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Pink Floyd
Last Activity:
Jul 4, 2017
Aug 31, 2006
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Pink Floyd

A Crazy Diamond, from Marooned

Pink Floyd was last seen:
Jul 4, 2017
    1. b0rt
      about that thing.. yea sorry man. my computer is shitty enough as it is... don't think I wanna risk anything at this point. sorry man..
    2. Mojo
      :haha adorable :hug
    3. b0rt
      u too man. enjoy it!!! =)
    4. Mojo
      I won't be around on Christmas day, so Merry Christmas.
    5. Mojo
      I hope your ankle is doing better. I know it can be difficult sometimes to want to do an activity so bad that an injury can get in the way. Don't over do it and I hope maybe you saw a doctor. A hairline fracture can be sneaky and hurt too.
    6. Mojo
      Well I hope you did go to the doctors. Playing around with an injury isn't good. Trust me, I'm a walking accident and I have broken and sprained many parts of my body. My knees are the worst. They have been giving me trouble for a very long time. Three surgeries and still can't walk right. Finding a good doctor is just hard to come by anymore. I hope you aren't in to much pain and you are ok :hug.
    7. Mojo
      How's everything holding up?
    8. Mojo
      My Thanksgiving was well. How was yours? Hmm, you Italian? I made doubles of my Thanksgiving and fed the homeless people. It was nice to help others. Wow, you're doing some serious training. Are you ok?
    9. Mojo
      I never watched either show :ano. I'm sorry that your favorite show was taken off the air.

      Maybe you'll find a new one :hug
    10. Mojo
      Sorry I haven't been on lately. How is everything going?
    11. ~riku~
      yeah, because i totally went and posted "herp derp no one refers to indians/iranians/iraqis as asians omg so obvious duh" in that thread
    12. Chibason
      My boy, Pink Floyd. I'm listening to Shine on right at this very moment :del
    13. Mojo
      Sorry I've been away for while. I probably won't be back anytime soon. So I will try to write you when I have a chance :(.

      How are you doing with the job hunting?
    14. Mojo
      :wtf I love shopping at outlets and finding great deals.

      Well you can always throw your resume on Monster and other job finders like that to find a job you're looking for.
    15. Mojo
      How did the job fair go? I hope you got a job. I know it's hard finding a job now adays.
    16. Mojo
      Sorry I've been away. How are you holding up?
    17. b0rt
      sorry man, as u can see I'm only on this much. times changed for sure...

      anyway I gotta help move. my job now. get free cheez from the farm to boot. may only be $ 12 an hour but ya man I'll message ya asap just cuz I remember ya from glory dayzz.. and ya if push comes to shove and I end up too busy I'll just give ya my Facebook and ya can contact me there. anywayz take care bro.
    18. Artful Lurker
      Artful Lurker
      Some haze is on a different level
    19. Artful Lurker
      Artful Lurker
      hello, hello and hello
    20. Mojo
      WellI started writing poetry again and I will have to say, it's my best work. I guess a little bit of pain can go a long way. I don't know if I'll be showing them anytime soon, but maybe one day, I'll pass it to you. :hug.

      How are you doing?
    21. Mojo
      Well I wish I had your confidence in writing. I love writing poetry, but I never show anyone. Especially when someone asks me to write one, I can't :ano.
    22. Mojo
      Paper for breakfast :haha. That's got to be good for the digestive system. You're so funny. I wish I could be more like you. I would be in panic mode already. I had to do a lab last night in botany and I so got an "A" :high.
    23. Mojo
      Maybe I should get some lessons from you :hehee. I get anxiety if I wait to the last minute to finish a project. So I just do it and get it out of the way.

      Did you get your phone?
    24. b0rt
      sort of, not as much as I did a couple of years ago though.
    25. Mojo
      Do you work better under pressure? I have to write my papers when they are assigned or I will never do it.

      I'm glad you are doing well :hug.
    26. Mojo
      Working and going back to college is kicking my butt. I'm so tired all of the time. I really need to figure out a balance for myself.

      I'm so happy for you :hug. You sound like life is going great for you.
    27. Mojo
      How's the workout going? We had the coolest storm a few days ago. A cold front blew in and the storms were wild.

      Wonderful = a million :hugs
    28. b0rt
      I'll rep ya as soon as I'm allowed to again.
    29. Mojo
      Having a workout partner is alot easier. I like to push myself, but I need someone to get me started. I love the cold weather. It makes me want to workout all of the time.

      My mom taught me many secret family recipes and I love to cook. Baking is a lot of fun too. But the most joy I get is when I make something and see the person I cooked for smile cause they enjoy it.

      I like being in the office, but sometime I would rather be outside. I took a side job once and I had to be outside all day. I liked it when it wasn't hot. I actually miss it.

      It's raining so hard here today and it's wonderful :high.

      Thanks, you're a wonderful person too :squish
    30. Mirrow
      You have excellent taste in music. :brofist
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