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Pool Party Nitty
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  • Can you reschedule my game to September? I think there are already a lot of games planned for August, so September is probably better..
    Name it: "The Strongest Weapons of the Multiverse".
    glad to see you been reppin the lgbt while i vanished

    multiple heterosexuals found dead in the mafia section
    oh stop im gonna start crying

    im glad my games had some kind of impact. i just created them for fun and never really thought much of them until i saw some of the comments you guys have wrote about Olivia, Law, WPK and myself. seeing what you guys wrote especially in that mafia awards thread honestly made me smile and i just want to say thank you!
    i was originally going to just ghost and like a few comments here and there but to be honest, ive had a pretty shitty 2018 too thanks to adulthood as you said and coming back here is like going back to a time in my life where i was really happy and really enjoyed my hobbies.
    i hope whatever is troubling you doesn't stay for too long. adulthood is pretty fucking shit and nothing prepares you for it, but remember things can only get better. it sounds cliche but its so true.
    The 20th of January is my birthday. I will post, but I do ask for some first phase leniency if I do not post a lot, as I don't know your requirement this go around.
    Lol, I just woke up too, WTF were they thinking. Don't reply. Just lol fucking idiots.
    Yikes, hope he pays through his nose. Must have been a pretty good car to completely total yet leave the driver safe. Should probably get the exact same brand (though then again, now's the perfect time for an upgrade...as long as the other person is paying for it! :maybe)
    Are you okay? Everyone you know okay? Heard about the car accident.

    I almost got scared that my venting and jokes about abandoning (cuz that's what LoL players do when things aren't going well, isn't it? :zaru) might have disheartened you. Honestly, it's an awesome game with a ton of awesome roles. Arguably too awesome when it comes to town (:maybe) but still, be proud nonetheless.
    good roles btw.
    the shyvana one was very interesting, especially could have abused it during the nocturne ult.
    then nami ult takes away the votes after the super kills(s) are used.

    can i talk about roles that are already dead? didnt mention my own here. o.o

    like that is harmless right.
    why give so and so a rb ult if a certain mid can bypass it =[

    It makes sorta sense since that is what assassins can do

    damn hahahah
    Oh sorry, I haven't really been on the internet much the last couple months (haven't been on this site since mid-January), so I kinda forgot all about any games I was in, my bad!

    Anyway, sure, I'm happy to play in this. I'll try to read up on everything during the night phase and try to derust a little.
    Yeah I've had it for a few years now. Just apply to the Outskirts Trading Posts group and write you're a regular mafia game mod and the PMs would be really useful. They've said yes to everyone so far so you should be good!
    Actually that wasn't the last time, but it has been a while since we spoke.

    How are you, you dumb ^ (not the meaning of the word "respect".)! :hug
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