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Jan 19, 2011
Jul 20, 2007
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Jan 14, 1989 (Age: 28)
Geology Student, I worked in a pie shop once and s

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bring me sunshine, 28, from England

PiratePixie was last seen:
Jan 19, 2011
    1. erictheking
      Respect to your old man. :kool

      I remember you an all from the Blackadder thread. :eek
    2. Zhariel
      Oh thanks, I just finished making it :3
    3. mosdvious1
      :nod Will do. What do you have planned with your friends?
    4. mosdvious1
      :33 I'm doing great I have some homework to finish this weekend and then we're going to have a superbowl party at my house for american football.
    5. mosdvious1
      :iria hey I'm good how about you?
    6. mosdvious1
      Howdy :awesome... :) how's your evening going?
    7. mosdvious1
      I'm sure you'll do well :) the quality will be good too :wink
    8. mosdvious1
      Hanging in there not working any more :amuse.

      Wow well I'm sure all of your hard work will pay off :nod. Then you'll have time to relax :nod.

      So do you start your winter break after next week?
    9. mosdvious1
      Hey how've you been :)
    10. mosdvious1
      :amuse I'm glad you're good. I'm ok myself. I'm learning to drive stick shift holy sht am I slow :haha
    11. mosdvious1
      :wtf hello it's been a while :amuse, how've you been?
    12. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Hiya lurker. lulz
    13. kizuna
      i learnt about weather systems (fronts, etc) when i was ten at a poooosh school. although, i've never had the chance to do geology... sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic is all i know :( curse my ignorance

      i do like a good limestone pavement though
    14. kizuna
      i like rocks

      pizza!! :omg wish i'd gotten some of that

      iceland!!!!!! sooooo jealous!!!!!!!!!

      see if i worked for the met office, the weather would always be correct:amuse
    15. kizuna
      freshers fairs are fun! college doesn't have one, so two mates and i skipped recording to go and nick pens and sweets.

      it's geography you're doing, right? i've applied to do that at uni next year. time to get down to something seriously fun, me thinks
    16. kizuna
      i'm back, baby!!!

      how you beeeeen?
    17. mosdvious1
      :nod I love going to her games. I take her to practice every week and it's so awesome to see all that good work she puts in pay off Im so proud :haha

      :wow I hope you don't get overwhelmed :Jet

      :nod try relaxing when you get a chance :woo
    18. mosdvious1
      Oh yeah I remember you telling me about going back to school :woo Enjoy and I hope you dont get barraged with too much school work :ano

      Yay party :woo Have fun. I have a butt load of errands to do :D: Gotta go andn get my car towed it died yesterday and I have to bring it in to get it looked at, then I have to renew m car insurance and then my registration for my car oh yeah before all that I have to go to my nieces soccer game :haha im very boring :amuse.
    19. mosdvious1
      :XD your set is awesome :ohpek....How are you:P
    20. mosdvious1
      :nod Hi :bye
    21. mosdvious1
      :( nope doesn't rain much I love the rain it only reason during the typical winter season and that's it .
      Fall is great too it's not too hot not too cold just right :nod

      So do you go to school or work at all? I'm working at the moment :p
    22. mosdvious1
      :hmm Well I'm more of a winter person and it doesn't get too cold over here :( California. :haha I'd switch with you if it was possible :haha
    23. mosdvious1
      :haha me too...:wtf Lucky
    24. mosdvious1
      :haha yeah, I started with the anime myself and went on from there in the manga.

      Are you from the United States too or from somewhere else?
    25. mosdvious1
      It's great it's got a good mix of comedy and action. :nod pretty long though both manga and anime wise over 500 chapters and up to 419 episodes so far :P that includes filler.
    26. mosdvious1
      :uwah holy moly that's along time where'd the time go :rotfl..:) So I'm James by the way. Are you into One Piece at all? :zaru hence the name :haha
    27. mosdvious1
      :nod ahhh Home Alone such nostalgia :haha
    28. mosdvious1
      :uwah never seen home alone :haha you did the right thing. I did the same thing for my niece and nephew a while back :nod

      You're family's huge too :haha

      Mine, my my mom my dad my older brother oldest sister her husband and 4 kids, my 2nd oldest her husband and their kid, my 3rd oldest and her husband then my little sister :P that doesn't include any uncles or aunts who's scattered through out hte United States :haha

      Sounds like you had an awesome weekend :woo
    29. mosdvious1
      Sleeping in :amuse got sick over the week :D: ...:wtf nice I love doing stuff with my family do you have a big family? ...:haha mine is huge
    30. mosdvious1
      Nice to meet you :) how's your weekend going?
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  • About

    Jan 14, 1989 (Age: 28)
    Geology Student, I worked in a pie shop once and s
    Favorite Character(s):
    Deidara, Lee, & Naruto
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Haven't seen a decent episode for ages, & I'm slowly but surely gathering manga (vol 45)
    Geology, Guiding/Scouting, stuff that wouldn't interest you
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