, the more sasuke developed susanoo, the more his chakra got dark and cold.

      Thats why i really suspected that there is more to susanoo than what we think...
    22. Jeαnne
      well, whatever it is, it influenced Sasuke, and is weird as hell :lmao
    23. Jeαnne

      cant you see what i mean?
    24. Jeαnne
      not tails, sasuke's susanoo have edges:


      count it, 3 edges, two in the back, one of the horn...
    25. Jeαnne
      hmmm, thats interesting

      i just know that minato seems to be there to talk about the kyuubi attack and obito, so he could really say something about it, but i dont know, this thing doesnt exacly look like kyuubi, i could be susanoo
    26. Jeαnne
      you are pro with your predictions :lmao

      but how you think that Sasuke has the yin kurama though, but if they are really getting into the death god somehow, having access to the kages somehow, i really expect sasuke to get the kyuubi
    27. Algol
      Nice, thank you.

      Looks like I really need to read Berserk. Heard so much about it.
    28. Algol
      Besides Sasuke, who are all the characters in your sig, if you don't mind? They look awesome.
    29. Kusa
      I am not stupid :cry
    30. Klue
      Kakashi is able to teleport himself with Kamui. :pek

      Second bet I've lost in a row. Only needed to sub out "Obito," for "Sasuke."

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