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Dec 15, 2017 at 4:58 PM
Dec 26, 2011
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Pirao was last seen:
Dec 15, 2017 at 4:58 PM
    1. Ernie
      long time ago mate
    2. Freechoice
      Garp > Shanks > Kaido

    3. Revolution
      http://www.narutoforums.com/showpost.php?p=53583380&postcount=34 Had to respond because you are kind of right
    4. Freechoice
      Blackbeard high diff :pek:gun
    5. StrawHat4Life
      Please stop necroing threads.
    6. Freechoice
      Lets be best friends forever.

      By that I mean acquaintances on a forum.
    7. Glutamminajr
      Merry Christmas!
    8. Ernie
    9. Ernie
      Naruto FC, my last post, shall rustle jimmies :lmao
    10. Mistshadow
      LOL I almost read your reply as one of most retarded 'posts' instead of 'plots' and I was like wtf. had to read it twice.
    11. Glutamminajr
      Compliments for your thread in the telegrams.The denial is quite strong in some people:rofl
    12. Ernie
    13. Ernie
      I just made some edits after today's Naruto chapter. I think you will like them. :maybe There is some truth in it! :LOS
    14. Ernie
      I just made 2 wank threads again. Dat Naruto! :datass
      I would like your support. Maybe 5 starring it, since a few haters are downvoting the thread (silly, they are clearly in despair).
      Payback time! :maybe
      Dat Naruto, Tobirama and Minato!:datass
      The Telegrams are ours again!
    15. Ernie
      Naruto fans own totally the Telegrams this week and troll the Uchiha fags

    16. Bontakun
      Well good think about Sasuke fans they don't do flame wars. You get a laugh, and you get a neg. Moving on :zaru
    17. Bontakun
      You said, "I knew you guys wouldn't disapoint me." which is, first of all, attacking the group instead of the ideas, and second of all, you were laughing instead of explaining why it's so absurd that Sasuke is an appropriate Hokage. There's been threads in KL for some time now about how Sasuke is a better Hokage candidate than Naruto now because of all that he's learned, so it shouldn't me a surprise.
    18. Glutamminajr
      Thanks for the rep!
    19. Ernie
      What was that last thing Hashi summoned?
    20. Ernie
      Naruto is not a hypocrite, proof, braw. :brofist defend the thread with your skills :LOS
    21. Glutamminajr
      Yeah,I noticed.
      So sad.
      Oh well...but from me and you Naruto will have so many love
      :datass and now it's san Valentine too:wtf
    22. Glutamminajr
      And now Naruto is not even goofy anymore...really?
      when there were some thread in the past that said that Naruto should be more serious?...:facepalm

      Hashirama is already an adult who overcame all his insecurities...naruto,instead is a boy who despite all of his doubts is trying to grow up into a fine man so his journey is not finished (compared to hashirama).
      Trying to compare a young naruto with an adult Hashirama is silly.Really silly.
      But what if Hashirama was like Naruto when he was younger?
      I suppose the same people who love him now and doesn't stand Naruto would drop him fast then.
    23. Glutamminajr
      Yeah,it's like some people just want to find every kind of excuses to bash him even when there isn't nothing to bash...
    24. Glutamminajr
      My compliments for your answers in this thread!
    25. Glutamminajr
      Thanks for the rep!
    26. CyberianGinseng
      Yeah. That's one of my favorites. I made a post like that during the chapter with Naruto and Hinata holding hands and I said, you know what? That makes a good sig!
    27. CyberianGinseng
      Thanks. Which one did you like?
    28. Ernie
      Indeed, but now that Minato is back, there is no doubt he will met Naruto soon!
    29. Ernie
      Thanks, mate.

      Btw, what do you think of the return from the 4 Kages? I think it's faking awesome, can't wait for Minato-Naruto interaction.
    30. Ernie
      you bro, read 4th chapter already? :los
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