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Phoenix Wright
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Sep 13, 2018
Apr 16, 2006
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Oct 21, 1987 (Age: 32)

Phoenix Wright

:|, 32, from Castle

Phoenix Wright was last seen:
Sep 13, 2018
    1. NaelokQ
      Whatever happened to Sri? That guy was pretty cool in my books.
    2. ~Wondering Zero~
      ~Wondering Zero~
      My heart sunk pretty hard when I read it. I hope she'll at least be able to live a normal life after this even if she can't do voice work any more.
    3. ~Wondering Zero~
      ~Wondering Zero~
      SRRRIIII!! :cry

      Gotou Yuuko on hiatus due to Autoimmune Disease

      I was wondering why I haven't heard from her in a while...Now I know. I hope she gets better.
    4. NaelokQ
      Sri... it's gone. It's really gone.

      What do we do now? What do we do now?
    5. Lord Yu
      Lord Yu
      So does that VN in your set have a translation?
    6. NaelokQ
      That's a pretty weak Gintama reference. It just sort of underlines how much better Gintama is.

      The ingredients for a good series are all in there, but the skit format is just killing it. You could easily take the best elements of it (Wind, Ringo and student council) and make a good series of it, but instead it's just a mess. Boo!
    7. NaelokQ
      Is it really a Gintama reference if it's just referring to the same thing Gintama referred to?

      A full and fleshed out love comedy about Hidenori and Yassan would be superb. Way better than the normal series. And yet here we are having to skim through skits about occupied washrooms to seek out Yassan's glory. It's unfair!
    8. NaelokQ
      Yo Sri.

      That chase scene was so damn funny.

      But then the rest of the episode was such trash.

      Why must this happen? Why?

      I hope they get together properly before the series ends.
    9. urca
      Thanks a lot :).
    10. urca
      Excuse me but whats the anime in your avy?And whats the anime in your sig?and whats the anime in your profile pic?
      and this quote "Hikki...I will..ahn...Protect you",what anime is it from?
      Thanks in advance ;).
    11. NaelokQ
      Most of it! I didn't bother with Suzuha (too sad) or Rukako (too weird).

      But it was great. Especially Christina's parts.
    12. NaelokQ
      Okabe's best line in Steins = this

      Finished it btw. 101/10
    13. ~Wondering Zero~
      ~Wondering Zero~
      Probably a minor character. :(
    14. ~Wondering Zero~
      ~Wondering Zero~
      Really? I just checked and it's someone called Kozue Yoshizumi. But if that's true my brain will have just genuinely exploded.
    15. Taikou
      A TSUKIHIME FAN? !!!!
    16. ~Wondering Zero~
      ~Wondering Zero~
      :lmao I'll probably do the same when I've run out of english VNs to read.

      I heard there was a translation in the works but it got C&D'd somewhere along the lines. I think it'd be hell to translate too since it's got some gameplay stuff that'll probably need translating. Would be nice if someone picked it up...
    17. ~Wondering Zero~
      ~Wondering Zero~
      :ohpek I only watched My Noble Masters for Gotouza-sama. Totally worth it...
    18. NaelokQ
      I was glad there wasn't a sappy 'oh I love you' reunion. By the time you get to her it's pretty apparent that she's at the center of all this shady evil research that Jensen's been trying to stop. And she was also just using Jensen for his DNA too. She is evil and should die.

      Sarif would be my #2. I'm not completely comfortable with it because it basically is turning everything over to the corporations, which is never a great idea. But it's certainly preferable to Darrow who really was just an idiot. "Augmentation is bad! Look at how I can use it to do bad stuff! Know what else is bad? Ovens! Look at how I can put a baby in one!"

      I think the reason why they don't show the consequences ultimately boils down to them wanting to make a sequel. I played the "Missing Link" DLC and it strongly hinted at a sequel (they even made a way for Jensen to survive if he blew the place up). Which is fine in my books, I mean I'd love to have a sequel.
    19. NaelokQ
      Most people think the ending(s) was kind of weak because you just pick one of four buttons. I would've preferred having actual objectives attached to each of them. But I thought it was alright.

      I watched all four of them, but the ending I favour is actually the self-destruct ending. All three of those people are trying to manipulate and control the world, so burning it all down and letting people decide on their own seemed like the thing to do. And also Adam's speech in that scene was just beautiful.

      "Somehow, human decency will triumph..."<-- best line in the game.

      Which did you pick?

      Also: Megan sucks. That bitch.
    20. NaelokQ
      Nice. That's how I played too. It was tempting a lot of times to kill, but Jensen I really don't think is like that. I love Jensen by the way. One of the coolest main characters ever.

      Hate Megan though. That bitch. Mallick > Megan.
    21. NaelokQ
      Be sure to do all the sidequests. Some are better than others, but there's still lots of cool moments there.

      Are you playing lethal or non-lethal? And how did you deal with Zeke (the terrorist leader dude)?
    22. NaelokQ
      No prob.

      And awesome. Where are you in it?
    23. NaelokQ
      Happy Bday Sris
    24. NaelokQ
      I'll get as close to perfect as I can get.

      Well... the premise doesn't sound that appealing and the art looks goddamn awful. There are no seiyuus on the list that I know or like either. But okay sure! I'll download it. Not sure when I'll get to it though. Big project fell on my lap the other day.

      If you like Mago itself then the Mago anime is fine. I mean, I read the manga too and was equally underwhelmed by that. The main feature of the anime is Yui Horie as Yuki Onna. But it seems like it's one of those series that ends with the most banal and lifeless of the girls, so that's sort of moot. But there's also Jun Fukuyama talking about how he's going to cut people. The thing won't win any awards, but it's vaguely entertaining.
    25. NaelokQ
      I'll wait until the final finished product. I'd rather have everything be perfect when I read it.

      I ended up watching something called Nuruhardtospell no Magyo. It's about this lame kid that turns into a demon at night and then fights some dudes. The whole thing was kind of bad and stupidly shounen, but I've watched worse and am scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

      What's a YU-NO?

      The Sket Dance/Gintama crossover episode was amazing by the way. And Sket Dance did a great job with Switch's storyline too.
    26. NaelokQ
      Damn them.

      They're going to make their move soon.
    27. NaelokQ
      Wait is that out?

      ... even if it is I'd rather wait for a good copy version. And I already watched Tiger and Bunny. It was good. Tiger was an awesome character. I didn't think I would like it, but Tiger was just too cool.

      Anything else?

      And no, no One Outs manga here.
    28. NaelokQ
      Sri, we're in between seasons now and I'm bored.

      Gimme something to watch or read.
    29. NaelokQ
      Oh okay. Is that translated yet?
    30. NaelokQ
      What dat in set?
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    Oct 21, 1987 (Age: 32)


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