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Princess Ivy
Last Activity:
Sep 1, 2017
Nov 14, 2010
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Oct 5, 1991 (Age: 26)
XYZ Dimension

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Princess Ivy

:), 26, from XYZ Dimension

Wait, we don't have the pictures folder anymore? All of my previous sets are saved there :( Jun 4, 2016

Princess Ivy was last seen:
Sep 1, 2017
    1. Zhariel
      Oh boy, I haven't even been on this site in forever. What happened to it? Anyway, hope everything's been cool.
    2. Princess Ivy
      Princess Ivy
      Wait, we don't have the pictures folder anymore? All of my previous sets are saved there :(
      1. Zyrax likes this.
      2. Ultear
        click media at the top, your albums should be there
        Jun 4, 2016
    3. Mr. Waffles
      Mr. Waffles
      > Last seen
      > Today at 7:23 AM
      > not saying anything

      I see how it is. :/
    4. Mr. Waffles
      Mr. Waffles
      Thank you, thank you, thank you, Anne. :hug
    5. Mr. Waffles
      Mr. Waffles
      Princess~~~~. :hug
    6. KuzuRyuSen
      Thanks. Its just that after going through the first semester for second year (which I do admit is very tough), I feel as if I'm so burned out with everything else. -_-
    7. KuzuRyuSen
      Quite a nice and positive attitude you got there. As for me, I just liked how things back then were more lenient. That doesn't mean I don't like how things are right now. Although I do find myself being quite dangerously unmotivated these days, tbh. -_-
    8. KuzuRyuSen
      Come now.You know I was simply teasing you. :P

      Wow. We've both been busy these past few months. I kinda miss the good old days.
    9. KuzuRyuSen
      Took you long enough. :C:gun
      As if I'm not of the same thing. Sorry about that. :hurr

      How are you? Been a while since we last talked. :33
    10. KuzuRyuSen
      IVY!!! Merry Christmas my old friend!! :iria

      How is the holidays? :amuse
    11. Superman
      If I consider true friend I care.

      And to be honest, after 3 months, I am still not comfortable here. Still does not feel lik home. But the surrounding area to me still just makes me feel at peace. I love it. Nice blend of concrete and nature. Being downtown/uptown(basically downtown) is great for me. Everything is down here and I can get anywhere from here.
    12. Zyrax
      Thanks .
    13. Kusa
      Everyone should be humble.

      I like your vm so girrrlyyy and pink
    14. Superman
      I am sorry to hear that Eevee, Hopefully you will not suffer a relapse. Or one so bad.

      For me all I have done was move to a place downtown.
    15. Superman
      Because you like to dissappear at long periods of time.:stfu

      Princess Eevee I hope your time away has at least been good.
    16. Zyrax
      What is the artists name?
    17. Zyrax
      Who is the girl in you ava?
    18. Zyrax
      Hi :catwave
    19. RemChu
      Oh, ty for telling me.
      I like the new season, only complaint is the Fanservice seems to go over the top now. The pacing is way better than season 1.
    20. Kusa
      I don't think I am that pretty but thanks a lot.

      Yeah, the christmas atmosphere was great
    21. Superman
      Miss.....Princess Ivy.:nonon
    22. bmos89
      No hard feelings for whatever happens in Mafia?
    23. Whitebeard
      You can also choose a disney villain if you want to, that list was just a list of people who posted in that particular convo and not from all (old & newer) BBDers
    24. Princess Ivy
    25. Firaea
      Ahhh I should have guessed ;33
    26. Firaea
      Hmmm... Hmmm... Hmmm...

      Hikari and Tailmon? I'm not sure. Crest of Light seems to suit you. ;33
    27. Firaea
      Hehehe should be quite obvious based on my set! Taichi and Agumon!
    28. Firaea
      Yes!!!!! It's my childhood all over again!!! :aww
    29. Firaea
      I am always lurking. ;33
    30. RemChu
      Ohhh nice, yes generic games are making a big comeback. I think everyone is burned out from the super role games. I'm glad to hear you are well and doing well. ^ ^

      People would be happy to see you back. I know I would :) Lots of oldbies are back.
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  • About

    Oct 5, 1991 (Age: 26)
    XYZ Dimension
    Relationship Status:
    In a committed relationship with my 2d husbando
    Favorite Character(s):
    Hinata Hyuuga
    I'm royalty, graceful and elegant~ And I own my own castle too

    Arts, Shopping, Letters, Handcrafts, Bunnies, Sweet Delights


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